“At least Nixon was-” please stop, Nixon was a fascistic lunatic. When Daniel Ellsberg revealed the Pentagon Papers, Nixon had his goons break into Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office to find things to discredit him with. He wanted to firebomb the Brookings Institute. He tanked the 1968 peace talks with Vietnam because he wanted a war to help him win the election. The most annoying thing liberals do is act like modern conservatives are a disgrace to the noble conservatives of the past. They’ve always been this bad. 

They have always been very bad, but that doesn’t mean there’s not ways the current crop are worse. As desperate and manipulative as Nixon was for re-election, he actually rejected the idea of massive, unsustainable tax cuts to manipulate the electorate. Even if it was under pressure, the EPA was established under him. Don’t pretend that the current crop are betraying the good ones of the past, but also don’t erase where the current crop still manage to be worse despite that. 

For that matter, I also had thick enough hair that hairdressers kept commenting on just how much of it there was.

Just remembering one time, when spiral perms were in. And the stylist had to borrow a bunch of rods off someone else in the shop, because her stash ran out with at least a third of my head left to go. And she commented that she’d have a hard time believing the amount of hair if she hadn’t also done my mother’s before 🙄

It would actually make sense for them to charge more in a case like that, if the customer’s big head of hair takes more time and/or products than usual to work with. But, I never got charged more because of that, and neither has anyone in my family that I know of.











I might not be able to wear a binder for any length of time anymore, but you bet your ass I’m putting it on before I get my haircut so I can get those sweet sweet men’s prices.

Living outside a small town means that whenever I get my haircut, I have to roleplay to the stylist. The first time I went in, she thought I was a 15 year old boy, and even though I go there only every eight months or so, she somehow remembers me and thinks I am now entering my senior year of high school. I have to tell her my college aspirations and favorite classes and if I’m going to prom with a nice girl.

It’s The Worst™ and she’s always telling me how my hair is just too pretty for a boy, and telling everyone else in the room to admire my beautiful hair and cluck in envy that a boy should be blessed with such curls.

I don’t know how to get out of this incredibly awkward situation.

Hey Ship?

This is fucking hilarious.

no it’s bad Rob

she thinks I’m a hypermature Boy Genius Child and I don’t know how to tell her I’m a genderqueer college grad

this is my favorite sitcom

You know.. as a stylist I feel compelled to tell you that the ‘men’s’ price is actually just what they call a clippercut for some reason. So.. yeah. Have fun with that XD

Not really, a lot of places will charge like $45 for basic “women’s haircuts” and like $20 for “men’s haircuts” – so even if you’re like, a butch lesbian getting a literal buzzcut, they will still try to charge you $45 by virtue of your perceived gender. My butch friend had to call three or four places before she found one that would charge her the same price as a man for a simple clipper cut. I’ve asked for relatively complicated short haircuts while presenting masculine and been charged men’s prices by people who would have doubled or tripled the price if I’d been wearing lipstick.


That is not what I am saying in any way.

I have had my hair cut many times. 90% of those times have been very traditional men’s styles, taken from photos of men. I never get it styled afterwards. My mom’s old hair stylist, who cut my hair through high school, cheerfully informed me after I came out that I could get cheaper cuts from him now.

When I have shown up to the same studio with the same reference photo, I have been charged differently depending on whether the stylists read me as a man or a woman. This is a fact.

My friend who asked for a literal buzzcut, a la Furiosa, was told by the first few studios she called that they would charge her women’s prices for a men’s haircut because she’s a woman and “it’s different”. This is also a fact. She finally found a studio where the receptionist said, yeah, sure, they’d give her a men’s cut for men’s prices, and buzzed her head without further ado. Her loyalty to that studio was secured only because they didn’t try to price gouge her based soley on gender.

If you’re charging me based on the complexity of a haircut, that makes sense. But charging me based on the presence of lipstick rather than the actual haircut I am receiving is fucking absurd and it’s very much a problem that I have encountered time and again.

I call this schrodinger’s pink tax and it does happen. I get a haircut which is typically mostly clipper work, I go to pay, I get charged for a women’s haircut and say “hey that doesn’t seem right, is that the women’s cut price? I’m a dude” and they say “oh sorry” and charge me significantly less. for the same haircut. the amount of labor that has gone into the haircut has not changed. the price is variable solely based on my perceived gender. this has happened at some point at most places I’ve gone to, it’s not just a couple of rogue stylists being sexist, it’s A Thing.

I’ve noticed the reverse is true aswell since I started presenting female. I’ve almost always had long hair and asked for layered cuts, but once I started presenting female and attending different salons within the brand, suddenly the price had jumped. Even if I was asking for just a simple fringe tidy. I had to shop around independent salons to find someone who’d charge me reasonably.