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Squish – who was in her senior years – was an avid fan of sleeping on Sara’s limbs, and also of taking showers in the bathtub. She also had an unmistakable facial expression at all times..

Sadly my dear friend Sara Liss, who was owned by Squish as much as Sara owned her, had to put Squish to sleep on November 7, 2018. Sara says “She went peacefully, safe in my arms, purring as I scritched her in her favorite spots until it was time, knowing I was there and that I loved her with all my heart.“ 

Squish was a source of great comfort and support to Sara and a very delightful floof, and Sara is naturally heartbroken. So is Ava the cat, Squish’s constant companion. However, there are still vet bills to pay. Sara shouldn’t have to worry about finagling the funds to make sure all that happens. 

Let’s make that a non-worry. If my ballpark estimate is too high, funds will be used for taking care of the remaining cat Ava, and any future cats. If it is too low, I will adjust and update the amount. Ava, Sara, and I thank you!

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Wait, wait wait. What is this intriguing Publish to AO3 Google Doc? I write all my stuff in Google Drive, but I agonize through fixing the formatting when I paste it from there into AO3. Have I been missing something magical?





So, on the AO3 “Cool Stuff” FAQ, there is a link to this document under “Posting and Managing Works.”

THIS IS THE BEST DOCUMENT IN ALL OF HISTORY. Basically, it has a script in it that has a “Post to AO3″ option and it will go in and fill in ALL the HTML you need – italics, bold, paragraph breaks, you name it!

It has directions in it for how to use it, but it’s real simple. You just always chose “Make a Copy” when you start writing to make a new document that you can then re-name. Change the language to American English (or whatever language you use) and type away. Then right before you post, click the button, get all the code in there, copy, paste, AND POST. 

It is literally so, so glorious and I want to tell everyone. 

(Also, the AO3 Cool FAQ page has some other cool stuff too!)


this thing changed my life


Happy Thanksgiving

You are allowed to enjoy your food, to eat according to your preferences, to eat to the point of satisfaction

You deserve to enjoy this holiday, however that may look to you (NOT to your ED, or judgmental/unkind relatives)

You can eat thanksgiving dinner AND eat breakfast and lunch and snacks

You can eat thanksgiving dinner AND all your meals AND not compensate for it before/after the holiday

It is also okay to struggle with this day and have negative emotions….remember you’re not alone in that. We’re all in this together.

If the people around you make harmful comments about food/dieting/eating/anything tbh….It is not meant for you. It does not apply to you. Imagine you’re in a bubble/force field/etc and let those comments bounce right off. You have overcome so much and are so strong and you can get through these painful moments.

I’m thankful for all of my followers and for everyone who is here, reading this, despite the difficult battles they are fighting. I’m thankful that you continue to fight ❤