PSA: journalists aren’t supposed to put names in the headlines if the person isn’t a public figure. It’s not a matter of maliciously not giving credit

^^^as a journalist, this is something that bothers me ALL THE TIME

A friend of mine on Twitter explained this the other day, so to elaborate based on what she said: If the name is not instantly recognizable the way a public figure is, then putting the name in the headline isn’t going to bring about any sort of recognition or connection in the reader, and doesn’t do much to draw the reader into the story. But something like “local teen” does create a connection by tying the person into the community, and encourages the reader to learn more about what this local teen has done. The name will be in the article itself, after the headline has done its job at getting the reader to look into it.



I can’t believe people on this site are defending looting. Y’all realize that the corner stores and gas stations that are being broken into are also primarily owned by poc right?

Y’all realize that the people looting can evacuate to a shelter and get necessities right? If they’re stranded they can reach out and be rescued or just fucking ask right?

Jesus Christ this site can be so toxic sometimes.

You realize that these stores that are flooding are going to have to throw away almost all of their stock, right? So all that food is going to either be thrown away, or eaten by people in desperate need. Are you telling me you’d rather see it thrown out?

Those business owners have insurance and will be paid for damages and losses.

These people are looting to feed their families because just like in Katrina, it can take days or even weeks to be rescued.

Getting around in a flood isn’t as easy as just ‘going to a shelter’. Especially if you have small children, elderly or disabled family members or pets, it is probably easier and safer to send able bodied adults to get food while you wait for rescue.

Human life will always be more important and material objects.


“Me Too”

It’s important to remember that when an Autistic person gives a “me too” response or story it’s not to steal your thunder or make light of your situation, but instead to show solidarity with you, and show that we understand what you are going through. So when you tell us what you are going through, and we respond with our own story of when it happened to us, please keep that in mind.