hey Liam, can you use Scottish pounds in England? I took a trip to the UK a while back and when I was leaving I went to pay for the bus at Heathrow with money from Scotland and the guy told me Scottish pounds were worth half as much so I should pay him double. I couldn’t tell if he was joking and I was tired out of my mind and it just sounded ridiculous to me so I just stared at him until eventually he took it. I don’t actually know any Scottish people to ask & it’s still bothering me, thanks!








That was a joke but he was definitely being a prick about it.

Scottish pounds are still pounds sterling, just printed from a different bank. Some countries occasionally treat the two as separate when it comes to exchange rate, but in the UK they have equal value. But if you’re going between England and Scotland often, you should expect to see a lot of that shite.

I’ve heard about English people in Scotland asking for ‘real money’ when they are given their change in Scottish notes instead of English notes.

Fucking unbelievable.


The war cry of many a Scot💪

I’ve had this happen while serving English people in shops. More than once people have said things along the line of “I paid you with real money so I expect real change”. One even said they only had the same worth as toilet paper!!

Only way I could describe that behaviour is ‘cunty.’

I used to work in retail – well, betting shops – and people would happily pay for their bets with Scottish banknotes…but the moment I tried to make change or pay out winnings with a Scottish banknote they started complaining.

“Why won’t you accept this £5 note? You gave it to me for a bet, like, 20 minutes ago!”

“Yes, but that was different”

“Why was it different?”

“Because…” and you know they just wanted to say

“Because I was giving it to you because I thought it wasn’t legal tender and I thought I was ripping you off!”

I accepted Scottish bank notes and Northern Irish bank notes as a matter of course, because they’re entirely valid. They just thought they were passing me “funny money” and were quite happy with the idea that they thought they were ripping me off, everytime…until I gave it back. xD

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