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My sister is a struggling, non-binary, indigenous (South Saami) artist, who has had to work for little or no money during most of their career. Despite everything bad that has happened to them in their life, they’ve not only published a book – an illustrated biography on Elsa Laula, a South Saami visionary and activist – they’ve also created huge pieces of decolonial public art for the University of Umeå, and illustrated a radio theatre for children which has been translated into three indigenous and four additional, endangered languages.

Everything that they’ve done has been received incredibly well, but at the same time they’ve been majorly underpaid, and consequently they struggle to make ends meet. 

I don’t normally ask for money, and I wouldn’t ask you to donate money if it was for me, but my sister is one of the most important people in my life, and I think you’d help them immensely if you’d consider supporting them on Ko-Fi. Supporting someone on Ko-Fi costs less than a Starbucks coffee, so if you have the money, do go ahead and click the link, and if not, please consider sharing this post.

You can see a lot of their artwork over at


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Buy Fox Sandberg a Coffee

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