It’s not that I object exactly, but seeing posts tagged as “cursing tw” makes me die a little inside.

Like, the people putting those tags on are mostly the younger generation.  You guys are supposed to be exerting your freedom!  Rebelling!  You’re supposed to be casting off societal rules that hold you back and don’t really matter!  Now you’re telling me that “fuck” is naughty again?

I know, it’s different, and that’s why I can’t precisely object.  You’re not telling people not to say fuck.  You’re just alerting people to the presence of fuck in a post.  That’s different.  It’s expanding people’s options, not narrowing them, and it’s showing sensitivity to people who for whatever reason are genuinely upset by such language.

But… we came so far, you guys.  We were casting off purity culture, we were learning to enjoy our bodies and the words for our bodies again.  Then someone came along and said “but what if someone is triggered by our bodies?” and they weren’t actually wrong, that does happen… and somehow it’s winding us back to the point where it’s again normal to put up warnings and barriers and age restrictions before saying that our genitals are beautiful and pleasure is good and sex is fun and our minds and bodies and words are our own to use for any filthy thing we please.

I’m not saying that this new Tumblr kind of consideration is exactly the same as censorship, but it’s building up that same shamey flavor, those same weak “of course it’s okay to discuss such things in appropriate contexts” excuses, and I don’t like it.

“But what if someone is triggered by your bodies” is exactly how people justified trans exclusion at mwmf.

It’s like… people have no idea how these things have been weaponized before.

I’m tired.

Some people have asked me to make “cursing free” versions of the stuff I post on tumblr and I 100% get it. I’ve written comics about consent and invisible illness and queerness and some of the people who are looking for swearing-free versions are doctors and educators. I’m totally onboard with that. Sometimes I’ll be asked to make a no-cursing version of an educational/informative post, for instance there was a kid who wanted a “here’s how to get cheap glasses” without cursing so they could print it out and show it to parents and get glasses. And I’m totally here for that, I feel you kiddo.

And then there are the types of people who reblog my LOTR but with raccoons post edited “because there were a lot of f- and s- words so I fixed it” and you precious angels can fuck off.

Sometimes the “fuck” is intentional. Sometimes the vulgarity is inextricable from the humor or frustration of what I’ve written or made.

And it drives me up the wall to see my posts reblogged with “UwU I fixed all the bad language in this so now it’s safe and purified and the righteous can enjoy it as well as all those fallen sinners who have been passing around the original.”


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