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Man, when I was like 16 I got so sick of being made fun of for being the fat kid that I took an axe down inna woods, chopped down a tree, and started doing log-lifts all the time. I got strong as fuck, but I didn’t lose no weight. I actually got bigger.

Same thing happened when I got into fighting. I got even stronger, and I got *fast*, man, and nimble, like a cat. Still chubby.

Body-building culture is a bunch of crap, my dude. Functional muscle is not necessarily toned or lean. You can be swole as hell and still be heavy. And that’s cool.

Embrace your inner barbarian. And when fatphobic little gym twinks try to body shame you, you should DESTROY THEM with your MIGHTY AXE

Can comfirm, i am Quite Fat ™ but i still hit my punching bag hard enough last week make it touch the ceiling and broke a finger in the process

You know, I train with (martial arts) a bunch of dudes, and a few bodybuilders have showed up over the years. 

And every damn one of those huge shredded motherfuckers has the endurance of a fucking newborn puppy. Fifteen minutes into warmups and they’re panting for air like like they’re about to die. I’ve sparred them and every one of them telegraphs their moves about two weeks in advance, and are slower than my dead grandpa because their huge useless muscles get in the damn way. 

Now. I also work with a couple of guys who are not weightlifters. They do, however, do very physical jobs and are Big Dudes. Picture this sort of build. 


No abs to speak of, a bit of a tummy, and those motherfuckers can pick up one of the weightlifters and throw them. 

And they’re fast. Like, unfair fast. 

Bodybuilding culture is bullshit. Embrace your status as a giant barbarian and if anyone gives you crap throw them off a mountain. 

This is true for all humans, too!

At my heaviest (well over 300lbs) I still ran an 11 minute mile (pre-disability). And even when I was at my most active, and training intensely, I was never hardbodied despite working out full time. Functional muscle for me looks like horse legs and a big muscular butt with a soft tummy and big arms.

I’m built like a Celtic Warrior Goddess and I will never have a flat tummy and toned arms and that is fine by me because I could snap a grown man in half.


Have you seen olympic powerlifters? 

This is Sarah Robles, on the USA Olympic Powerlifting team. 

Skinny? No. Could pick me up with one arm? Absofuckinglutely. 

Sarah Robles was once in an auto accident. She braced her arms against the steering wheel & by main force held it back from smashing her in the chest.

She fought her car & she won.


Holy shit I love her even more. 

That would shatter my arms like glass. 

I’m the same when it comes to functional muscle. I weigh nearly 200 pounds, I’ve got a soft tummy and some muffin top/love handle action going on, but I’ve got a lot of muscle tone and definition in my limbs and can easily lift over 100 pounds. My endurance is excellent, too. I don’t tire even after hiking up mountains and can easily work long shifts.

I know that I’ll never be thin, but how much does that matter if I can crush people?

Side note: my strength has been the best thing for my gay ass. I offer to help cute girls lift things at work and they swoon at how easily I handle everything. They’ll follow me (while I’m carrying multiple beverage palettes) from the dry storage room to the storefronts going “Wow! She’s so strong! Look at those guns!” I’m known for being delicate and singing like a bird, but also for being a thicc beefcake lady that doesn’t need help from men.

let’s not dunk on bodybuilders, just the toxic culture around it. it’s their bodies. they want big muscles that don’t do so much, they should enjoy that.

Okay here are printable/sharable finals of those ads.


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European Mink (Mustela lutreola)

The European mink is a critically endangered species due to three main factors; habitat loss, over-exploitation, and the impact of the American mink, an introduced species. Its range has been reduced by 85% in the last 200 years, leaving the populations fragmented and continuing to decline. Strict control of the American mink in Spain has helped mediate this threat, but the declining population trend continues.

These mink are semi-aquatic and make their homes in highly vegetated riverbanks. They feed mainly on crayfish, frogs, small mammals, fish and insects. The decline of crayfish in Europe has been proposed as an additional factor in the continued drop in mink numbers. 

Ideas for gun control








It’s a long read, and these aren’t my own thoughts, but the guy who wrote this, I think is on the right track for getting “assault rifles” off the streets and enacting more pro-active gun control all around..

For my anti-gun friends, how does this sound?

First, for people convicted of domestic violence, even a misdemeanor, how about a lifetime prohibition on firearms possession?

