“Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach could be facing a contempt order from a federal court after a judge on Tuesday tore into the Kansas Republican about repeatedly skirting her orders. U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson chastised Kobach, a candidate for governor, at a contempt hearing for suggesting that her previous orders have left any room for ambiguity. “I’ve had to police this over and over and over again,” Robinson said with frustration during the hearing in Kansas City, Kan. Robinson in 2016 ordered Kobach to fully register thousands of Kansas voters who had registered at the DMV but had failed to provide proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or passport, as required by a Kansas law that Kobach crafted. “The real question is why has the secretary of state not complied with it until he’s called on it. … There’s been no change of rules. There’s been no ambiguity,” Robinson said. The contempt hearing capped two weeks of courtroom battles between Kobach and the American Civil Liberties Union as Robinson weighs whether federal law allows Kansas to impose the requirement. Robinson will rule in the near future whether to hold Kobach in contempt of court and will separately rule on the overall case, which will determine whether thousands can cast ballots this November when Kansas elects a new governor. The case holds political ramifications for Kobach as he seeks the GOP nomination for governor and could have national implications because Kobach has advised President Donald Trump on potential changes to federal voting laws.”

Federal judge scolds Kobach at contempt hearing | The Kansas City Star





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Okay. This seems pretty insane if you don’t know what the existing state of terminally ill patients’ options is. So let’s go over that.

Terminally ill patients can sign up to be part of pre FDA approval trials for treatments which might potentially cure them. As these treatments are experimental, untested, not guaranteed to get results, and intended to provide profit to the medical provider in the long run, patients cannot be charged for these experimental treatments. As it should be. It’d be pretty unethical to get people to pay you to be your guinea pig for treatments which may not even help them.

This “right to try” law changes that. It makes it legal for terminally ill patients to be charged for experimental treatments. Furthermore, it removes FDA testing restrictions from the process. Currently a company which tries an ‘experimental’ treatment they know won’t work will get the hammer dropped on them by the FDA. But under this new process, medical providers would be legally allowed to provide ‘treatments’ they know won’t work, without oversight. This would legalize medical predation on terminally ill patients.

Labeling this bill ‘right to try’ makes it seem like terminally ill patients aren’t allowed to seek out experimental treatments right now. But they are! All this bill does is make a terminally ill patients more financially burdened and more vulnerable to predation.

That’s why the Democrats blocked it.

Thank you for explaining it

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This is so funny.

Here’s the link to the New York Review of Books piece that has Jordan Peterson losing his shit.

The thing is that the review doesn’t actually call him a fascist; it just says that he is unable or unwilling to address the dark sides of his intellectual forebears, even when doing the same for his leftist opponents. For a man who complains endlessly (and sometimes justly) about being taken out of context and having words put in his mouth, he sure is quick to do the same to anyone who criticises him.

Map spells out just how early spring is this year



Depending on where you live, you may have noticed unseasonably warm temperatures pushing flowers and trees to bloom much earlier than usual.

Spring’s early arrival is not just your imagination. For many, it’s here in a big way.

A new set of maps from the U.S. Geological Survey shows just how early spring is arriving in the U.S. this year in the West, Southwest and Mid-Atlantic —especially in parts of Washington, Oregon and Nevada where spring began four to five weeks early.

The maps are produced by the USGS-led USA National Phenology Network and are updated daily. To create them, researchers used climate change indicators called the spring indices. These are models scientists have developed to predict the start of spring based on the first leaf and first bloom of lilac and honeysuckle plants, two temperature-sensitive but otherwise common flowering plants. They applied these plant models to recent temperature data to create maps showing how this year compares to a long-term average (1981-2010).

Map spells out just how early spring is this year








I didn’t know cheetahs meow I’ve always thought they roar my whole life has been a lie

Ok but the other one is purring so hard

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Fun fact: technically, because of its inability to roar and its ability to purr, the cheetah is not a ‘big cat’ (or Great Cat) – they are still classified as Lesser Cats.

Also you haven’t heard anything until you hear them cheep.


Big little cats