Squabbling about how you’re allowed to talk about your own disability has that effect. If I can’t even make it past “I” in a sentence to the relevant part of my oppression, the disability, without someone insisting I’m using the wrong words, effectively what we have is people making it difficult to talk about disability at all.

That’s the point when people outside of social justice spaces do it- “Don’t call yourself that! Use handicapable! Differently abled!” Those are attempts to stop people from having meaningful conversations about disability, because they insist that the relevant part of any conversation about disability should be focusing on assuaging abled people’s anxiety about disability.

So we should be very careful within our own spaces to not turn around and do that to each other using new and seemingly different reasons and terminology to excuse it.




First-generation poodle-wolf hybrids, or “puwos”, bred by Erik Zimen as part of his behavioral study between wolves and dogs.

“When Zimen recrossed poodle-wolves (“puwos”) together, these
second-generation hybrids came in a mixed assortment of behavioral
types. Some were timid about approaching humans but were very
affectionate when they did; others were tame and not disposed to flee
from novelties but were emotionally aloof.”

Thank you celestial-nightlight for linking me to this! This is a really good example of how wolfdogs that are bred with very non ”wolfy” breeds, like poodles, still clearly show their wolf traits.

For anon and spaceisprettycool

ok but these wolfdogs look exactly like I imagine Black Dogs looking like.

Uncontacted Tribe Allegedly Massacred By Gold Miners In Brazil


At least 10 members of an uncontacted tribe in Brazil’s Amazon Basin were allegedly killed last month by illegal gold miners, according to Survival International.

The organization, which advocates for indigenous rights, said the massacre included women and children and may have wiped out one-fifth of the tribe.

Members of the tribe were gathering eggs along a river in the Javari Valley, in the country’s remote west, when they came across the miners, The New York Times reported. The miners later boasted about the slaughter at a bar in the nearest town and showed off a hand-carved paddle they claimed to have stolen as a trophy.

“It was crude bar talk,” Leila Silvia Burger Sotto-Maior, Funai’s coordinator for uncontacted and recently contacted tribes, told the Times. “They even bragged about cutting up the bodies and throwing them in the river.”

Funai is Brazil’s agency for indigenous affairs, and its budget was recently cut under Brazilian President Michel Temer. Survival International described Temer’s government as “fiercely anti-Indian, and has close ties to the country’s powerful and anti-indigenous agribusiness lobby.”

Uncontacted Tribe Allegedly Massacred By Gold Miners In Brazil






I just discovered foodtimeline.org, which is exactly what it sounds like: centuries worth of information about FOOD.  If you are writing something historical and you want a starting point for figuring out what people should be eating, this might be a good place?


this is awesome but the original link just turned into a redirect loop for me, here it is again (x)


No more potatoes in medieval novels!


shit working class leftists and ppl in general don’t need to hear:

– you making fun of our schooling

– you belittling us for working actual jobs instead of going into higher education

– you complaining that we don’t “do enough about our situation”

– you looking down on us because we might not have the time or the patience to read heaps of irrelevant political theory

– again, these fucking jokes about us having no idea about politics when we’re the ones living them

– you patronizing us about health, parenting, and literally anything else

– you asking why our families didn’t just buy a house (that happened more often than you’d think)

– you making fun of our dialects and mannerisms

– you using a lack of education as an argument against your political opponents

– you pitying us like we can’t be proud of our roots

– you ignoring our self-organization and community work because it doesn’t live up to your ideological standards

– the fucking LEFT in general being classist as fuck which should be a paradox but isn’t

for real I’m just really fed up with the academic left sometimes and y’all should really look at yourselves first when you ask why the new left is so out of touch with working people.
We don’t have to read Marx to know that capitalism sucks. Believe us, we know.

This has been a PSA.






Normal ppl: how about others stop throwing around racial slurs? it’s also inexcusable and harmful when applied to some weird closeted frustration and rage when playing video games

Y’all: we use racism??? To cope????


If racial slurs just happen to “slip out” when you’re frustrated or angry, it just means that you’re okay with that language internally and the only reason you don’t use it more often is because you’re more concerned about yourself appearing racist than about your attitudes towards others.

some of us just yell “fuck” when we get frustrated at a video game

Literally 80% of me yelling at games is just “Fucking fuckity fuckers fucking fucked up fucks”. 10% is just quietly muttering “shit shit shit shit shit” and the other 10% is very audible groans. That’s how it should be.



Gentrification creates a stifling homogeneity in urban areas that makes it less suited for the everyday lives of the lower class and more suited towards the leisure and tourism of those with expendable income.

An old, decrepit laundromat gets replaced by an upscale bakery? And people are mad? It’s not that the poor hate organic vegan cupcakes, it’s that most of us don’t have a way to do laundry in our own home.

Run-down corner stores replaced by hand-made designer clothing boutiques? We don’t hate your eco-fabric shawl, but I can’t eat that for dinner after work like I could have a can of beans I grabbed from that corner store when I don’t have time to take the bus to the real grocery store after work.

What gentrification brings in and of itself is not typically bad, it’s that gentrification brings institutions of leisure and pleasure and makes it so that the poor have to go farther out of their way for basic necessities. It turns low-income living spaces into local tourist attractions. It can even create food deserts by putting restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in that the majority of the lower class cannot afford.

Imagine if someone totally renovated your house and turned it into a mini theme park – they took away your sleeping space, where you prepare food, where you clean yourself and get ready for your day, and replaced it with things that will please people who are visiting, who have their own homes they can go back to, who are here not for their entire life but just as a distraction from their otherwise mundane existence. It’s not that you hate theme parks, it’s not like you’ve never been to a theme park and vow to never visit one again. It’s just that you need to live! To survive! And the leisure of those who have more than you should not invalidate your existence.

I am glad this has made the rounds. Some people feel a dense misunderstanding or misinterpretation concerning gentrification, and I think it helps to hear a description/explanation of what gentrification is from those who are both affected by it and educated by the culture from which it hails. I and many others enjoy some of the delights of gentrification while simultaneously having their livelihoods threatened by it. 


Like something key to understanding politics is that in every genocide that has ever occurred, some portion of the victims take up arms and try to fight back and they are always denounced by the killers as the original cause of the violence. Under current language, they’re called “terrorists” but different words have been used. Bandits and partisans (rebels) are popular ones.

The Rohingya in Myanmar are being slaughtered and a few have tried to fight back by attacking police stations. They are being called terrorists and are blamed by the Myanma government as being the cause of the violence in the first place.