Mole Sauce Casserole / Pastel Azteca de Mole – Mexico In My Kitchen

It’s Leftover Night again, and what was on my plate wasn’t nearly as photogenic as that. 😉 Still very yummy.

A few days ago, I had some just starting to get stale tortillas and rotisserie chicken, so I was thinking of turning them into enmoladas with some (GF by default!) red pipian mole paste I got to try from MexGrocer a while back. Then I decided to save some hassle with all the frying and rolling, and do it this way instead.

Very good results for the amount of work, and probably a repeat. Though they really were not kidding with “the spiciest of the KanKun mole range”. A bit of a surprise, but also a good excuse for extra cheese and crema! You might want to try a milder sauce if you feel like making your own or can handle the breadcrumbs in most readymade pastes, though.










dude i found out that a black girl in my school was literally being poisoned by her white roommate explicitly because shes black. like this bitch was deadass putting mold and bloody tampons and shit like that in her food and lotions and hair stuff. it got so bad that the girl had a constant sore throat that never went away and at one point she couldnt even fucking speak

and the dumb white bitch BRAGGED ABOUT THIS on her insta??? like what a fucking idiot i hope her ass gets arrested and rots in jail. i feel horrible for this girl being assaulted like this just for being black and not knowing the whole time that her roommate was literally killing her

im honestly aghast, and the worst part is that i know the administration at my school is gonna try and sweep this shit under the rug with no punishment for this disgusting racist girl. its so evil and im really furious

ok heres what i know

basically this racist white bitch (dont know her name, but her finsta is @breezy_bumble_b) was roommates with a black girl named jazzy rowe. things were already bad with them, since the racist bitch was clearly racist, so jazzy had recently moved out. a short time ago, said racist bitch posted this comment on her instagram:

im not sure how long it took for the screenshot to reach jazzy, but i know that she said one of her neighbors friends told her. the racist bitch had around 100 followers on her finsta, so the fact that only ONE person contacted jazzy is disgusting to me

anyway jazzy has discussed the issue in great detail on her facebook, and her stream discussing the matter and responding to comments can be seen here:

there was also a series of tweets made about it by an alum, and those can be seen here:

jazzy has stated that she was told repeatedly that nothing can be done about this until the school finishes its investigation, and im willing to bet the school will drag this shit on forever to make people forget. the fact that this racist bitch is still going to school here is insane. this is an obvious hate crime and she needs to be arrested for deliberately trying to harm a black student. if i find out anything else about the situation, ill keep you guys posted

edit: i forgot to mention that the school is the university of hartford. it says the school on jazzy’s facebook page, but just in case yall can’t see that



Literally poisoning her, how is she not in jail? Evil

As of today, she has been arrested. The university put out a statement and said mugshot would not be released until tomorrow at the earliest.

hopefully we’ll actually see some justice

Police: University Of Hartford Student Admits To Tampering With Roommate’s Dining Utensils, Backpack

Brianna Rae Brochu, 18, was arrested on Saturday and charged with third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree breach of peace. Brochu, of Harwinton, was released without having to post bail and is scheduled to appear in Hartford Community Court on Wednesday

Police did not charge Brochu with a hate crime, but Woodward wrote in his campuswide message that the incident “has brought about accusations of racism, and I want you to know that I hear and share your anger and frustration.

So, two misdemeanor charges after the situation got enough attention, and it sounds like the roommate officially admitted to a lot less than what she had already bragged about doing on Instagram 😒


of course no real justice

of course


They did apparently add a charge of “intimidation based on bigotry or bias” after all, and she also got kicked out of the university 👌 That took a while and the amount of public pressure couldn’t have hurt, but at least it sounds like the situation is finally getting taken a little more seriously now.


If you buy cheap lubes or sex toys and get frequent vaginal infections, listen up! They’re probably related!

The lightbulb went off as I was trying to do research on why we’d seen more than one article from lube brands claiming silicone lubes, synthetic oils, and natural oils are bad for vaginas (hint: only one of those actually is a universal vaginal no-no). I found a medical study that talked about finding an increased rate of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis with folks who were using an “oil lube” but it seemed that the only thing mentioned was baby oil – a synthetic oil. And yes, those folks did have vaginal health problems moreso than folks using other lubes.

If synthetic oils in the vagina can lead to increased infections
because they trap and breed bacteria, and many porous sex toys are
softened with synthetic oil2,
and these sex toys are not chemically stable and can leach out that
oil, the end result is quite possibly a synthetic oil in your vagina. People
talk a lot about the porous materials breaking down, “sweating”, and
feeling greasy. Before they know enough to know what this means, though,
many folks still use sex toys like this. I wouldn’t want the liquid in my jar of horrors in my vagina, that’s for sure.

The rest of this post over on my blog talks about lube osmolality and lube pH as it relates to vaginal pH. Did you know that while being off in one direction of pH causes burning, the other causes itching? A good lube arsenal will include a range of pH in your water-based lube – test yourself to know when to use each!  While a lube’s ingredients can also cause bad times in your body, that’s covered pretty well in the Big Lube Guide.  Ready to ditch your porous sex toy? Start here.






(sorry for shouting, but open enrollment is only nov 1 – dec 15 this year with minimal advertising to tell folks it’s open. go. please. get yourself covered.)








lmao on the edinburgh zoo site it says “there is a daily penguin parade at 14:15 but it may be cancelled last minute as it is a voulntary parade, we do not coax the penguins with food, and they may not want to go out” lmao anarchopenguinism

this is the cutest goddamn thing i’ve ever heard

I saw the penguin parade. It was a very slow parade, because the

pingüinos take their sweet time and aren’t very fast walkers to begin with.

can I volunteer to be a penguin

I feel like the world needs to know the context of the edinburgh zoo penguin parade, becausr I’ve been going there my entire life and I only found out about this the other year.

So a while back (I can’t remember exactly when but I think it was some time around the 40s/50s), a bunch of penguins escaped. A keeper left the gate open so a bunch of penguins just… followed them. And the people loved it. Look at these adorable birds outside their cage just following that guy around! So they get all the penguins back inside and realise that none of them really ran off, they just followed the keeper and went back inside and crowd thought it was amazing, so why not make it a regular thing? Get enough people there that if one of them goes to make a run for it (which at least one has in the past), they can’t get past the people, and let the ones who want outside have a little wander. So every day, they get a crowd, they open the gate, and whatever penguins want to get out can go, waddle about, squawk at people, and then hop back inside.

Also, one of those penguins is Brigadier Sir Nils Olaf III, Colonel-in-cheif of the Norwegian King’s Guard. This isn’t really related to the parade at all, I just love the fact that there’s a penguin in the Norwegian army

Reblogging with Brigadier Sir Nils Olaf III inspecting his troops.

Carry on …

I love everything about this post.