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Hello, my name is Wade. I’m a mentally ill + disabled trans person working in the food industry. I am trying to get an apartment so I can help my close friend Jesse not be homeless. We live in North Carolina.

Jesse was recently kicked out and he is couch surfing as of now. I would let him stay with me, but I am renting a bedroom and my landlord won’t let me have anyone stay with me for longer than a few days. I am already paying 400 a month for this room, which is very high considering that the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment around here starts at about 600. So my plan is to just move out and get a 2 bedroom for us to stay.

However, because of my lease agreement, I have to pay rent for the month I move out of this bedroom. I cannot afford both that and the fees for a new apartment. Jesse has been job hunting for months with no luck. He has no work history and most of the jobs around here that would hire you without that require you to have a car (like delivery jobs). I would be able to pay for rent + utilities once the apartment is secured, but I don’t make very much money, so I wouldn’t be able to afford down payments or the remaining rent here.

Jesse has also not been to a doctor in a very long time, and needs medical help and mostly likely medications to go along with that. He also does not have much in the way of clothing, and I have been bringing him food.

I am trying to get clothing for job interviews at better paying jobs since I have work experience that could help me get hired. I will keep working at my current job until I have another secure income source. I also need to get my legal name change taken care of as soon as possible to help with the job search. I am on testosterone and having my dead name appear on my applications serves as a major roadblock as I have no legal protections from discrimination on that axis.

My parents have said they will help me with my name change and office clothing, but they have said a lot of things in the past and I personally doubt either of those things will be happening any time soon if at all.
I really just want to make sure my friend is comfortable and safe.

Housing will be first priority for all money sent, and the rest will be going towards Jesse’s health, toiletries, living costs, etc.

Click here to support Help some trans folks get an apartment



I know I’ve posted numerous times about how welfare fraud is in fact very, very rare and welfare programs have lower fraud loss rates than things like businesses.  Which is true, but it’s also true that most actual technical welfare fraud doesn’t look much like the stereotype either.  Pretty much the only people who “get rich” off fraud are service end things like stores, hospitals, etc.  Nobody else really gets rich from lying on their food stamp paperwork.

Welfare fraud looks less like “cadillac and mansion” and more like:

  • a disabled person lies about their level of mobility because medicaid will often only cover wheelchairs if you need them in the house, not if you need them to go out or do anything outside of the house
  • a poor woman claims her boyfriend lives separately from her because the amount he contributes to her and their kids counts against her less if it’s listed as childsupport instead of part of the household income and that small difference can be enough to keep the children from going hungry
  • a poor person sells part of their food stamps and lives on things like instant ramen because almost nobody gets cash assistance anymore and they need things like toilet paper or tooth paste
  • a disabled person who could not hold down a regular job sells $100 a month in homemade crafts and doesn’t report it because they might have to spend months or even years re-fighting their social security case if they reported it
  • a homeless person makes more than $20 a month begging but lists their income as zero because that’s less confusing
  • other things like that

A lot of that is just survival.  It’s not a system set up in a way that makes it easy to even live unless you “cheat”.  People aren’t doing it to get rich, they do it to cling to the very basics and just manage to live.  I don’t blame people who violate the laws to keep their heads above water, I blame the people who set up a horrific system like this and who benefit from harming and exploiting poor people.

Read this.