Reminded with one little rant I reblogged again earlier getting some notes.

My Grandaddy really was hard pressed to make himself a sandwich. He fell back on canned sardines and crackers whenever somebody else wasn’t available to make him some food, and I had a number of sardine lunches with him when he was watching me while my Nana was gone doing something else that didn’t need little kids involved. Before I got old enough to fix something for both of us. (ETA: Or we just went to Dairy Queen. Problem solved!)

But, in that case? It was no doubt a disability-related thing. Rather than the kind of “badly prepared for life to the level of negligence” situation I mentioned there.

In retrospect, he really did seem to have some trouble with some other daily living type stuff, left to his own devices. I’m sure that got inconvenient for everyone involved at times, but nobody made any kind of big deal out of it either? That’s just how he was, and he had plenty of other skills.

They also basically got each other through high school, with his dyslexia and my Nana’s dyscalculia. (My biodad got both…) Not much help come test time, but they got pretty good at teamwork. And things mostly got done.

So I end up being hard on myself over a lot more, yeah. :/ Including having trouble with some of the same stuff. At least we’re not living off sardines around here, either.

Reminded of this again, and I thought I had posted something before.

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