A British PM Staffer Just Outed His Colleague, Endangering His Pakistani Family


Stephen Parkinson, a staff member for British Prime Minister Theresa May, has outed his fellow Brexit campaigner Shahmir Sanni through an official statement from the office of 10 Downing Street, the headquarters of the UK’s government.

The release, on behalf of Parkinson, reads: “Shahmir became an occasional volunteer for Vote Leave and other leave campaigns, and we began a personal relationship. We subsequently dated for 18 months, splitting up—I thought amicably—in September 2017.”

The outing through official government documentation appears to be an attempt to distract media from startling facts Sanni had revealed about questionable, if not outright illegal, campaign strategies on behalf of the pro-Brexit group Vote Leave, for which Parkinson and Sanni had both been campaigners. The new Downing Street release appears to be responding to a revealing interview in The Guardian from Sanni detailing the group’s lawbreaking on the campaign trail.

Sanni had not been publicly out, and the government release now puts his family back in Pakistan in danger. Certain acts of homosexuality are illegal in the country.

In a statement from his lawyer, Sanni’s team says they believe this to be “the first time a Downing Street official statement has been used to out someone” and that he “is now having to come out to his mother and family tonight.” Family members in Pakistan are being “forced to take urgent protective measures to ensure their safety,“ according to the statement.

Theresa May has said in a statement through her office that she has “full confidence” in her advisor Stephen Parkinson.

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you ever realize how able bodied people just are not expected to do things that cause them excruciating physical pain? like they’re just. not

if i shouldn’t use my cane because i can sometimes technically walk without it, it would just hurt like a motherfucker then abled people should no longer be allowed to use potholders to take things out of the oven because i mean

well they could technically pick up a hot pan with their bare hands. it would just hurt like a motherfucker

*sees an abled person using potholders*

i just think it’s really sad that you’re giving up on yourself like that

if you use potholders how will you ever build up the calluses necessary to pick up scalding hot metal without burning yourself so severely? it’s like you’re not even trying to get better

I mean, my mother uses potholders, but she’s in her 70s. You’re just… too YOUNG to be resorting to potholders at your age.

If you start using potholders, your inability to hold hot metal will only get worse.

As a professional cook I was, and still am, able to pick most stuff up out of an oven without a pot holder. I might get blisters and maybe it will hurt, but usually it won’t

AMAZING! based on this one specific individual’s experiences i will now safely assume that it’s possible for anyone to overcome hand pain & leave potholders behind for good!!! as long as you want it bad enough, anything is possible!! make this story go viral so that all those self pitying losers who still use potholders know that there’s no excuse


This made me cry. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be potholder-bound like that, and it must have taken such incredible strength to overcome it. If someone like that can hold hot metal, the rest of us have no excuse to give up on anything.

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Ugh I doubt they even need potholders and they just wear them because they’re too lazy to go to a burn ward.




The zombie outbreak started 2 years ago now you find yourself cornered by a decaying zombie when you do the unthinkable and bite it first when it falls to the floor and grows its skin back and sits up and asks what is going on

This may be the best subversive idea for zombie apocalypse stories i think I’ve ever seen.

“How the fuck did you know that would work?”

“I didn’t, dude, I just fucking panicked.” 




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