Why in the word would you need a license just to braid hair?


Braiding hair is a part of black culture lmao. Doing other black women’s natural hair period is a part of our culture?? We don’t need a license it’s in our roots….this is extremely anti black.

They don’t even teach how to do black hair in most hair schools anyway, why get a license from a school that doesn’t even teach you about braiding anyway??

This is a way to target black business owners, smh

my hair stylist actually told me that in cosmetology schools, they are not taught how to do natural hair. there is no way to get a license doing natural hair in many places because curriculum do not even teach them. like, natural hair isn’t taught in these schools.

so black women have to learn from their mothers, grand mothers, aunts, etc…etc…it’s a culture.
so yeah, this is to target black business owners.


“It’s just hair!”

Then why are fines being instituted? Ok. So that argument is dead from now on and I don’t wanna hear it anymore


I can confirm that you do not get taught that at cosmetology school. At least not at any pkave near me afaik. We DID actually get braid lessons but I get the impression it was because white people were getting them. They had the one black girl do all the black clients.

Oh bonus points: I was taught how to give white people dreadlocks but not black people. I had to learn it was a different process from fucking tumblr.

Like for fucks sake I cut my own hair because I am irish and THAT is too curly for a lot of white hairdressers. The accesiblity level is so low I would say it is arguably silent segregation.



Y’all do a lot of talk about cursed images, but you ever seen the most weirdly unsettling video clip on all of youtube?

In the 90s there was this finnish sketch show Kummeli, that once had a gag about a man going into a café and buying a small coffee and a little pastry, which cost 8 finnish marks (about 1,30 euros or 1,60 USD). The man pays with a 1000-mark bill (166 euros, 204 USD) and gets two marks back. During this whole exchange, really sad violin music is playing on the background for no reason.

 The man who bought his coffee is astonished and says “that was a 1000 mark bill” in a progressively more confused and pleading voice as the cashier responds with the most blank, dead-eyed look you have ever seen on a human face.

Eventually, the man drinks his coffee, accepts his fate and leaves, still repeating “that was a 1000 mark bill.” The whole video is 1,40 minutes long and it’s so unsettling and full of truly neutral energy that your mammalian brain fucking short-circuits and goes for laughter.

There is no explanation to the gag. There is no gag. There is no reason why it’s even funny. If it weren’t for the fact that we know who made it and for what purpose, it could easily be the subject of a creepypasta about a video that makes people go insane. And I’ve had to live my whole life with the awareness of the existence of this video so now you have to.

The finnish sense of humour is an eldritch abomination.

Customer: Hi.
Cashier: Hello.
Customer: Small coffee.
Cashier: Anything else?
Customer: One of those waffles.
Cashier: 8 marks.
Customer: Oh yeah, I only have this large bill.
Cashier: Okay… and your change.
[Customer stares at the change in his hand with a close-up]
Customer: I gave you a grand.
[Deadpan cashier]
Customer: Wasn’t it a grand?
[Deadpan cashier]
Customer: A grand!
[Deadpan cashier, close-up on the change]
Customer: Didn’t I give a grand?
[Deadpan cashier, the scene jumps forward]
Customer: I gave you a grand.
[Deadpan cashier in the distance]
Customer: …I gave you a grand.
[Customer gets up to leave, stops at the register]
Customer: A grand.
[Cashier blankly stares past him as he walks out]











I just had a 20 minute conversation explaining to a customer what chicken wings were.

Did you say that they were wings from a chicken? @cheshireinthemiddle

Didnt work

I can imagine the phrase ‘BUT THEY DON’T FLY, HOW CAN THEY HAVE WINGS?!’ being used at least twice

It was worse

Can you please explain in detail how it was worse

Customer: what kind of chicken do you use for your fried chicken wings?

Me: im unsure of the brand, but i can check

Customer: no, what part of the chicken is it?

Me: im sorry?

Customer: like what is it made out of?

Me: they are chicken wings.

Customer: i dont think you understand my question. Is it chicken thigh, or chicken breast?

Me: it is made with chicken wings.

Customer: okay, you arent hearing me. Chicken is sold in different parts. What oart are you selling?

Me: chicken wings. The dish is fried chicken wings. Are you perhaps asking if they are boneless? They arent. They are actual bone in wings.

Customer: Im asking what *type* of chicken it is. You are making this way more difficult than it has to be.

Me: here, our menu has a picture of the dish. These are the chicken wings available today.

Customer: how can i tell what kind of chicken it is if it is covered in brown crunchies?

Me: brown…crunchies? These are certainly chicken wings. You can see the bone here.

Customer: can i speak to the manager? You dont know what youre talking about.

Me: actually i am acting manager until we get a new hire.

Customer: all i want to know is what kind of chicken you are serving.

Me: fried chicken wings.

This went on for 20 whole minutes. She didnt even order the meal.

This is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever read

This conversation is the definition of customer service.

this conversation
is the definition of
customer service

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