Furthermore, a government license should be required for anyone who wants to manufacture, import, or sell firearms. The license should be mandatory not only for formal businesses, but also for individuals who make repetitive transactions for the purpose of profit. This would cover people at gun shows who put up signs declaring themselves to be “unlicensed dealers.” Anyone who engages in the firearms business without a federal license should be punished by up to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.

Manufacturers, importers, and dealers who are granted a federal license should have to keep meticulous records of every transaction. Their records and inventory should be subject to warrantless, random inspections by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). If a license-holder goes out of business, all the records of past sales should be delivered to the ATF.

Before a gun store can sell a firearm to an ordinary citizen, the citizen should have to get government approval. This should apply not only to storefront sales, but also if the retailer rents a table at a gun show. As for the Internet, retailers can be allowed to advertise there, but the actual transfer of a firearm should only be allowed at the retailer’s place of business.
The purchaser should be required to answer dozens of questions certifying his or her background information. It is important that the government know the purchaser’s race, and whether or not she is Hispanic. Before the sale is consummated, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or a state counterpart ought to be contacted for a background check on the purchaser.

Any customer who purchases two or more handguns in a week should be automatically flagged and reported to the federal government and to local law enforcement.
Every handgun manufacturer should require handgun buyers to purchase a safe storage device for every handgun. Even if the buyer owns a gun safe, the buyer should always be forced to buy a separate locking device.

Of course, licensed manufacturers should have to put a serial number on every firearm. If someone alters or obliterates a serial number, the person should face five years imprisonment.

Felons should be forever prohibited from owning guns. They should never be allowed to hold a gun in their hands for even a few seconds. The lifetime prohibition should include non-violent felons who have been law-abiding for decades; anyone who was convicted of marijuana possession in 1971 should be presumed to be a continuing menace to society.

A lifetime prohibition should also apply to anyone who has ever been committed to a mental institution. Mental illness is not necessarily permanent, but the ban should be.

Patients prescribed medical marijuana should be banned, even in states where such use is legal. In fact, all medical marijuana cardholders should be automatically banned, regardless of whether they are current users.

Current federal gun laws provide a statutory procedure for prohibited persons to petition the ATF for a restoration of rights. For example, ATF would have discretion to restore the Second Amendment rights of a non-violent felon who has been law-abiding for many years. Congress should enact appropriations riders to prevent ATF from considering such petitions.

Only persons over 21 should be able to purchase a handgun at a gun store. That 18-to-20-year-olds defend our country with automatic weapons overseas does not mean that they can be trusted with handguns within our country. A similar law should bar rifle or shotgun purchases by persons who are under 18.

Assault rifles must be virtually banned. These, according to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, are “short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power.” For example, the Russian AK-47 or the American M-16 rifles. No civilian should be able to transfer or possess any assault rifle that was not already in circulation by 1986.
Any of the older assault rifles in citizen hands should be registered with the government. If someone wants to acquire one, both the buyer and seller should have to file an application with the ATF. The tax for a transfer should be $200, to discourage ownership. In the application, the ATF should require fingerprints and two recent photographs. Local law enforcement should be notified. The FBI should conduct a background investigation, and the registration process should take months.

If the purchaser is permitted to acquire the assault rifle, she should be required to maintain records proving that the rifle is registered, and notify the government of any change in address. To take the assault rifle out of state, the owner should need written permission from ATF in advance.

Assault rifles are one type of automatic firearm, but there are many other types of automatics. All of them should be controlled just as strictly as assault rifles. A violation of the stringent laws on these guns should be a felony with up to 10 years imprisonment—and much longer in cases of multiple violations.

So, why does the purchaser’s race matter?

And why is drunken use of firearms cool, but God help you if you got high once in 1972?

One of my proposals is that firing ranges should be required to ban alcohol. And firing ranges that have exotic/military grade weapons (By which I mean actual full automatic weapons, grenade launchers, etc) should be required to card and deny admission to anyone under 18. (Everyone’s forgotten about the incident in Arizona where somebody got killed because a young, lightweight child was allowed to shoot a weapon she didn’t have the body mass to control yet.

