My friend’s coworker is needing to rehome her cats. they are both about a year old, and both female. Peaches is the tabby and Penelope is the calico. This is the Greenup, Illinois area. Her phone number is 217 508 7542, and her name is Anne, leave a message for her if you’re interested.



my midterms voting experience in Brooklyn

90 minutes, all told. this in an overwhelmingly safe blue area, at a polling place where historically I’ve gotten in and out of a comparably staffed and logisticked setup for the big presidential elections in ten minutes, and that at a busier time (I didn’t go till 9 am today, thinking the responsible adults pre-work rush would have subsided a bit: nope), the school gym absolutely stiff with people, lengthy scanner queue all cheerfully waiting with their toddlers and babies and dogs in a line trailing out into the increasingly hard rain.

so far, so heartening.


when I finally got to the front of the line for the scanners ALL FOUR machines were down. paper ballots were being collected; workers assured me they are not allowed to leave the building till every single piece of paper is accounted for. however, I can’t say I’m sanguine that my neighbors’ and my own votes will be counted in time for the midterms results news cycle. which, in this safe a district, is practically the whole fucking point.

I am livid that New York state refuses to fix voting. We need vote-by-mail, we need early voting, we need half reasonable registration deadlines so people who move don’t have to change their registrations a year in advance to vote, and we need motherfucking FUNCTIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

you guys this has been happening ALL OVER NEW YORK CITY


Please help if you can!!


Tuesday, November 6th  Hi everyone, I’m Gemma and I’m so sorry to ask this again so soon from my previous post but is anyone able to send me a few £’s so I can eat this month?

As many of you may know, I’ve been struggling these past few months, because I’ve had my welfare benefits (Universal Credit and Housing Benefit) revoked and at the moment, I have absolutely no income to buy food until my benefits are fully reinstated and I desperately need help to get groceries + supplies for November, I’ve just got a few days left of food and I’m trying really hard to ration it. 

I am not due to receive a payment until November 25th and I know that I have asked this a lot these past few months and all the help I have previously received has helped me keep my lights on and helped me to eat and stay warm so far and I absolutely hate to ask for more help but I have no one else to turn to. I’m literally freezing, hungry and drowning in debt at the moment because of my sanctions and since this situation has been ongoing for so long, government aid/food banks are unable to offer me any more assistance.

If anyone could spare any amount to help me, even if it’s just £1/$1/€1, it would literally save my life and, sharing definitely helps just as much as donations. Nobody has to donate if they can’t or don’t want to, I know we’re all struggling. Thank you for your help 💖


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it worries me so much that there’s been this (mostly unintentional) culture built up around coming out, to where young lgbt kids are putting themselves in danger at school and at home because they don’t want to “live a lie.” i just want to say, i came out when i was 15 and it created a lot of difficulties in my life that i could have avoided by waiting until i was older. it isolated me socially, it exposed me to homophobia from my parents, my family, my teachers, and my classmates at the most important developmental stages of my own confidence and sense of self… closeted people are not living a lie. closeted people are surviving. don’t let anyone pressure you to come out before you’re ready. don’t put yourself at risk when you don’t have to.

Historically, the importance of coming out was put forward by Harvey Milk as a tactic for normalization through representation; if your librarian, your postal worker and seven of the people in your local sports fanclub are all gay & you’ve been friends for years with no disasters, the rhetoric of queers as a monstrous unknown Other collapses.
The thing is, Milk was mainly talking to other adults who had their own means of survival; their own incomes, their own houses.

Yes, homophobia has been used & is being used to eject people from their apartments & that is monstrous, & yes there are vulnerabilities which can cause you terrible harm as an adult, but when you are so much more vulnerable, your job is surviving.
The closet is a survival tactic, & that’s all it’s ever been.
It is not your job right now to be on the front lines of queer representation. Ellen DeGeneres & Laverne Cox are taking care of that so that you can be safe, & we’re going to need you to still be with us in ten years, ok?

You can find people who are safe to be fully open with, and you deserve to be able to do that but you do not owe the intimate details of the way you fall in love to people who would not treat you with basic human dignity.

People who will put you in danger have no right to your privacy, and no right to honesty from you, if that’s the way you want to frame it.

Also, you don’t owe this information to anyone. Even if you’re not in danger. Even if you just don’t feel ready, or just don’t want to.

Nobody is entitled to this information and if you don’t know what you want to do with it yet, you don’t have to do anything.



So my therapist has been helping me get to grips with my ADHD, and also the concept that I’m not shit at being an adult, I just can’t do things the way everyone has always told me to do them. Like every single “organize your life” books have always left me wanting to cry with frustration, and after I got hold of a copy of
Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD

by Susan Pinsky I realized that was because they primarily focus on “aesthetic” over “function”. And the function of most standard “organize your life books” is to “make things look Show Home Perfect”.

So the standard “hide all your unsightly things by doing xyz” may look nice for the first week or so, but by the end of the week it’ll look like a tornado made of pure inhuman frustration ripped through the house as I try to find the fucking advil.

To give you an example of the kind of hell I’ve been fumbling my way through the last 20 odd years: dishes will be washed and left in the drying wrack but never put away. Which means I can’t wash more dishes, which means dishes pile up, which means I can’t make food, which means I don’t eat, which means my CFS gets worse, which means I don’t have the energy to put the dishes away, and so on so forth until I have a meltdown, cry to ETD (who also likely has ADHD but has never had it confirmed) about how I can’t cope with life, and then we fix it for a while, but inevitably end up back at square one within about a week.

Pinsky’s solution to this was “remove an obstacle between you and your goal, if that means taking all the doors off your kitchen cabinets to make things easier, so be it.”

And lemme tell you, fucking revolutionary.

Laundry never ends up in the hamper??? why???? is it a closed hamper??? Remove the lid. Throw it out the window. Clothes are now miraculously finding their way into the hamper??? Rejoice????

Mail ends up spread out over every available flat surface? Put a sorting station right where your mail arrives. Put a shredder or “junk” basket under it. Shred or dump the junk immediately. Realize you only actually have two real letters that need attention, feel less overwhelmed, pay your bills on time.

Like I’m not saying this book is miraculous, but it did help me realize that I was effectively torturing myself by trying to conform to certain ideals of “perfect house keeping”, and presenting a certain image rather than just allowing myself to live in my space as effectively as possible. And why? Why was I doing that? Cause people with different lives and capabilities are perceived as the norm? Fuck that. If this was a physical problem I wouldn’t be forcing myself to conform to an ableist standard, so why am I doing it with this?

My lived space will never look a certain way, and that’s okay. It will never look show home perfect, and that’s okay. It will likely always be cluttered and eclectic where nothing matches, and that’s okay. Sometimes I will have odd socks on because sorting them out required too much mental energy, and that’s okay. Actually fuck sorting socks, just buy all your socks in the same color. Problem solved. Boring sure, but also one less thing to do, which means more time to hyper fixate on fun things. Which really, what else is my life for if not to write screeds and screeds of vampire shit posts, I ask you.