So, I just got back from a trip to New York.

Wandering around Central Park, I bump into an older woman – probably in her sixties, maybe early seventies. Very fit. She’s accompanied by a small Yorkshire terrier.

Our eyes met for a moment, although a lot of my attention was on the adorable dog. Usually when you say ‘I like your dog’ that’s as far as the conversation goes, but there was an instant connection here. And almost right away, she’s talking about her wife.

Mutual gaydar was set off pretty hard. If you’re queer and you get out in the real world, you know what it is. This feeling of “That person is like me” that you can only get in face to face – me and this old New York lesbian who was telling me everything I should see, dragging me to the best view of the Central Park Reservoir.

Who was right next to me?

My husband.

Anyone who argues that I somehow gave up my place in the community when I married him? I have at least one old lesbian who will clearly disagree with you.

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