I am honestly circulating this because I can’t tell if it’s serious or sarcastic. Not allowing non-violent felons to get their gun rights back if they behave? Not allowing anyone who has ever used medical marijuana to have guns? (As worded, it would also prevent people who have been providing their kids with medical marijuana). Lifetime ban if you’ve ever been committed? All of those read to me as heavy sarcasm, not real suggestions. Or as if this was sarcastic and the OP is circulating it as if it was real. The “that 18-20-year-olds defend our country with weapons overseas” line really reads like sarcasm to me. And the race line.

But the OP seems to be circulating it as if it was serious…

Ha! Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance, legally on par with heroin and methamphetamine. Using it at any point is a felony-level crime, and felons are permanently barred from possessing guns, let alone owning them. The supremacy clause ensures that medical marijuana is not recognized at the federal level, and it only goes un-prosecuted due to the immense costs of prosecuting entire states. 

The race line exists in real life on real gun-purchase paperwork, It was included for continuity with the existing law, so the ATF can keep doing what they have already been doing. 

As a matter of fact, every single one of OP’s suggestions has already passed into law and already gone into effect. It’s a list of existing gun laws. 

Huh. Then we might actually already be over-regulated.

And under-enforced.

Guns are definitely not over-regulated. Under-enforced, sure

I would say more, regulated in frequently nonsensical ways as security theatre.

And in ways which tend to target members of already marginalized groups, rather than the folks actively causing most of the problems.









“But how can you knooooow that demisexuality is really any different from typical female sexuality?  But how do you knooooow that other people experience attraction substantially differently than you?”

Because I am and have been attracted to men.

But this image means nothing to me.  (Other than that, as a stage professional, I’m looking to see how deep the seam in that log really goes or otherwise what the trick is.)  Though apparently it’s supposed to, if I’m even remotely attracted to men.

Because other people talk like this all the time and apparently it’s supposed to mean something to me.

You don’t get both “this is how the sexuality of most people who are attracted to men really works” and “your sexuality is actually just traditional female sexuality.”

Do you know how non-a-spec people are supposed to feel when they see that gif? All I can think about is why are the trees in the background flashing? (I’m aroace)

I think so?  Like again, I have been sexually attracted to men.  But it’s …not something that can be evoked by a .gif of random acts of physical prowess?

Lol, I didn’t even notice the flashing trees.  I don’t know, all I can think is some kind of artifact of low-quality file conversion?

I’m sexual and attracted to men and all I think looking at that is man do I wish I was super

Eh. I’m definitely into dudes, and in most circumstances I find Chris Evans hot, but that gif doesn’t do much for me. The ~flexing pecs~ people in the thread are gushing over elicit an ‘oh hey yeah I could be into that’ reaction but not the almost-involuntary ‘holy shit’ I get from some other stuff. In fact, it gets the same reaction women doing the watermelon-between-the-thighs thing does, and I know that gives a lot of women-attracted people the vapours.

I think it’s a better test to check for if you’re attracted to displays of strength.

Being attracted to men IN GENERAL does not mean you and everyone else is always going to be attracted to each individual man in exactly the same way for exactly the same reasons. Acting as though not experiencing attraction to one gif of a guy being Strong ™ is evidence of a sharp division in terms of how you experience attraction from how other people experience attraction is kind of ridiculous.

But, as I said, it is not just that image.  It is that other women talk like that all the time.  And give every indication of widely expecting that most other women share that experience.

I have been on this earth for 35 years; I’m not imagining this.

right like im a big ole dyke but if we were attracted to the same gender, we’d have a totally different experience. your experience isn’t relatable to me, i experience attraction fairly easily. you clearly know what you’re talking about, not that you need me to say it.

To me, that seems more like “if you have ever found rather odd-looking staged muscle displays attractive…” (The abstract idea of Muscles™? 🤔)

Not to take away from any of the other points, but that’s really not the same as “men”. And I do find it disconcerting how commonly these things do get treated as the same or at least closely connected in some suspiciously sterotypical ways.

(No two people are likely to experience attraction exactly the same, of course. Unfortunately bears repeating.)




people who don’t own cats: cats are so aloof… they just keep to themselves and don’t care that you even exist

cats: hey! hey! hey! hey! pay attention to me! hey! why aren’t you looking at me! hey! hey! if you don’t pet me right now i’ll freakin die! hey! heeeyyy!!!!


if you don’t give me the proper amount of attention every moment of the day i will simply begin biting you