what happened here?

Jack (the horse) is 28 years old and instead of putting him in a turnout pen during the day we just let him roam the property. He usually sticks around the barn, grazing or just standing around. But his favorite thing to do is lay down in various random spots that he feels are comfortable. Every morning after they drag the arena footing he goes and flops down in the soft dirt. Whenever we get a new shipment of shavings you better believe Jack is right there rolling in them once the truck leaves.

This was one of his ground-softness-testings. The aisle is all rubber so it’s not hard but I doubt it was very comfortable. Jack would beg to differ.

this makes the picture 100x better. what a happy old man.


This post has by far the highest amount of notes out of all my posts so I figured it would be something that I should post a follow up on. My trainer, Jack’s owner, posted this on Facebook today and I wanted to share it with you all.  















Don’t let people make fun of you for liking japanese culture.

I am living in japan right now and let me tell ya:

There are people here who can’t speak or understand English who play nothing but Missy elliot and ludacris, even in businesses like housing offices and restaurants.

There are people who have cowboy hats and dead cow skulls in their home because they idolize what they assume American homes are like.

There are people who learn English strictly through music videos and American television shows.

There are entire karaoke bars with english songs often sung by people who have no idea what the lyrics mean.

Japan often takes American shows like the powerpuff girls and make japanese versions of them.

They often mistake common Americans for celebrities. I have been mistaken for Micheal jordan, tiger woods, Shaquille o’neal, Tyler perry, and saddest of all: queen latifa.

The act of sprinkling English into your japanese sentences is considered cute and cool and is popular with teenagers. Bonus points if you happen to use it correctly.

Japanese stores sell shirts with english on them and people buy them not knowing that most of those word combinations are nonsense.

Don’t let someone shame you for singing an anime opening, using japanese in your sentences, wearing clothing with japanese on it, ect. If anything, this is just one more thing that you have in common with them.

The American/Japanese cultural exchange is so pure and wonderful and I love it so much


My Chinese relatives buy me shirts from China with English letters on them hoping I think it’s cool

I have a shirt that says “Hi Quality Uality”

It’s amazing

It happens alot.

And then what’s really great is Americans getting tattoos of Chinese characters thinking they mean one thing when they really don’t

Also a topic where the reverse happens.

lemme tell you..i have been in a grocery store in Japan and heard the unedited Get Low playin over the was literally a Katt Williams moment

Oh, unsensored songs are pretty common.

I should not be hearing an unsensored ‘Magic Stick’ playing at a family restaurant.

And the best thing is when literally no one shows that they understand what is being said.

I was in a Chinese cafe one time and they had obviously put on their “fuck you” playlist. I mean, uncensored versions of Fuck You by Lilly Allen, Fuck You by Cee-lo Green, etc. No one else had any idea.

Oh, also, I got my favorite shirt ever in a little tchotchky store in Sichuan:


that last one got me holy shit.

                       i wish i had

                never met you

      TOUCH             MY              BUTT

then there would be mo need to imprese you

  o need to want you.No naed for. loring you

    No need tar crying over you.Noneed for

  heartbreaks.No nead for paln oru tears.No

    neard for forgoure promises .nead for

For every american teenager that is screaming the lyrics to their favorite anime opening, there’s likely at least 1 or 2 Japanese teens singing English profanities at a karaoke bar.






asked a customer if he had a MyPanera card and he told me a “disreputable friend” of his stole all his rewards cards while he was in a year-long coma

hey this picture is the best post addition i’ve ever seen

Just like rewards cards are exciting to use, so are condoms! Read All About Condoms for more information on safe sex! 

uh if you wake up from a coma, you definitely should buy *new* condoms.