the distinction between “crafts” and “fine art” is probably driven by misogyny and the devaluation of women’s labor

art forms that have traditionally been practiced by women like embroidery are devalued and called just “crafts” while art forms that women historically were mostly barred from (painting, sculpture) are “fine art”

Also racism; African and Indigenous art is considered crafts whereas only white forms are “art”

Please help me escape my abusive relationship for good








If you’ve been following me for a while, you more than likely know what’s going on, but for those who don’t know: I’ve been in an extremely toxic, abusive relationship for the past 6 ½ years with my son’s father. We have a 3 year old together. While I did leave him last year, I (stupidly) came back in March under the promises of “things would change” etc etc. He has been emotionally, verbally, physically, sexually, and financially abusive. I am cooperating with the state in applying for all kinds of state assistance I am eligible for. I have an apartment and have our most basic needs covered. I need help with covering rent at the end of the month as I can’t do it by myself (my rent is $936), I have no consistent means of transportation (there is no bus/public transit in the city I live in) and I really realllyyy don’t want to have to allow my abuser into my home just to help cover these bills. I can manage on my own, but I need help getting on my feet and establishing my independence in the time being.

Any resources, encouraging words (I have virtually no support system), or other help is so much appreciated.

My PayPal is, or

Please please don’t send anon hate or criticism, I cannot stress how hard I am struggling with my own guilt and self-blaming right now


I’m having a sale on my website, if donating isn’t your jam.


Bringing this back, with an update: I wasn’t able to survive on my own so I had to let him in. Lo and behold the abuse continues. Today he punched a hole in the bedroom door. My dad is going to cosign for a new apartment for me back in my hometown, as long as I cover the costs he is going to help me move. I’ve already got a rental application submitted. I’m done I’m leaving I’m OUT. I have tangible proof and I can break the lease without repercussions through the domestic violence clause in the lease.

I just need help with the intial moving costs and initial housing costs- the apartment I applied for is $645 a month, security deposit same amount. First months rent and security deposit due at lease signing. Moving costs are around $400 (it’s a 300 mile move so it gets expensive fast)


I’m almost 15% of the way there!! Please boost!

UPDATE: before my best friend came to get me to visit her, he and I got into a huge fight. He was screaming at me at the top of his lungs calling me a selfish bitch and a slut. He then proceeded to tell me Makoons won’t have any parents anymore if I call the cops.

Please boost!! I want to leave BEFORE this escalates!!!!

UPDATE: so it escalated last night. He’s in jail. He’s getting charged for domestic disorderly conduct or some shit like that. Once he’s released from jail he’s legally able to come back, if I take him off the lease I’ll be evicted unless I have a cosigner (which I do not have.) so my options are essentially continue dealing with this or move.

I also have venmo: @binesiikwens











yall ever heard about the wave

???? like the thing you do at sport events??

no, i mean this social experiment started by a history teacher in calofornia in 1967

im Intrigued 

it’s creepy not so much like paranormal but as in it’s a scary look at human nature. hang on a sec ill explain it

alright so. in 1967, a new history teacher at Cubberly High School in Northern California named Ron Jones was teaching his class about the Holocaust and Hitler’s rise to power. At some point during the lesson, many of his students began to ask why the rest of Germany had stood by and done nothing, and how afterwards they could have said they didn’t know. Many said that they would never allow something like that to happen, but most simply couldn’t understand how the population had allowed it back then. This made Ron curious: what was the answer? Why had so many Germans joined and tolerated the Nazis as their neighbors were dragged away? He realized there was no way of knowing, not without being there, and certainly no way of teaching it – unless, maybe, they could experience something similar. 

The next day, Ron came in and began to command his class differently than usual. He had stricter rules, making students stand when asking or answering questions and having them fix their posture. He said it was a lesson on discipline and the phrase “strength through discipline” was written on the board. 

The students, shockingly responded positively to the stricter rules; it was as if they had just been waiting for this and wanted more. They worked as a team and answered questions correctly, even sitting quietly until Ron dismissed them at the end of class. 

In the next two days, the phrases “strength through community” and “action” appeared on the board. Ron announced to the class that their new rules and ideas were now the cornerstones of the group called the Wave. Their mottos were the three phrases on the board, and he introduced them to a salute (made by curling one’s right hand into the shape of a wave and tapping one’s left shoulder with it). The kids practiced both the motto and the salute that day.

Everything was going well in this experiment: Ron was increasingly seen as an incredibly important leader, the kids were being more well behaved, they were ahead in their studies, all good things, so Ron decided to continue the Wave. In class, he gave the students Wave membership cards, some of which had red x’s on the back. The x’s indicated that those people were to monitor the other members of the Wave and report directly to Ron if someone broke a rule. 

Additionally that day, Ron gave the instruction to recruit members to the Wave; all were invited and all were equal in the Wave.

And recruit they did.

Later that week, there were over 200 members of the Wave. The pep rally became an official Wave rally where dozens of new members were sworn in. As the group grew, most everyone joined. However, if someone did not join, they were likely to find themselves very alone and possibly being threatened or hurt by Wave members. 

By the 5th day, Ron knew things had spiraled out of control. He had grown into a mythical leader, and the students carried out his orders without hesitation, even if these orders never existed in the first place and were grown from within the Wave. He decided to tell the students that there would be a televised announcement of the Wave’s candidate announcement for the presidential election, and that all members should attend the rally later that day. 

When they arrived, the hundreds of students were greeted with a blank screen and Ron. He told them the true nature of the Wave; how it had been born as an experiment that had grown exponentially until he had to end it. The students were shocked, and some even cried. They had all believed in the Wave wholeheartedly after just 5 short days.

