Attention Florida Pet Owners:




Privately owned hotels, motels, etc., can still legally turn you away if you have pets with you. It just happened to Hurricane Harvey evacuees. Please do not go to a hotel trying to demand that they take your pets – You can get turned away, (the police will assist if needed) and you may end up back on the road in the storm. Which is the most dangerous place to be.

There has been a post going around saying that the PETS act means that hotels have to accept your pets… This is FALSE! The PETS act allows FEMA to spend government funds on creating pet friendly evacuation and disaster response plans, to fund pet friendly shelters, to fund veterinary services, and to pay pet fees to hotels that accept pets for displaced families who receive vouchers after a disaster. It has no bearing on private businesses, private businesses are not required to change or amend their pet policies.

Some hotels do, however, voluntarily change their policies during a storm. This will be dependent on each individual hotel owner, (they are usually franchises). So the best thing you can do is call the individual hotel before you go.

To evacuate, you will need to identify pet friendly hotels, shelters, etc.

To find pet friendly hotels, you can use or (on Booking, select “Pet Friendly” in the filters). 

The American Kennel Club has a list of Pet-Friendly shelters for you, your family, and your furry friends here.

And finally, for your general preparedness information, FEMA has a “Helping Pets” page for storm preparedness and facts you need to know here.

Please be safe and have a backup plan in place. I hope that cuddling your furry loved ones brings you much comfort.

I’m gonna keep reblogging this through the day.

I was asked to reblog this post to help clarify the misinformation from a popular post that is circulating, which claims that no hotel can turn you away with your pet due to a FEMA ruling from Katrina. 



Its important to remember that Richard Spencer is well educated. He has a BA and MA, and was a doctoral candidate at Duke before he left to do his white nationalist bullshit. His MA thesis was on Adorno. 

He’s not “ignorant” or stupid. Hes quite intelligent, and he has chosen not out of ignorance but out of conscious meditated choice to be an enemy of the people of the world.

The other side is not full of people who are less intelligent than you, and the sooner you realize that the sooner you will stop underestimating them and be able to actually fight them effectively.

The first time I saw this, it bothered me a lot.  I mean, I know that smart people can be very wrong about things, but in a sector that manufactures impostor syndrome, it seems weird to have someone emerge so committed to being drastically, appallingly, confidently, steadfastly wrong.  

So I went and did some research.  This article was immensely helpful.   

Spencer comes from a fairly wealthy background.  He doesn’t care about class or religion, and he actually hates democracy.  What he cares about is some nebulous idea of culture of “white Christendom” – even though he himself is an atheist.  And when he did graduate work, he found thinkers who confirmed his ideas about culture – Nietzsche, Herder, and Schmitt.  These thinkers, surprise surprise, were the favourite philosophers of the Nazis.  

And I mean, I know people who work on Nietzsche and Herder, because they did have a huge influence.  But my colleagues regard the Holocaust as horrific, and for Spencer it wasn’t a deal-breaker.  

His work on Adorno alleges that Adorno loved Wagner’s music despite Wagner’s anti-Semitism.  Obviously it got him an MA, but it doesn’t feel like a stunning insight.

Spencer believes in fascism and white supremacy, but he has a complicated, cynical relationship with some of the other ideas he espouses.  He doesn’t believe in Christianity.  He doesn’t support Donald Trump; just finds him awfully convenient.  He doesn’t believe in freedom or democracy.  He professes not be believe in violence, either, although I’d say genocide is pretty darned violent.  He says stuff sometimes just for its shock value, in the belief that it will make people less critical of his ideas.

He’s a privileged boy who found books that tell him why he deserves to be privileged.  He’s trolling people on the left and cynically manipulating people on the right.  And no, none of this redeems him as a person, or decreases by one iota the harm that he’s done.  But it helps me understand how a smart person comes to espouse this very unsmart nonsense.