So… a recap of the situation for all of you who sent so many nice messages during the last couple of days.

We weren’t able to find Mochi anywhere, and I received no calls concerning possible sights of her around. What happened is: she was living in the desolate countryside, at my boyfriend’s place (I live in Rome, and can’t keep a pet in my ridicolously small house) , where there was a closed space dedicated to her. I’m at 2 hours from where she was. She was about to get chipped, had all her shots done and was very healthy,happy and loved.

His father decided 3 days ago to prove a fucking stupid point and let her go around all alone through farms and streets because “she was going to return home at dusk anyway, like any other dog”. This, obviously, didn’t happen, but ashamed for what he had done, he didn’t feel like telling us until the day after. This would sound almost comically dumb, if it was not fucking real.

We’ve been searching the area for 2 days,both on foot and in the car, asking anyone living here if they had noticed anything and shouting in the nothing, with no response. The bad thing is; people here don’t call the shelters, or the Police. They’re used to stray dogs, if they’re friendly enough they spare some left overs for them, if they’re a bother they get them killed. That’s it.

Whatever happened to her, and that including the possibility that someone took her and brought her home at best, it was too late to stop it and at this point we can just wait and hope someone sees the flyers and calls us.

I’m phisically exhausted and mentally, I don’t even want to go there. I’ll just keep hoping my doggy will get back to us somehow.

Probably Tumblr is not the best place to search for an italian dog. But if you live in the area of Quartaccio, Migliara 50, Strada della Schiazza near Pontinia, provincia di Latina, Italia or know anyone who lives there, please remember to contact me if you spot a dog resembling this one:

She’s absolutely friendly and responds to the name Mochi (pronuncia: “MO-CI”)

For the rest, thank you so much for your kind words.

You’re the best.

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