Corydoras breeding behavior

These new corys are still young and small enough that it’s difficult to tell the sexes apart, but the last water change got some of them pretty frisky!

That little male bronze one, starting off to the left here, has kept annoying all the ladies today. Including the ‘Black Venezuela’ C. schultzei, even though the two groups haven’t been corying around together as much as I had hoped. No sign of eggs yet, but that one is certainly trying his best 😉

(Please ignore the bad zoom attempt near the end. I’m not set up to do editing right now.)

Mostly got a quick video because it was funny enough to watch. The corys are goofs anyway.

These little guys seem to be healthy and happy so far, at least. *fingers crossed* They and the male Endlers can probably join the other corys in the bigger tank after another week or so. Considered moving them out of quarantine sooner, but better safe and all that.