D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald

I got the (1981) original Fucked Up Ronnie stuck in my head, and had to get darkly amused at how little reworking it would take to apply as well now. No doubt why my brain dug it up to begin with, depressing as that is.

What a surprise, they thought of that well before I did 😉

Fucked Up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald
You’re not gonna last
You’ve spent your whole life
Just talking out your ass

You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald

He wants to be Prez
But he don’t have a clue
He’ll build a wall
And punish women too

He’ll nuke Korea
And bomb Iran
And when he cuts a deal
We’ll get scammed

Also possibly too relevant, poking around on YouTube some more:

DOA – Fucked Up Ronnie (Putin) 31th July 2014 / SEDEL Luzern, Switzerland (captioned)

(ETA: Also, a corrected link for the original song. I fixed it in the OP, but had already reblogged this.)

Another couple of relevant revamps I fell down a YouTube hole and ran across:

MDC – No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA (Born To Die 2016)

MDC – JOHN WAYNE (Donald Trump) WAS A NAZI (17th July 2016 / SEDEL Luzern, Switzerland )

Reminded of the OP again, so bringing this back

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