I just read that the maternal mortality rate for black women in the USA is 40.4 dead mothers per 100,000 births. {For white women, 12.1 : 100,00.}

In my country, Greece, the maternal mortality rate for all races is 2.2 per 100,000 births; and for the most recent year that I could find data, 2012, there were zero deaths for the entire country {also zero in 2005 and 2008}.

If a country with one of the most devastated healthcare systems, undergoing one of the worst economic disasters of the past several decades, can keep all our mothers alive, when will Americans {Republicans} stop insisting that the healthcare system there is not killing people? That no one is dying because of lack of healthcare, or that the only “improvements” that the system needs are to reduce availability of insurance and to deny coverage? 

For the wealthiest country in the world to have a 40:100,000 maternal death rate among black women is a choice the US government is making.

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