Here’s to the bisexuals who never “experimented” in school
Here’s to the bisexuals who always knew they were bi
Here’s to the bisexuals who have to deal with biphobia from the LGT+ Community
Here’s to the bisexuals who have only been with one gender of their sexual attraction
Here’s to the bisexuals who are still in the closest
Here’s to the bisexuals who still hear “you’re either gay or straight”
Here’s to the bisexuals who have never had sex, don’t have a high sex drive or don’t have sex often despite media that normally portrays us as having orgies and threesomes day and night
Here’s to the bisexuals that are men and women who get told “so you’re straight/gay now?” When they’re in a f/m or m/m or f/f relationship
Here’s to the bisexuals who are still being denied their existence
Here’s to the bisexuals who are terrified about coming out due to abuse, rejection and/or abandonment

(Please add if you can!)

Here’s to the bisexuals who are nonbinary and constantly have people tell them that being bi ‘erases’ nonbinary identities.

Here’s to the bisexuals who are polyamorous and worry that they’re being a ‘bad bi’ by ‘enforcing stereotypes’.

Here’s to the bisexuals who prefer one gender more than another and worry they’re not ‘really bi’.

Here’s to the bisexuals who date online and have to deal with getting messages from people who fetishize bisexuals because they listed their sexuality in their profile.

Here’s to the bisexuals who don’t disclose that they’re bi to the people they date because they don’t want to deal with biphobia.

Here’s to the bisexuals who are 20+ years old and have never been kissed, had sex, or been in a relationship.

Here’s to the bisexuals who are sex-repulsed and constantly have to explain that experiencing sexual attraction =/= wanting to have sex.

Here’s to the bisexuals who live in unaccepting communities and find it hard to meet other LGBT+ people because of it.

Here’s to the bisexuals who feel more comfortable only dating other bisexuals/multisexuals.

It’s looking more and more like Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is sticking to his goal of having a Senate vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act before the end of the month, even though legislative text hasn’t been released yet and major divisions remain among the Republican conference. On the heels of reports that McConnell is pushing forward with the fast-track process, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) previewed the timeline as he understood it on MSNBC Tuesday morning. According to Corker, GOP senators will receive a rundown on the bill at a closed-door meeting Wednesday and then see legislative text on Thursday. That gives them just one week to review it for a vote planned before the end of next week, ahead of lawmakers’ July 4 recess. “We will work around the clock to make sure that we understand what’s in it and we’ll just see,” Corker said, before reiterating his previous criticisms of the highly opaque process Republicans have used to hammer out a health care deal that bypassed public hearings and Democratic input. That lack of transparency has not prompted Corker to withhold his vote on the final bill, however.

Though, just remembering that one psychiatrist who tried to put my suddenly sleeping like 20 hours a day off on sleep apnea from being fat. When that had never been a problem before, and I never showed any signs of apnea.

He didn’t even seem remotely concerned that sleep apnea might be dangerous and I should maybe check into that, just to use as a brushoff.

It couldn’t have been a medication side effect, not at all. (Along with gaining 40 lbs. in a month while hardly awake to eat much…) So then of course he tried to increase the dosage again 😵

That was the appointment where my mother eventually lost it and started yelling at him, so he called security to escort us out. At least the hospital security guy was rolling his eyes. Wouldn’t be surprised at some previous experience dealing with the jerk.

That was also the medication where, less than a week later, we got a call from the GP flipping out and screeching about liver failure. Good thing he had automatically been sent copies of the lab results. Because that was indeed a prescription which called for regular liver panels, and Psych Dude had apparently just been ignoring some really worrying results. The GP had only just seen the last set, and was concerned enough to call personally to tell me to stop taking the stuff right away.

No idea if that might have also had something to do with barely being able to stay awake, but yeah. The “sleep apnea” also stopped after maybe a week off those meds! 🙄

After that, I might resist the very idea of looking into it even if I did start showing apnea symptoms. Which is maybe another way assholes like that can endanger people’s health.


People shocked by reports out of Carrie Fisher’s autopsy are shocked for the wrong reason. Carrie had always been open about her lifelong (meaning, continuous, not over) struggles with addiction and mental illness and where the two sometimes meet. She was never coy or secretive about this.

Did these drugs play a minor role in her death? Sure. People who do not do drugs tend to live longer than those who do. That’s a given. However Carrie did not O.D. The drugs in her system, could have been days old, she could’ve been sober on that flight. You don’t know but we do know her cause of death was not attributed to drugs.

What should be catching more attention is that Sleep Apnea played the biggest role in her death. A condition many people downplay, resigning it to “lol snoring.” Sleep disorders are serious. Carrie Fisher’s made her stop breathing and she died. Carrie Fisher’s gradually broke down her heart. 

If you frequently have excessive daytime sleepiness despite a full night of sleep, snore, or commonly wake up gasping in the middle of the night or feeling out of breath: see a physician and get a referral for a Sleep Study. It just might save your life – or at least prolong it. Take care of yourselves.

People act the way they think people act


Most people act the way they think people act. When people talk about what people are like, assume they’re including themselves.

For instance:

If a boss says that all bosses exploit employees, they’re likely to be terrible to work for.

If a man says that all men are rapists, misogynists, or abusers, he’s likely not a very safe person to be alone with.

If someone says that all marginalized people need to lash out at privileged people, it’s likely that they’ll eventually consider you privileged and lash out at you.

There are any number of instances of this. People tend to act the way they think people act. When people tell you how people act, or how people in a group they’re part of act, err on the side of assuming that they may act that way too.