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The far right spread fake antifa propaganda that they’ve made. They spread contradictory lies by pretending a decentralized group with no rules or controls with varying methods and ideologies, has a manual.

The far right make false signs and pretend to be antifa at demos to discredit us and play us off as racist thugs, talk about projection.

People literally stab themselves and blame it on antifa then confess it never happened.

Now they intentionally act as innocent to instigate fights and play us as the ones causing problems.

The far right are Built on lies and propaganda, so many of their articles end up being fake, based on false statistics, small slithers of information taken out of context. They intentionally generate and spread false information to forward their agenda.









Attention non-artists who commission artists: don’t fuckin do this???

Actually had someone do this to me too. Was doing a art stream, it took me over 2 hours to do his inked commission, he got a refund cause ‘it took too long’ that he figured I wasn’t going to do it after I gave him the file.

Don’t do this. Do not.

I’ve had this happen to me with a $350 comic :/ I had already finished it, it was full color, 6 panels and had a full bg in every panel. I was lucky in that I didn’t spend him money yet, but it left me without funds. I’ve also had the above happen to me as well.

Don’t do this shit to artists. We’re people too. Drawing for you is more than a hobby. It’s a job.

Use Paypal Invoices. 

I cannot stress this enough. That shit helps A LOT when it comes down to Paypal refunds/disputes.

There’s a description box that let’s you put in what the product is/how long it’ll take/yadda yadda, and then there’s another little memo box that only you and paypal can see where you can say it’s a digital commission and doesn’t require shipping (So Donald Mcfuck can’t say that they never got their commission).

And there’s also a box for your Terms & Conditions where you can say, if you have any conflicts/want a refund – email me, or you can actually tell the user that this is a digital commission and they won’t be getting a hard copy of it.

And to: the people who do this to artists – Fuck you. It’s okay if you change your mind and want a refund. But freaking TALK to us and let us know what’s going on. Let us WORK with you.

ALSO A HUGE TIP: Invoices paid will automatically set up a shipping notice which, if not fulfilled, can land you in SERIOUS hot water with PayPal. Since a lot of artists don’t print and ship the commissions, this is a huge problem.

However! Totally manageable. Just go to your PayPal, scroll down to find Seller Preferences

>> Shipping Preferences

>> Display Ship Button. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Then you’re all set!

As a big supporter of artists, don’t you ever fucking dare fuck over an artist like that. Like don’t. And if they take their time to do a good job, don’t shit all over them for it! Don’t be a fucking ass hole. Just don’t. These people put a  LOT of work and time and effort into their artwork. Just don’t be that guy. Often times these artists aren’t even getting what they deserve in compensation. 

I am very grateful my customers have been good to me, but I’m spreading the word.

Very important!



Emma Goldman, she said this in 1923

People forget this, but there were great strides for gay and trans people in the early 1900’s. Magnus Hirchfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was performing SRS in the 30’s and was working to reduce or even eliminate the arrests of gay and trans people. Then the Nazis came in and burned them and their work to the ground.

The best translations into English do not, in fact, read as if they were originally written in English. The English words are arranged in such a way that the reader sees a glimpse of another culture’s patterns of thinking, hears an echo of another language’s rhythms and cadences, and feels a tremor of another people’s gestures and movements.

Ken Liu, Translator’s Postscript to The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin (via robotbytheriver)

I’m really interested in learning Japanese but I’m not really sure where to start with it.


It’s amazing how someone can teach themselves a whole new language by themselves. I self-studied Japanese and never used a textbook. There are so many resources for learning, online and free. You can learn just using the online or free resources listed here and beyond. But where do you start?

First, start with hiragana. There are many ways to learn it.


Next, learn Katakana


Next understand more about hiragana like long vowel sounds, muddied sounds, The Small や、ゆ、and よ, the small つ、the long vowel sound with Tae Kim.

Then more with katakana. Learn the long vowel sound and the small ア イ ウ エ オ with Tae Kim again.

Then additional sounds using whatever method helped you learn hiragana and katakana.

Done with all that?  Now, drop romaji. It’s dead to you. A little reluctant? Practice more.

Learn grammar next with vocab and kanji on the side. It’s hard to learn grammar without vocab and it’s hard to learn words without understanding some kanji. I know it’s tough but once you ride it out through grammar learning Japanese becomes much smoother and easier. It’s not as frustrating. It’s so fun.



  • memrise
  • JLPT N5 vocab list ( recommend learning other JLPT vocab later too)
  • learn the words in the grammar lessons too!
  • Write down new vocab you come across and make flash cards or quizlets to learn them



Dictionaries are helpful for vocab and kanji.

