Wet book rescue

Valuable information if some of your prized books were affected by recent flooding. The video even shows you what to do if you can’t dry the book out right away. 

If your books are wet and you can’t dry them out right away, you can put them in a frost-free freezer (one that doesn’t cake up with ice over time). A frost-free freezer will slowly (over weeks or months) draw out the moisture in the book. Of course, you have to have electricity, a big enough freezer, and time to let however many books you’re trying to rescue dry out this way. It’s slower than air drying, but lets you sideline books that you don’t have time and space to air dry. 



Don’t put the books in a Ziploc bag, because they won’t dry out inside the contained environment of the bag. 

2)  Freezing books will not prevent pages from warping nor keep clay-coated pages from sticking to each other. If you have clay-coated pages, you have to use paper towels and fans ASAP, or they will glue together.

As for air drying books, using a dehumidifier with fans helps dry books faster.

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