Every. Goddamn. Year.






Every Fucking Spring; Weather service ‘puts out flood warnings’

People Living Right Next To The Goddamn Mississippi, Apparently Forgetting This Same Thing Happening Last Year And The Year Before And Every Goddamn Year; “WHAT the river is in my LIVING ROOM?!?!?!?!? HOW GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN.”

Me, Sitting On My Actual Hill With Geological Survey Map: “You dumb motherfuckers realize that the Mississippi has flooded every spring since approximately the last Ice Age and you literally built your suburb on the flood plain as demonstrated right here on this topographic chart.”

People Living Right Next To The Goddamned Mississippi; “BUT I’M HERE NOW TELL IT TO STOP.”

Me; “…That…may prove difficult. Why don’t you just move?”

People Whose Living Room Is Currently Home To Mississippi Flathead Catfish; “We can’t do that we love it here.” 

Me; “……”

Mississippi River; (Quietly cackling to itself)

Much like fire season in Southern California.

OH MY GOD I was just discussing this with my wildlife biologist sister, who did a bunch of research projects out there.


The West has experienced wildfires every year for literally the last 100,000 years, and much like the prairies the ecology of the region has literally come to depend on being burned off every few decades, BUT NO YOU GO BuILD YOUR $5 MILLION MANSIONS THERE AND THEN COMPLAIN WHEN EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS ON FIRE

Can the people next to the river just like… build their house on stilts?

Some do. Generally, the people who have lived here for generations, including a few local families descended from native tribes who’ve lived in the area for, like, the last several thousand years.

They like to sit on their front porches with a fishing pole and fish in their sometimes-front-lawn-sometimes-river and judge the dumb idiots futilely trying to sandbag around their brand new addition while already standing in 3 feet of water as much as I do.

People make fun of them for being ‘hillbillies’ until their car is floating down the river and there’s river mud caked an inch thick on all their walls and Who’s Laughing Now Steve.


Nabra Hassanen’s death wraps up an especially violent Ramadan for Muslim teenage girls

  • Nabra Hassanen didn’t have the chance to spend Father’s Day with the man who raised her. Hassanen’s remains were found in a pond in Sterling, Virginia, the Washington Post reported. She was 17.
  • Hassanen and her teenage friends — all wearing abayas, or traditional long dresses — were walking back after their pre-fast Ramadan meal at an IHOP early Sunday morning when they were accosted by a man in a red car. 
  • The man, armed with with a metal baseball bat, then got out of the car. The girls all ran back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Sterling where they were making their nightly Ramadan prayers. 
  • But Hassanen fell behind. She was beaten to death with the bat. 
  • The Fairfax Police Department identified the man as Darwin Martinez Torres, and he was charged with murder. 
  • The police said they had come across no indication that Hassanen’s death was motivated by her race or religion.
  • Recently, there have been a string of reported assaults and harassments in which Muslim teenage girls have been targeted. Read more (6/19/17)

Police call killing of Muslim teenager a ‘road rage incident’


Through a Buzzfeed blurb, I read the headline “A Muslim Teen Was Kidnapped And Murdered Outside A Virginia Mosque.”

The first paragraph of that story follows: “A man has been charged with murder after police found the body believed to be that of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, who went missing after leaving a mosque this weekend. Police said they currently had no information to indicate that this was a hate crime.”

This man drove up to a group of Muslim teenage girls with brown skin wearing hijab, swung a baseball bat around, and STOLE one of them. But there’s “no information to indicate this was a hate crime.” Are you kidding me, Virginia?

Horrifying instances of hate like this happen everyday. And I can’t understand why it isn’t on every news channel, in our faces, ‘round the clock. I can’t understand why for every Black Lives Matter shirt, there are twenty bumper stickers that say BLUE LIVES MATTER or TRUMP/PENCE. It just doesn’t make sense in my brain. Shame on us.

No matter how ignorant you are, no matter how much better you think you are than someone you look at and deem Other, it’s impossible for me to grasp how members of the human race can do easily gloss over this shit instead of standing up and saying this is not okay.







Happy Fathers Day from Mike Pence

this confirms that if mike pence was a millennial he’d have an anti-sjw blog with hot takes on steven universe

Is this real?

There’s so many things wrong with this, including the fact that Mulan is based on a true story, the fact that his solution for men raping women is to punish women by keeping them out of the military, the fact that he then reduces rape to men not being able to help themselves whenever they’re made to be around women a lot….

I fucking hate this man.


What a piece of garbage

So, I was going to respond to this with a sarcastic remark about how Tumblr will believe just about anything, no matter how outlandish, but then I googled this for proof that it was from a satire site and….it isn’t
It is real. Mike Pence actually wrote this in 1999.


A lot of the advice I got about learning to enforce my boundaries was framed as an adversarial thing. Like, ‘yes, it might upset and disappoint the people around you, but you have to learn to tell them ‘no’ anyway.’ At best, ‘good people will still like you if you enforce your boundaries’.

What I wish I’d been told is that good people will think it’s awesome that you enforce your boundaries, that there are people who will respect the hell out of you for it, that there are people who will admire you not despite you telling them no, but because of it. That most people don’t want to make you do something you don’t enjoy,and so they’ll actively be happier and more relaxed around you if they know they can trust you to decline to do things you don’t enjoy and to ask them to stop things that bother you.

It helped me a lot, personally, to stop thinking of ‘enforcing my boundaries’ as something I did for me and more as something I did to empower the people I was close with, to build a situation where they and I felt sure everything that was going on was something we all wanted.

Most advice isn’t good for everyone and this advice seems maybe bad for people in abusive situations, because sometimes you do need to learn to enforce boundaries against people who will try to violate them. But if there are other brains like me out there: your partner will be really happy you can say no to them. your friend will be really happy you change the subject when you hate it. your roommate will really appreciate that you tell them to turn down the music. most people will feel safer and more comfortable around you if they know you’ll reliably express your needs, AND they’ll feel better about voicing theirs.