someone: *makes a post that talks, among other things, about the history of psychiatry being oppressive*

someone in the notes: you should really make it clear you’re talking about institutionalization and not psychology/therapy because a therapist would never do any of these things, and if they did they would be fired

me: please read literally anything on the history of therapy and psychology
















Every damn year. 

I need to learn how to draw a decent Batman pic.

So what you’re trying to say is that women people prefer well-drawn pictures of their favorite superheroes over really shitty indie comics about boobs?

Sounds right.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the person whose humor comic featuring a disembodied pair of breasts on the cover is getting passed over?


this feels like it should be a parody but it isnt and that’s hilarious

maybe try not being sexist unfunny douchelords next time


No, no way is this a serious complaint (I said to myself). No one’s that un-self aware. This has got to be a parody about gross “indie” comics skeeving up the con atmosphere, and the schadenfreude we’re totally intended to feel at their failure.

So I went to the OP’s tumblr to check context and.

This was just supposed to be a comic about how hard it can be for the unknowns to find their audience. Anything else you see is your own interpretation of the page.

They are serious.

That is more hilarious than any punchline actually in the comic. I’m honestly crying with laughter right now.

wow cry me a THOUSAND tears about how hard it is for white men to get into the comics industry by drawing tits

I can think of very few female comic readers who wouldn’t choose the Green Lantern image over a comic with nothing but boobs on the cover 😛 If the OP wants female fans as their target audience, they need to make some changes or expect not to get any of their money.

Oh god… he edited the original post to “Apologies to anyone offended by the cover.”  … Not “Apologies, I made a really gross and alienating statement.”  He does this in another post, as well trying to justify it all.   /facedesk

Wow, this is a perfect example of the creative blind spots I’ve been talking about. This comic was not intended to be satire. The OP completely missed the significance of having just a pair of boobs on a magazine cover and its effect on a female audience. In the OP’s own words:

“In the original script I said there was a comic being held up without specifying what was on it, so Paul just drew a pair of breasts and I put the page up because at the time I saw nothing wrong with it, and when I put it on tumblr, the unfortunate implications never crossed my mind until they were pointed out to me.”

There was no sexist intent behind this comic (or clever expose of sexism), but this clearly illustrates how so much offensive content gets released in comics, games, and other media. It looks okay to the people making it.

This is why we need women, PoC, and LGBT people in industries that are dominated by one POV. We need to start viewing content through more than one lens.

I talk about it at length HERE.

(emphasis mine)

Complete and uncensored, the reason many people take issue with the comics world (and other media dominated by homogenous culture). Straight from the horse’s mouth, unintentionally.

I had to read that comic three times to believe it.

This deserves a second reblog.

Also, side note: the comic above is extremely poorly laid out. If they draw their actual comic like this, they have some improving to do to be marketable.

This is why I’m on Tumblr.



i can’t stop thinking about this

Audio description to augment the captioned parts.

The audio is from a Spanish language radio show. The caller asks for “¿Esos son Reebok o son Nike?” The DJ plays “This is the rhythm of the night”, which is “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona.




I built a nap hole in my closet which is great and has no downside until someone comes into my room looking for me and I have to crawl out of my closet which is frankly impossible to do with dignity and without looking like a sleepy Gollum hissing “what does it wants who wakes us up”

I see no downsides to this

Out of stress, I once turned my bed into a blanket fort and honestly?? It’s all worth it. Nap holes are the best.




Ever since that one guy I was playing D&D with called me a “petulant whore”, it’s been the preferred pet name by my inner circle. We call each other that over everything. Yelling at each other over games, greeting each other in the morning, complimenting each other’s accomplishments.

And the guy who originally called me that just found out and wrote me a very long, angry e-mail about how I was supposed to be insulted, and how dare I turn his words around like that.

I’ve been laughing over this for hours. Dude, get a grip.

Men so fragile.

this is the best reaction to casual misogyny ever, I want to high five OP