  • imiwa?
  • jisho
  • Japanese ( This is my main dictionary)
  • Download Japanese dictionary and Japanese-English dictionary on iPhone in settings, go to dictionary on settings

After all that just keep practicing. Go to your best free resource, your public library and find books in your level, watch videos in Japanese, read manga, watch a film in Japanese etc. 

Also, here’s a good masterpost that also lists other good masterposts and more.

Here’s some miscellaneous advice I want to give beforehand I really hope you’ll take:

  • Try using the Japanese dictionary the most, not the Japanese-English one but the completely in Japanese definitions of words one. Use Japanese-English when you can’t understand the Japanese definition to help yourself. I found English words given to define Japanese words seem to be similar words or/and words the Japanese word is usually translated in. It’s hard to really understand the word exactly. To really understand the word I find myself having to read the Japanese definitions. This is literally what I give the most credit for my progress in Japanese. ( some good ones are kotobank and goo辞書 as well as the iPhone one.)
  • Learn loan words. Sometimes they aren’t used like the language it originally came from uses it.
  • Understand what radicals are so you use them to look up kanji. Lots of Japanese dictionaries let you look up by radical.
  • Practice stroke order. I mean my handwriting is messy but a least it’s legible and not as messy as it could be.
  • learn Dialects!
  • Some words use a couple different kanjis. Learn the nuances of using those different kanjis in the word.
  • Read news in Japanese
  • learn the culture. It’s impossible to learn Japanese without understanding the culture.
  • learn kanji by learning how its used and vocab. Here’s a post I made about that. It’s the same one above.
  • Change your phone into Japanese.
  • follow Japanese people’s accounts on social media, whether that’s here on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram.
  • And lastly, Don’t lose yourself to discouragement. Keep going. I can’t tell you how good it felt to watch Jdrama completely in Japanese or read a whole adult novel in Japanese. I could see anyone getting there too. It takes time but it’s very possible.

Followers, feel free to recommend any resource in the notes:)









the funniest thing about this whole “leader of antifa” and “message from the top of antifa” thing is that these people are genuinely unable to conceptualize any group that isn’t based around a hierarchical command structure

I don’t know if this post is a joke but I think it’s impossible to have a group, especially a LARGE group, without any sort of hierarchy or structure.

They may be chosen through basis democracy, or rotate through the whole group, but there always HAS to be a spokesperson there.

Organized protest (or anything organized, really) doesn’t WORK otherwise. Especially not on a legal standpoint.

structure =/= hierarchy

and if all groups need a spokesperson, where is antifa’s?

hi everyone im jerry blackbloc, antifa’s social media manager

This is so funny, bc like being anti fascist isn’t like a group at all. It’s like saying people with diabetes or who are vegan are a group who need a hierarchy.

This shit is literally why the zapatistas invented a cartoon character to put in front of the media as a “spokesperson” because people just couldn’t conceive of the EZLN not having one.

I don’t think you guys understand. Fascists and right-wingers literally can’t comprehend anarchy. There is a reason why in mainstream society ‘anarchy’ and ‘chaos’ are synonyms – right-wing ideology literally can’t comprehend groups without leaders, without hierarchy. The concept is terrifying to them because it destroys their understanding of reality.

Right wingers and fascists are WEAK. They are afraid of a world where people exist voluntarily, and are truly free, and decide their lives on their own. That’s why they are authoritarian, they are afraid of freedom and choice.

Why should we fight for marriage when it’s been so bad for so many women?







It peddles pro-marriage propaganda that lesbians, of all people, should not support. We should remember why we became lesbians in the first place, and reflect on our own heroic efforts to evade the social role fixed for females worldwide. Marriage is a conservative institution developed in order to organise the servitude of women. For many women it remains so.

holy shit

People saying stuff like that happened here too.

heeey, turns out i want to fuck women just because men are gross, not because i genuinely want to fuck women, who knew?? lesbianism is an alternative to heterosexuality! much progressive so revolutionary!

Yep. Everyone go project their sexual feelings onto women for a better world

Ah look, *political lesbianism*.

Oh, I know. But I sometimes see the sentiment on here that this kind of thinking is a strawfeminist that “anti-SJW” meaniefaces invented or exaggerated, because Kids Today are much less likely to run into people literally saying this stuff.

Even tumblr’s crop of TERFs, from what I’ve noticed, tend to treat lesbianism as pleasurable and not see getting off on sex with women as a sin.

