How chronic pain affects the senses

When you need to put captions on the tv, and cant hear what people are saying because the pain is “too loud”

When you need to close your eyes, or look away because it physically hurts to see, or youre too tired to use your eyes right now. Or the pain is “too bright”.

When you cant be touched, brushed against, wear clothes or blankets because the pain makes you too sensitive, and “even air can hurt”

When you cant enjoy eating or the taste of things because you cant ignore the pain and fatigue that comes with chewing/swallowing/after affects of eating/picking up and putting down utensils. So pain literally makes food “hard to taste/hard to eat”

When smelling things immediately make you sick, migraine, make the pain worse because inhaling and exhaling are actually too much and the smell makes you overstimulated and thus makes it so “youre in too much pain to handle that smell”

We need to talk more about how pain affects our senses, these arent anything to be ashamed of. If you suffer from this, im sorry but i want you to know what youre going through isnt fake, it is very very real. And it sucks.

Your valid, your struggle is valid, i believe you and i believe in you.

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