Something about Rebecca Sugar coming out as a nonbinary woman is a huge surprise but it also makes so much sense in retrospect. The Gems aren’t nonbinary because they’re aliens or because she wanted to look Woke or whatever….she was literally just representing her own gender identity this whole time, even if she admittedly did make it subtle (except Stevonnie, she said the fandom knows they’re very obviously nb) but I think making subtle representation for a group you belong to is very very different from a cis creator who just wants to throw the nb community a bone but not quite commit to it, if that makes sense

since this post doesn’t link to it, here’s the interview where she discusses this; that part of the discussion starts at about 10 minutes in.

Transcript of the relevant segment:

Rebecca Sugar: One of the things that’s very important to me about the show is that the Gems are all nonbinary women. […] They’re coded female, which is very important […] I was really excited […] to make a show about a young boy who is looking up to these female-coded characters.

Interviewer: I’m sorry, when you say they’re “coded female” what do you mean by that “coded”?

Rebecca Sugar: They appear to be female. They’re a little more representative of nonbinary women. They wouldn’t think of themselves as women, but they’re fine with being interpreted that way amongst humans. And I am also a nonbinary woman, which, it’s been really great to express myself through these characters, because it’s very much how I have felt throughout my life.

Wait, nonbinary women?

Is there more content out there somewhere (aside from the interview) by nonbinary women that I could read? About being nonbinary women and what that means to them? And how they decided that this was the right identity/label for themselves, as compared to other identities like “nonbinary” or “demi woman” etc?

Because I’m trying to figure out if this might fit me.

I’m … mostly a woman? Close enough to that identity to feel it’s fair to consider myself … mostly? Cissexual/cisgender? (Not 100 percent perfectly, but close enough that I generally say I have cis privilege in most if not all contexts that count.) But with weak identification with that gender. Or with gender in general. So I’m also kinda a little bit agender? I know “demi woman” is a thing, and could maybe be a fit for me. But would like to also know more about nonbinary women so I can consider where that fits in relation to my identity as well.

Query open to anyone who feels comfortable answering with links you think might be useful. Thanks!

Signal boosting for andreashettle in case any of my friends knows anything.

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