I wanna make out with whoever made this.

I want one.

Give it to me! I wanna put this on a shirt that I can pull out when people wanna talk shit.

I was waiting for this. I need this a$ap. There is another one similar that traces the history of graffiti and street art. Yes to alladis

How do u get

I also like this b/c I feel like a lot of people only think of southern influences of rap when they think of modern trap music, but the south was there with hip hop for a long time.

I really do not need to get started right now. But, I do have to say that it doesn’t even seem ironic so much as predictable that I am now on the route to losing sight too. Largely thanks to accessibility problems complicated by already having lost enough hearing.

Ranting really doesn’t fix anything, and I have work to get done.

Reminded by getting aggravated again at a neglected (known) problem causing the hearing loss to begin with, at least one complicating factor does seem to be much better now. *fingers crossed*

Noticing how closely linked Horrible Molar and that ear acting up seemed to be for years, I was certainly hoping. But, finally getting that chronic dental infection cleared up has indeed done away with most of the ear flares too! 💃

(So far, at least. Almost hesitate to say anything still.)

It makes total sense with the anatomy that the recurring inflammation from that damned tooth might well keep blocking off the eustachian tube in the same area. I figure that’s probably exactly what was happening, on top of the existing issues there. And they were certainly quick enough before to blame the ear thing on supposed stress-related TMJ problems. (Not what was going on either, but jaws and ears right next to them.)

And no wonder it got so much worse, with the dental shit going into full meltdown.

But yeah, since getting the residual infection knocked back (way too long) after the tooth was finally dealt with? No more eardrum ruptures, the kind of pain you might expect if that’s happening, listing to one side/staggering around like I’m drunk, general vertigo fun, or all the rest of that loveliness. One of the reasons I gave in and started using a cane, btw, that was happening often enough.

Not expecting that to totally fix the eustachian tube garbage, but it has been a big improvement so far. I’m very glad.

But, I’m also extra irritated that two neglected obvious health problems ever had a chance to gang up like that, with nobody in a position to do anything about it seeming bothered at all. That filling was seriously botched and should have been root canaled in like 1992, with the ear BS already going for at least 10 years at that point 😵

(Not even going into the continuing accessibility problems just around not hearing worth a damn, and trying to get appropriate treatment for other things. But, talk about snowballing hassles over things someone cannot help which shouldn’t exist at all.)




I suffer from the second kind mentioned here. I felt a need to make this because even people I’ve known for years and who knows about my condition still get angry at me when I can’t hear what they say in noisy areas.

I’ve started making the effort to say, “Sorry, the [whatever it is that’s too-dominant background noise] was too loud and I couldn’t hear you” which feels really weird for me to say but the people around me are getting used to it.  I think.

yeah, i’ll say stuff like (when i’ve answered someone on the wrong side of the room from where the question was) “sorry, i don’t have directional hearing”… or (in a different case) like “sorry, i can’t hear any of you when some of you are being loud,” that sort of thing.