Neural networks can name guinea pigs



Neural networks are a type of computer program that mimic the way human brains learn. Unlike traditional computer programming in which a programmer invents rules for the program to follow, neural networks have an amazing ability to intuit their own rules about datasets simply by examining them.

Given a dataset with enough examples, a neural network can learn the sounds and letter combinations that make a band sound metal, or a tune sound Irish, or a creature sound like a Pokemon.

Then yesterday, I got an email from the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue. “Have you ever trained a neural network to generate guinea pig names?”

No, I hadn’t. In fact, I was fairly certain that this particular feat had not yet been tried in the history of machine learning research. Intrigued, I asked why.

It turns out that the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue often takes in many unnamed guinea pigs at once when they encounter hoarding situations, or sometimes they decide to rename a guinea pig to increase its chance of being adopted. They wanted to know if, given a list of typical guinea pig names (”Snickers”, “Pumpkin”, “Ginger”, “Rascal”, etc), a neural network could learn to generate more names. Yes, I said. Given a list.

The next day, I had a list. The Portland Guinea Pig Rescue gave me the list of every guinea pig they had ever rescued, the names of their own pet guinea pigs, and all the guinea pig names they could find online.

And that same day, I had an answer. Yes, despite having no concept of what these furry round rodents actually are, a neural network is indeed uncannily good at naming them.

I give you: the first guinea pigs named by neural network, currently up for adoption at the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue:






Careful blog readers may notice that Buzzberry is actually an 80s action figure, while Fleury White and Stargoon are both paint colors. Portland Guinea Pig Rescue admitted that they liked some of the other neural network names as well. “I did just threaten one of our rowdy fosters with Stoomy Brown if he didn’t start behaving himself.” 

They also named this guinea pig Princess Pow, one of my favorite action figure names:


I leave you with a list of guinea pig names invented by neural network, some pretty darn good:

Atter Pie
Pugger P
Hanger Dan

and some not so much:

Madly Mean
Butty Brlomy

Remember, as soon as some of these very adoptable guinea pigs get their forever homes, the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue will be able to take in more guinea pigs and give them fabulous names.

It’s time to stop blaming poor people for the financial crisis


There’s a popular theory of what caused the 2007-2008 housing crisis that goes something like this: The problem started when greedy bankers gave poor people loans to buy houses that lenders knew they couldn’t afford.

That enabled more people to bid on homes, driving up prices, according to this version of events. Then, when poor borrowers were not able to pay their bills, banks stopped issuing new mortgages. The number of buyers dwindled, prices plummeted and the bust began. Homeowners were underwater across the country, and major banks were left with foreclosed houses that were essentially worthless as collateral.

It is a story that has been told about the crisis again and again by Republicans, Democrats, economists, journalists and filmmakers. The movie “The Big Short,” based on the book by Michael Lewis, is all about so-called subprime loans — risky and often complicated mortgages that were frequently sold to less affluent homeowners.

Yet many economists argue this story is misleading. In a new paper, one group of researchers argues that these accounts put a disproportionate amount of blame on borrowing by the poor. In reality, they say, it was home loans to all kinds of borrowers that inflated the catastrophic housing bubble.

Specifically, they point out that lending increased not only to poor consumers but for Americans regardless of their incomes. In particular, the paper shows that the share of Americans owning homes increased the most among the well off, while that share actually declined among the poor.

It’s time to stop blaming poor people for the financial crisis

vet visit for my dog



Hey guys i really hate to do this but I’m a little paranoid about my dog’s health lately. We think she has seasonal allergies and so puffs up a little bit, but lately its been her stomach that bothers me.

She’s got a very full looking stomach and only eats half her food lately, she’s been having a bit of difficulty getting comfortable when laying down or cuddling and starts to wheeze and cough little when she exercises [which we haven’t been doing as much bc of her allergies and strange health] and her breath is a little shorter than usual.

I want to get her to see a vet as soon as i can, which im not sure when thats going to be or how much it will cost which i will keep updated on this post about. We’re going to pay as much out of pocket as we can, but might need help if she needs something serious.

She’s still energetic and a lively happy girl but I just really for her sake and mine need to get her checked out. I’m taking donations at my paypal, and i am currently open for commissions, my info is here , Im much better at taking anthro/furry commissions than humans lately, and i also have a ton of adoptables / character designs for sale found in my toyhouse or in my FA gallery

thank you so much for your consideration, patience and understanding, i know there’s a ton of stuff going on rn but it would really mean a lot to me and my dog

hey guys im sorry to boost this again but ive gotten very little donations and im very concerned about my dog, shes starting to lose weight and i just really would like to get her looked at, every dollar ive made in commissions lately ahs had to go to other living expenses like food and bills and I’m starting to feel a little behind hopeless. Thank you again for your consideration.



“The people who died and lost their homes, this happened to them because they are poor.”

For any who don’t know: This was a tower block that had ‘fire resistant cladding’ that was supposed to restrict a fire to 2-3 apartments. The whole building went up – there were no sprinklers, the firefighters told everyone to stay put, and some police sources say the death count is around 150.

This is in a area of London that contains both rich and poor people. These blocks are council housing- the poorest people live there. In one of the Channel 4 interviews these apartments were described as ‘pigeon holes’.

Debris was raining down on people, and the police had to make a corridor of riot shields so that the firefighters could get in and out.

A woman on the 9th floor (10th floor to Americans) threw her baby out the window as she new she wouldn’t get out. The baby was caught.

Many people called family that night. Most people interviewed describe hearing the screaming in the background. A Syrian Refugee in that building had to film a video asking whoever found it to tell his family he loved them.

The Prime Minister hasn’t made contact with the people, but the community has joined together, and the local mosque and church has been providing shelter and food. People have donated food, money, clothes along with many other things to aid the survivors who got out, either by firefighters helping them after realising they couldn’t control the fire, or via the roof.

All because some bastards in an office thought that listening to the people and fellow council members concerns weren’t worth the extra money to make these buildings safe.







the next time you think you’re lonely, just remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting your sorry little ass with their life. you have 25 billion friends who would die for you. no need for tears.

thank you osmosis jones

My immune system tried to kill me though.

Jordan just remember you had twenty five billion enemies trying to kill you and you’ve survived them all

Take THAT you tiny goddamn sons of bitches.