God fhsbsvsh. I need to get better at telling the difference between when someone is asking me a question from when they are asking someone else a question.

Today I was talking to a family with several gradeschool-aged children and the dad kept asking very simple leading questions, and I, obliviously, kept answering them. I wasn’t sure why he was giving me irritated looks until he very pointedly stared at his son while asking one. I closed my mouth halfway through answering what I should have realized what was a very childish Socratic method-style question.

I’m sorry… I’m a professional infodumper and every day I answer questions that range from “How does carbon dating work?” to “Why did you kill Christopher Columbus?” to “Do you have any bones?” as seriously and thoroughly as I can. I can’t filter out educational leading questions from earnest ones!

… Why did you kill Christopher Columbus, Ship?

he had it coming

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