The Wave is terrifying because it is real. Not so long ago, a history teacher fresh out from college was able to turn a school into a military state in just 5 days. We as humans are so easily led into fascist dictatorships and we so rarely question what goes on around us. The Wave is a testament to that, and a scary one. 

There’s a really great German film of the same name (“Die Welle” – The Wave) based on this experiment – rather than stopping after 5 days however, the teacher lets it continue and things get much, MUCH worse. It’s a terrifying movie, but fascinating too.

Die Welle is an incredibly well done film, fans of Sense8 will recognise Marco being played by the guy who plays Woolfgang.

However it is a deeply disturbing film, just be warned.

Honestly this shit won’t “teach” you anything about the holocaust in PARTICULAR. Like here’s the two immediate reasons why you should know this premise is entirely faulty from the start, and why this film is a waste of time @choking-onholywater:

1.) The fact that Germany had fostered literal centuries of violent (and deadly) antisemitism (and anti-roma sentiment) prior to the Holocaust is not ONCE mentioned in this teacher’s “experiment” – or at least you never mentioned it in your summary.

2.) The teacher assumes that average Germans (aka only Gentile, non-Jewish or non-Roma Germans) all “didn’t know.” This is patently, historically false. Like it’s so false it’s insulting. Germans knew. They were well aware! And they didn’t feel outraged because for non-roma gentile Germans they for the most part A.) didn’t care (as long as it wasn’t them) or B.) actively encouraged or celebrated it it. 

Guess what guys? If your explanation of “how the holocaust happened” doesn’t immediately and primarily begin with “centuries of entrenched/systemic antisemitism and anti-roma violence,” then your explanation doesn’t actually explain the Holocaust, all it does it explain behaviors of large groups subjected to peer pressure. 

Let me just repeat: If you’re not studying or learning about antisemitism and anti-roma sentiment as a primary factor for the Holocaust, then you’re not really learning about how the Holocaust happened. 

And let me tell you, it seems scary to think “oh people didn’t know, people can be fooled or ignorant and led to terribleness like a fascist regime,” but the true fucking horror is knowing that people knew very well what was going on. 

Germany in the third Reich wasn’t “surprised” by the existence of death camps and the Final Solution. 

The warning signs for the Holocaust weren’t just “increased rules and regulations” or “slogans and salutes.” The Germans weren’t just eager teenagers or school children, they weren’t unaware or ignorant. They hated Jewish people violently. That’s it! That’s the answer. They didn’t have a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses in 1933 just because they wanted to “follow the rules” guys. They had it because they hated Jews

Like you need to understand that this is the most asinine and useless way to teach the holocaust, because the quote unquote warning signs were clear as fucking day, and yes, that means German gentiles ignored or supported it

A sampling of actual warning signs (Just Jewish specific, I could go on forever): 


  • March 22nd. Dachau is established.
  • National Boycott of Jewish Businesses
  • Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service
    APRIL 7, 1933. Jewish people are excluded from Civil Service positions. (i.e. political representation begins to be stripped.)
  • April 25th, 1933: Law Against Overcrowding of Public Schools and Universities targets Jewish students by restricting the number of Jewish students in public schools. 
  • October 4th – Non-Aryan people are banned from Journalism positions.
  •  Pause to note: this is all before Hitler technically becomes President of Germany in 1934, and then subsequently becomes dictator. 


  • September 15th – Nuremberg Race laws, which “consisted of two pieces of legislation: the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.”
  • [Note: August 1st opens the Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany.]


  • July 15 – Buchenwald Camp opens. 
  • Nov. 8th – Antisemitic art exhibition put on by Government at the library of the German Museum in Munich. 


  • Germany “annexes” Austria in March. 
  • By August, “A new German law requires Jews bearing first names of “non-Jewish” origin to adopt an additional name: “Israel” for men and “Sara” for women.”
  • On October 5th, all German-Jewish passports are declared invalid: “The Reich Ministry of the Interior invalidates all German passports held by Jews. Jews must surrender their old passports, which will become valid only after the letter “J” has been stamped on them.”
  • November 9th, German occupied Austria – Kristallnacht. “In a nationwide pogrom called Kristallnacht, members of the Nazi Party and other Nazi formations burn synagogues, loot Jewish homes and businesses, and kill at least 91 Jews.”
  • November 12th: A new German decree closes all Jewish-owned businesses.

Like hey guys? By this point, Germany hadn’t yet invaded Poland. Germany hadn’t begun to systematically establish Jewish ghettos. (This happens in 1939.) Mobile-killing units targeted Jewish communities in 1941. That fall, they introduced gas vans. 1941 was when Operation Reinhard was implemented, and if you don’t know what that is, take a look.

This movie doesn’t sound terribly helpful when it doesn’t address that like, for six whole years, German gentiles didn’t mind systematically targeting Jewish Germans in the name of the law. 

It’s not helpful if the warning signs aren’t like “utterly dehumanizing a group of people and also murdering 91 of them.” 

If you want an actual take on the rising “waves” of antisemitism that led to the Holocaust, operation reinhard, the final solution, etc, then please read something about the Holocaust specifically. My recommendation as a good starting point is Victor Klemperer’s journal, published in English as I will Bear Witness: A diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941. (The second half covers 1942-1945). Victor occupied a unique position in Nazi germany – he was an ethnically Jewish man, but had converted to Christianity and married an “ayran” woman, which kept him “safe” for much longer than other German Jews, until he too becomes targeted. He was also a Professor, at the time. His journals chronicle the loss of his rights, his property, the reactions of gentile germans around him, the fear and tension that grows. 

The fact that people were willing to look the other way

You can easily buy it used for cheap, but it’s also available free online.