Why should we fight for marriage when it’s been so bad for so many women?

things it seems like EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW but they don’t









1. if a therapist asks you what you like (or something that implies the question), DON’T TELL THEM? i mean, don’t say you like skiing when you’ve never skiied in your life, and maybe mention things you think your parents already told them so they don’t know you’re a liar, but like, PUT THE FOCUS ON THINGS YOU DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE (but can keep up a reasonable pretense*) OR THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER TOO MUCH. woo yay social skills group and PIZZA

2. you need at least a couple important things and hopefully a bunch of less important things that no one who could conceivably tell anyone who has any sort of power over you knows you like. and with anything that is important to you you need to at least proceed with *some* sort of caution in terms of who knows, how important you make it seem, if it seems like it could be possibly connected to things about you other people don’t like, if you are making it seem educational or therapeutic in some way, whatever whatever depending on the situation…

i haven’t even had NEARLY AT ALL as bad experiences as this seems to imply, but this just seems like common sense. common sense that probably kept some of my experiences from being as bad as they could have been! even though again, i haven’t had experiences that were intended to be as bad as this implies either. also i mean, i think maybe this very very rarely applies if you aren’t a medical oddity in the first place, and a very specific kind at that, at even so it’s not absolute, so: COMMON SENSE: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. i don’t always follow my own advice

I think this depends on your relationship to your therapist. Specifically, if you are an adult attending a therapist voluntarily and you can fire them for being an ass, this is probably not good advice.

I think the more general form of the advice is to figure out how the therapist can hurt you and then plan to reduce the harm from that. So if the therapist can take away things you like, hide what you like. If the therapist can institutionalize you, make liberal use of the sentence “I have no plans to kill myself and I want to stay alive because my [insert person or animal here] needs me”, or don’t mention suicidality at all. If the therapist controls your access to hormones, dress in a gender-conforming way and claim to have been transgender from early childhood.

So there’s a problem here:

All of this is great advice if you have really shitty therapists.

It’s potentially lethally bad advice if your therapist is any good.

If you have a good therapist, your win condition is that they have the best and most accurate possible information, so they can make informed choices.

I am starting to wonder whether this stuff is a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you habitually give therapists incredibly inaccurate information, they will make bad choices, which will make you distrust them and not want them to have accurate information.


Here’s a perfectly okay thing to say: “We haven’t established a good basis of trust yet, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing that information right now, can we talk about something else?” 

Good Therapist will respect your boundary and drop/change the subject.  Bad therapist may either drop it then but circle back around to it (in which case, restate your boundary and take further caution if the pattern repeats), or will keep pushing.

Good therapists understand that their job necessitates a level of trust and intimacy with their clients that even well, mentally sound and non-traumatized people don’t usually develop in a few spontaneous conversations.  Lying doesn’t help your recovery and could in fact actively harm it.

This is how it should work, and sometimes does I take on faith from more than one person. I am not coming from that context.

I am coming from a context where therapists make marks on a board as you have conversations with your friends and write down a list of dozens of “deficits” of yours that they never show you and the deficits include wrong body language and talking wrong and quote unquote “strong sense of justice/injustice” which they have decided is a deficit because it is a symptom of autism apparently. I am coming from a context where therapists decide whether you get computer time or locked in rooms and whether you are allowed to do academic work that is actually at grade level or whether you have to work below grade level because learning how to do things you don’t want to do is more important than academics supposedly, not where you decide things about therapists. Etc etc etc 

I overgeneralized but I’m not wrong, I’m on one side of a gulf. I don’t think this only applies to people who have had my exact experiences, but I over generalized. YMMV SO MUCH

I bet this looks bizarre out of context 

Maybe I should take a break from yelling on the internet 

God yeah, that sounds absolutely awful.  Not something that would generally apply outside of inpatient/recently out patient/ward of state or other similar situations involving institutional systems.  For most adults seeking private practice therapy on their own terms, the original advice would rarely if ever apply, but anytime you’re involuntarily subjected to therapy, the rules can change, and not always predictably.

I’m really sorry you had to go through that kind of bullshit, that’s just wrong on so many levels. 😡

I was not actually institutionalized though. And the rules can sometimes change even if you are seeking therapy voluntarily. And I wasn’t just talking about me I was saying like… me, and my friends when I was a kid, and a lot of my friends and ppl I know now, like, have experiences where therapists have lots of power over us and repeatedly use it in controlling ways, and even if a therapist doesn’t immediately do controlling things they are totally capable of grabbing the reins of our life if we aren’t careful or even if we are. And that sucks and can be really dangerous. Which is true for me because I am a special ed kid (I still consider myself to be a special ed kid even though I am no longer in special ed, yay), but is true for a lot of other people for different reasons and in different ways.   

So in the end like people decide who to trust. It’s always a risk to trust anyone, the risk to trusting a therapist is bigger (bc like… anyone CAN get institutionalized, and sometimes for completely stupid reasons, and awful therapists can be really good at being awful), but some people are really helped by therapy. And some people are in a way better position to benefit safely from therapy than I am or have ever been or could write about well, bc they are like, in control of therapy.

Thank you!