I am bawling in laughter at all these poor performers of medieval music trying to get their work on iTunes.

The Latin word for “with” is the same as a sexual English word, so all these track names have it starred out, like

“Alle Psalite C*m Luya”

“C*m Sancto Spiritu”

“Aissi c*m es genser Pascors”




Somebody created a GoFundMe page to buy ladders to get over Trump’s border wall. $49,076 raised so far in 22 hours.

if only they kept this energy for flint and the homeless vets they say they care about

The Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall is actually going to RAICES Texas (which provides legal services to undocumented immigrant families, children, and refugees). 

You can donate to the Ladders GoFundMe here.

When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?








The Vox article that I was interviewed for is up and running, and it contains some serious fuckign information about this whole fiasco.

Information that tumblr just straight up refused to provide to its userbase at all.

Unsurprisingly to those of us watching this website deteriorate over the last year, this full content purge and ban has been in progress for a solid 6 months. The date got moved up because of the child porn thing, but it was always coming for us.

Equally unsurprising: Tumblr’s management and ownership are absolutely destroying the actual staff working on it. The company has been hemoragghing senior staff without so much as a token attempt to keep them in place. So the drops in site quality are real, and wil probably only be getting worse.

Truly astonishing is the fact that apparently this crap was supposed to “double” the userbase by the end of next year. Boy, howdy, that’s not gonna work out well for them.

good luck with your plan to sell ads targeting a user base that doesn’t exist any more, @staff.

Then they’re def gonna let Tumblr die on the vine when it doesn’t pan out. It’ll take a few years but mark my words, this is going to work out about as well as when Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace and everybody left. Also, fuck Verizon forever.

Plz lemme know if you reblog this and it disappears. I have Suspicions.

I mean, there are already mutuals of mine reporting that they can’t see this post, only a “post was deleted"notice on my blog, and I’m the OP.

So, whatever your suspicions are, I suppose mark them as confirmed.

i’ve seen it disappear about 5 times off my dash. 

I’m doubting the “post disappearing” stuff, if that is happening at all, I’d suspect bugs before malice. They don’t care enough to remove it, plus, if they wanted it gone, it would be *gone*, not gone for some people

When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?








I’ll never forget the last in person conversation I had with with a woman I was on and off with for years because whenever there was an issue, she would just stop talking to me for months at a clip.

At one point she straight up blocked me and bragged to mutual friends about it. Friends went to me and told me to move on and that it’s her loss. Her and I didn’t talk for 2 years. In that time, I moved on to the point of getting married. Soon after I got married, she popped in to see if I was single still and lost her shit when she found out I had gotten hitched.

She tried to convince me to get a divorce and called me and idiot for getting married in the first place.

The best part… When she asked why I didn’t wait for her to “come around”. I told her she gave me no choice but to move on when she blocked me.

This was her answer: well a block is only temporary. You should have just waited for it to end then hit me up!

Yeah…. I’m so glad I didn’t.

fuck those people who play these games

People who play these games should be kneecapped

My dad nearly fell into this trap. He was engaged to a woman who would go silent for a while after an argument. Dad finally told her, “Either you’re by my side or you’re not. I’m not playing these high school games anymore. If you love me, talk to me. Otherwise, we’re done.”

He ended up marrying another woman who never played games with him and helped his better side come out.

This advise can go for anyone out there: if your SO is doing this shit, tell them to cut it out or you’re leaving. And follow through on that threat.

Get you a significant other who has good communication skills and will resolve problems together like a fucking adult

I’m a woman and I used to date a guy who did that kind of petty shit. Yeah, he turned out to be extremely abusive. Don’t date/marry any woman, or man who pulls that kind of shit. It’s not worth it.

It’s one thing if someone needs a cool-off period. But they should communicate that much – “I need to be alone / have some space for a little while, we can talk about this later but I’m too upset to have this discussion civilly right now” is not the same thing as refusing to talk to you for extended periods whenever they get mad. Everyone needs a time-out sometimes, knowing your limits and calling a break before you snap is part of the Adult Communication Skills set.

But yeah, don’t stay with someone who plays petty games.