I apparently really needed to catch up on some sleep earlier, and slept for about 10 hours for the first time in ages. Usually I can’t stay down for more than maybe 6 hours at a stretch these days, even with a bathroom and guzzle more water break after a few hours.

Feeling more rested, at least, though my legs are still hating me and I’m kind of thrown off by the disruption. Kind of glad he took off this morning for a fencing event all weekend, so I don’t feel like I even have to pretend to be halfway functional this evening 🙄




Boston Bisexual Women’s Network, Christopher Street Liberation Day, New York City, 1983. (Yes, that is bi activist @robynochs in the photo!)

Note: Bi Women Boston is still around 34 years later and regularly holds potlucks!

You can also check out the publication Bi Women Quarterly, edited by @robynochs!

updated links: Bi Women Quarterly [ Current Issue ] & [ Archive ]




hey guys friendly reminder from your fave Canadian that esk*mo is a slur so please don’t use it!

I see it usually in the context of “esk*mo kisses” which may pop up when people talk about their ships and their headcanon, but it means “snow eaters” in cree and is a slur against Inuit people so please just don’t use it!

and I would appreciate if u reblogged this because people outside Canada don’t seem to know this for the most part

Also if you want to refer to ‘‘eskimo kisses’‘ and not use that term the Inuit term for it is ‘‘kunik’‘. It’s a traditional greeting usually between relatives or a child and an adult, although it’s a little different from nose kisses so most Canadians call it ‘‘Inuit kiss’‘ and I’ve heard other people call it ‘‘bunny kisses’’. Either way there’s no excuse to use ‘‘eskimo’‘ in this context or another.

While Inuit might be the most widely accepted term in Canada, please keep in mind that the proper term in the United States is Native Alaskan as there are more cultures and groups than just Inuit. I myself am Yup’ik and Tlingit. Neither of which are Inuit. Similar maybe, but not the same. My great grandmother on my mom’s dad’s side was Alaskan Dene. There are so many more than people than just Inuit. 

Clinton Foundation Isn’t Charging FEMA – FactCheck.org


Q: Is the Clinton Foundation charging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to send supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey?

A:  No. That claim originated on a satirical news site. The Clinton Foundation has not charged FEMA for bottled water or other relief items.


I saw in a Google search that the Clinton Foundation is charging FEMA $7.00 a bottle for water they are sending them for flood relief. Is this true?


A story published Aug. 30 on ourlandofthefree.com claims that the Clinton Foundation is taking advantage of “Obama era rules” to charge FEMA for hurricane-related necessities like bottled water and hygiene products. The headline says, “Clinton Foundations [sic] Sends Water To Houston…For $7 A Bottle.”

According to the story: “The Clinton Foundation is using an outdated rule for non-profits that states that they ‘have the right to compete in the free market regardless of who the competition is.’ What that translates to is, ‘Since the guy on the corner is fleecing the terrified storm survivor for $7 per bottle, that’s what we get to charge the federal government.‘”

It also says the “Clintons stand to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into their foundation for ‘flood relief’” by overcharging FEMA for items such as toilet paper, tampons and ice.

That’s all false. FEMA, which leads the federal response to natural and man-made disasters, is not “under contract to pay” non-profits like the Clinton Foundation for supplies due to “an out-dated rule.” The story was intentionally fabricated.

Clinton Foundation Isn’t Charging FEMA – FactCheck.org




8-foot giant squid pillow.

You’ll need:

  • 2 yards of felt
  • 1 yard of patterned fabric (I suggest a polka dot-type pattern so it looks like suction cups)
  • 1 medium piece of black felt, 1 medium piece of white felt (for the eyes)
  • white thread, black thread and thread of the same color as the felt you’re using
  • pins
  • about 5 lbs. of stuffing
  • a couple big sheets of paper to draw your pattern

First, you need to draw out your patterns. Here’s a basic template to get you started, although most of the measurements are reasonably fudgeable. If in the likely event you don’t have any four-foot-long pieces of paper lying around, just tape a few pieces together.

giant squid plushie pattern

Once you’ve drawn out your eight patterns, it’s time to cut the fabric. Pin the pattern to the fabric, laid flat, and cut out the following, leaving a half an inch or so of extra fabric around the edge of the pattern:

FOR THE ARMS: 8 felt and 8 fabric cutouts of piece 1

FOR THE, UH, LONGER ARMS: 2 felt and 2 fabric cutouts of piece 2

FOR THE BODY: 2 felt cutouts of piece 3

FOR THE FIN: 4 felt cutouts of piece 4

FOR THE HEAD: 1 felt cutouts of piece 6

FOR THE EYES: 2 white felt cutouts of piece 7 and 2 black felt cutouts of piece 8

So now you’ve got all your pieces ready, it’s time to start sewing them together. I did mine by hand because my sewing machine is busted and I get a kind of Zen buzz from sewing by hand, but if you have a non-busted one I recommend that you use it as it will be MUCH EASIER. You’re going to be sewing everything with the nice side of the fabric facing in, then turning it inside out to stuff it.

THE ARMS: (To make a quilted pattern that looks like suckers, see this other post). Pin together one patterned fabric piece 1 and one felt piece 1 (with the nice sides facing the inside). Sew down around the U-shape and back up, leaving the top open. Then turn the arm inside out, stuff it (it’s easiest to do both of these things if you sort of scrunch it up like you’re trying to put on a pair of tights, excuse the non-dude-friendly reference) and sew the top closed. Do the same for the other seven arms and rejoice in the fact that this is the most tedious part. Same deal with the two long arms, they’re just harder to stuff.

THE FINS: Pin together two of your piece 4s and sew together the curvy outer edge. Turn the piece inside out, so the seam you just sewed is on the inside, and start sewing up the other side, stuffing gradually as you go along. You should end up with a triangle-ish puffy thing. Repeat for the other two piece 4s.


THE BODY: Put down one piece 3, then place the two fins you have down with the point up and the curvy side pointing in, then make a sandwich by putting the other piece 3 down on top. Pin it all together and sew around the edges with the two fins still inside, as shown. Turn it inside out and move on to…

THE HEAD: So take piece 6 and the ten arms you’ve already done. Lay the arms, fabric side facing you, out with the arms’ top seams in a line half an inch from the top of piece 6. The order should be arm arm arm arm BIG ARM arm arm arm arm BIG ARM. The legs should be almost entirely covering piece 6. Pin them in place and sew a straight line through the individual legs seams to attach the legs to piece 6.

When you pick up the other side of piece 6, you now have something resembling a really weird untied hula skirt. Sew together the two 9-inch ends of piece 6 with the fabric side of the arms on the outside, and keep it inside out for the moment.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Fit the open end of the body through the arms (still fabric side facing out) and pull the edge all the way through the felt cylinder so it’s even with the edge that DOESN’T have arms attached to it. Sew around the diameters of the head cylinder and the body cylinder to attach them, then pull the legs down over the head and you’re almost done!

Stuff the body, then seal it off by sewing piece 5 over the open end (even if you do have a functional sewing machine, you’ll probably have to do this part by hand).

THE EYES: Sew the black circles on the white circles and whipstitch the eyes onto the head. You do this last because you can’t tell where they’re going to end up on the end product if you put them on before stuffing the body.

House goals number a billionty: giant squid living on the guest bed/futon.







If anyone else is in my area, bottled water is out EVERYWHERE and gas isn’t far behind.  Stay safe!