Smart and lazy is a horrible combination that results in disappointed teachers, exasperated friends and a whole lot of bad doodling

Oh shit this was literally me in school

Don’t forget those angry parents and half finished homework assignments crumpled in your binders

Im smart and tired
I want to do good but i dont feel like trying anymore

Smart and lazy is intentionally an ableist construction designed for people (especially undiagnosed disabled people) to fail.

It isn’t used just on disabled people (although I would likely argue that most of those that this phrase is used against who aren’t officially disabled are either self diagosed, undiagnosed disabled or chronically ill, or are being affected by lateral ableism*)

*There is a theory out there called lateral discrimination where the claim is that other forms of discrimination are rooted from ableism (i.e. the sexist belief that women are weaker in all ways or the racist belief that POCs are inferior or the homophobic/transphobic belief that they are broken if they aren’t cis/straight all stem from ableist beliefs of inferiority, brokenness, weakness, worthlessness, etc).

One friend put it well in a BADD post: There is ableism somewhere at the heart of your oppression, no matter what your oppression might be.

(Hir embedded oppression description is probably the best explanation I’ve run across for how these things seem to interact.)

How in the hell can you get away with charging what you do for a Sailor Moon cosplay? $425 and it doesn’t even include the leotard? You are a thief and I hope no one EVER buys anything from you!



Ah look, someone that doesn’t sew. XD

Additionally, materials. Time. Profit.

Need help mathing? Materials run around $80-$100 depending on sales and where I get materials from. Not just fabrics. Everything. Thread. Snaps. Elastic.  Batting. Interfacing. Piping. Hooks and eyes. Bias Tape. Depreciation costs of machines, tools, and equipment. (If you don’t know why that would be taken into account, take a basic accounting class). Also keep in mind I’m not a business that buys in bulk. Some of the satins I use are $12 a yard. If I bought in bulk I’ve found some as cheap as $1 a yard, but I’d have to buy like $300 worth at a time on rolls I physically cannot even lift and have no means to store. So yeah. 

Time. My time is valuable, so if you want it, you must offer me something valuable in return. I will NOT work for less than $15 an hour, and even that is low considering I don’t have an employer matching me for a 401K, or helping me with insurance, PTO, etc. That’s all on me to pay and save for on my own. So for now, that is my price, take it or leave it. I personally don’t give a damn if you can’t afford me, because I’m not gonna spend my time on you for less because then it’s at MY cost. Also, let’s not talk about the multiple houses I could have bought with my student loans, lol. Let’s additionally consider that I could work ANYWHERE ELSE for less work for the same amount of money. So if you want something at $5 an hour, forget it. Go to someone who is faster or works for less. These things take me 2-3 weeks to complete. If I spend 2-3 weeks on a costume and only come out with $400ish profit, what the hell do you expect me to eat? $400 is easily my rent, yo.

Profit. Not just spending money for funsies- I’m not a teenager living in my parents’ place without bills to pay. Profit leaves room for not only me to afford life necessities and some frivolities, but also savings. And in fact, not just personal savings, BUSINESS savings. What happens if my machine goes down for two weeks and costs me $100 in repairs? I will need not only savings in a business account for the machine, I will need savings to cover either refunds to people whose deadlines I can’t keep, and/or for me to survive off of. What if a package gets lost? Something gets damaged? I want to upgrade my equipment? Orrrrr like I mentioned above, what if I wanna buy something in bulk because it’s a smart investment? No thriving business would EVER charge just the bare minimum of time and material, because that’s just shortsighted. You MUST leave room for profit to add to savings.

Don’t be dense and childish, demanding that if you can’t have it, no one else can either. You wanna run a business and make stuff affordable, be my guest, not a soul is stopping you. But then again, you’d have to outsource to overseas counties and have employees be paid in coins, but hey, if your pocketbook is the most important, screw everyone else, right¿ I’m a couture designer, not Old Navy. My stuff isn’t off the rack, it’s custom made with love, care, craftsmanship, and skill. That’s literally what couture means. You want affordable, go to Party City. I won’t even judge ya, sometimes you just need things cheap.

I could EVEN recommend you to great commissioners who charge less that would want your business. You know, if you cared to share your name. But with this attitude? I’d hate to send you to them. You sound like a “can I speak to the manager” kind of customer, and they don’t need the unneeded stress and drama. Oh, and for the record, I offer an option without the leotard *because* I know people can get a cheaper leotard somewhere else. Like I literally don’t care if you get it from Amazon, another Etsy seller, make one on your own. My listings are intended to be flexible that way. I ALSO SELL MY PATTERNS SOOOO if you want to make one exactly like mine, the patterns are going up and there are free video tutorials on my YouTube. For patterns that don’t have tutorials, I’m happy to explain it as best I can. If someone wishes to splurge on me for my work and -shocker- I do have orders, then I am deeply humbled and honored to create them a custom piece of art.

TLDR: To others, my art is a luxury. To me, it is my livelihood.

Have a magical day. ❤




Wanting not to be touched doesn’t make you a mean person. Wanting people to respect your personal boundaries doesn’t make you annoying. You shouldn’t have to put yourself through things that hurt or upset you just because other people think they are harmless.

Ok but people that are touchy are allowed to not want to be around you or your friend either

Absolutely. Conflicting needs is a real thing; some people are just incompatible and that’s okay.

The unprecedented drought that’s crippling Montana and North Dakota



While much of the country’s attention in recent weeks has been on the hurricanes striking southern Texas and the Caribbean, a so-called “flash drought”, an unpredictable, sudden event brought on by sustained high temperatures and little rain, has seized a swathe of the country and left farmers with little remedy. Across Montana’s northern border and east into North Dakota, farms are turning out less wheat than last year, much of it poorer quality than normal.

Most farmers in and around the Fort Peck Reservation agree that climate change is to blame for the sudden drought and ruined crops, but that doesn’t change the fact that farmers and others who make their living off of agriculture are now subject to shifting political winds and strained debate around the issue.

“This is unprecedented,” says Tanja Fransen of the National Weather Service in Glasgow, a larger city just up the road from Fort Peck. “This is as dry as it’s been in recorded history and some of our recording stations have 100 years of data. A lot of people try to compare this to previous years, but really, you just can’t.”

Adnan Akyuz, the state climatologist for North Dakota, describes the unusual drought in terms that are reminiscent of descriptions of deluge brought on by Hurricane Harvey. “It is safe to say, we got into it very fast, which caught us off guard and we didn’t know it was going to continue,” he says.

Akyuz said that March through July was the third-driest five months on record in North Dakota since 1895, a dire situation impossible to predict given traditional methods of weighing snowpack with average seasonal temperatures to monitor for potential drought. But in the future, unpredictable may be the best prediction.

The unprecedented drought that’s crippling Montana and North Dakota