I think a lot of people’s opinions about the incel community (as opposed to shy and romantically lonely men or shy and romantically lonely people in general) are looking way too hard for an explanation for something that’s kind of obvious. if you are the sort of person who responds to loneliness by posting sentences like “[SuicideFuel] daily reminder, every female you see has had a dick in her mouth,” you don’t have to be fucking Einstein to figure out why you can’t get laid

daily reminder, every female you see has had a dick in her mouth

This is actually weirdly inspirational. Like, at the end of the day we’re all humans doing human things, and we can be vulnerable. This is something I occasionally do think about: public personae people project are very devoid of vulnerability, and thinking that it’s pretty wild to imagine that the same people I talk to every day can be snuggling someone or having sex in a different context.

There are two kinds of people….

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