Knowing Why Is Everything: An Interview With Editor Elizabeth Bartmess on Adult-Diagnosed Autistic Perspectives


“What common ground do people who were diagnosed or self-diagnosed in adulthood have?” Check out this interview with Elizabeth Bartmess, editor of ASAN’s new anthology about late-diagnosed autistic folks!

Knowing Why Is Everything: An Interview With Editor Elizabeth Bartmess on Adult-Diagnosed Autistic Perspectives

Tumblr Change That May Affect Historical-NonFiction Posts



Hey guys! So last night, tumblr stopped letting posts with links show up in tumblr searches.

Since I try very hard to source all my posts, and to include links to the sources, that means h-nf posts may not show up in searches. Unfortunately, h-nf has over 6,000 posts, and the vast majority have links attached. 

Sorry for any inconvenience!

tumblr search is super broken anyway. when i want to search for a particular tumblr post, i use google.

Tip: Adding “” with the search terms can be very handy.

another reluctant donation post


You may have noticed I haven’t been online for a few weeks. That’s because
I’ve been very sick with a respiratory infection that left me
hardly able to speak or leave bed for almost a month, and cost me dearly in

I’ve just been to my fourth doctor appointment this month and been slapped with an enormous, unexpected bill. This has come atop my insurance premiums now taking a quarter of my tiny income each month, and being prescribed
important and expensive new medications not covered by insurance. All in all, my medical expenses now cost more than my rent. I’m multiply disabled and my total income is about half of what a full time minimum wage job pays.

I was able
to work out a payment plan for my doctor bill but even the smallest
payment possible leaves me just barely enough to afford my prescriptions
for the month, with mayyyybe $10 left over for food and transportation
and any other necessities for the next 3ish weeks.

I hate to ask again, but I’m a
little desperate. If you’re a financially comfortable adult who
genuinely wants to help,
I have paypal and a wishlist of food and other necessities.

I would be deeply grateful for even a dollar. Please don’t feel pressured, though – I know things are tough for a
lot of people right now.

this weekend, the Tumblr iOS app disappeared from the Apple store. Today, NSFW/adult content blogs are disappearing en masse.





Tumblr’s official word is they’re having ‘a problem’ with the app that they’re working to clean up, but there’s a non-zero chance the two things are related. Apple kicks apps that don’t meet their cleanliness standards out of the store without warning sometimes.  (I suspect that blogs properly tagged nsfw are being purged while non-tagged nsfw blogs remain untouched. hence: the pornbots are here to stay. probably.)

if your blog is nsfw, or you have any nsfw sideblogs, probably time to back them up & brace.

If your account(s) have been nuked, submit a ticket, inundate them because of their fuck-up.

definitely report your blog being deleted to tumblr.

some people are saying this is not a deliberate purge.

a guide to backing up your tumblr content (alternative link)

I would strongly discourage blaming any discoursers on tumblr – fandom police or otherwise – for the purge.

First: as noted above, it may not be deliberate on their end. Tumblr’s coding is. Well. A mess. I wouldn’t put it past possibility. (Hence: take the time to notify tumblr if you don’t believe your deletion was deserved.)

Second: tumblr bloggers are not clients, so we’re unlikely to have site impact at this scale. Getting individual blogs mass-reported into oblivion? Yes. But fandom policers have a myopic outlook that prevents them from organizing a campaign that puts tumblr under so much pressure they just wipe out NSFW content entirely. (The effort is too long-term & seems only semi-adjacent to their goals.)

Rather: we’re eyeballs that advertisers want to reach. Losing the ability to gain eyeballs via the iOS App Store means tumblr loses advertising value. that hurts their bottom line – which seems much more likely to get tumblr off its ass, trying to look like they’re cleaning up their act.

Let’s not start a blame war over this. This is much more likely to be a marketability thing than a fandom politics thing.

My Guns Saved My Life when the state and the liberals left me to die.





Gerry Bello

own firearms. I’m a leftist. Not a #feelthebern leftist. Bernie is too
far to the right for me. Because of my politics, men have come to my
home to kill me. This has happened more than once. When it did happen
the only things that saved my life, and the lives of my roommates, were
training and the physical possession of effective tools.

I’ll tell one story that will put the current clamor for more control
on everyone and everything in perspective. I was actively organizing
against the KKK and other white supremacists. So were my roommates and
my entire social circle. The FBI attempted to contact me but claimed
they could not find me. They got a call from a payphone via an
intermediary. The agent, tired and wishing he didnt have to do this said
“I am required by statute to inform you that we have credible threats
against your life from white power groups.” He got my lawyer’s phone
number. I was not going to talk to him.

It was really clear that the FBI would rather bungle the
investigation of my death than prevent it. We detected the surveillance
attempts by the white supremacists. We allowed their surveillance to see
that we were well armed. They went away. The FBI did not have us under
surveillance. There was a police precinct house three blocks away. The
police were never on our block. We were being set up to die.

The FBI knew what these guys were up to. The FBI knew where we were
because these nazis did. Planning to murder someone in conjunction with
another person and then putting your target under surveillance is a
felony. It is conspiracy to commit murder. The FBI could have arrested
and prosecuted these guys at any time. The FBI did not do so. The police
were actively not present. The FBI did what was the barest minimum. We
saved our own lives and we only could do so because we were armed.

This was not the only time in my life this happened. I was in
Mississippi once defending a Planned Parenthood Clinic from militant
pro-life activists. Planned Parenthood did not want our help. Both local
and national pro-choice groups did not want our help. On the very first
day of the protests somebody planted a fake bomb in the park where we
were. We marched against this violence. The police arrested some of us
for jaywalking.

We had our own house there. We rented it and filled it with
activists. We knew that to control our own actions, politics and message
we needed total control of our own logistics and safety. Our house had a
gun locker. It turned out we needed it.

We took great care not to be followed home by the pro-lifers. They
were not successful in finding us through direct surveillance. The
police did find us and they did watch us. On the last day of the
protests several car loads of pro-lifers came by and circled the block
constantly. The only way these people could have found the house was if
the police told them. The police were helping them to kill us. I was in
the house alone. I displayed that I was armed, and very well armed at
that. They’re circling stopped. They backed off.

In both situations I had the kind of firearms that people scream to
ban. Serious weapons with hi-capacity magazines. The kind of guns that
bounce their head off the glass ceiling of legality. I have never
discharged these weapons at anything more dangerous then a paper
silhouette. However, as soon as my enemies knew that I had this
capability, they fled, never to return. My enemies were planning on
killing unarmed liberals. The police and the FBI helped my enemies. Once
my enemies discovered I was not bringing a bong to a gun fight, they

The police will never disarm white supremacists and other right wing
thugs. When people clamor for more background checks or denying firearm
ownership to people on terrorist watch lists, they fail to understand
the mentality of the people that make those lists.

In Minneapolis, now, today, the head of the Police Union is Bob
Kroll. He is a white supremacist. He is part of a law enforcement only
motorcycle club that openly displays neo-nazi imagery. He is not only
allowed, but required to be armed. He has called Black Lives Matters a
domestic terrorist organization. The perpetrator of the recent
homophobic massacre in Orlando was a prison guard, thus allowed and
required to be armed, and was trying to become a policeman. I grew up knowing policemen that I would not trust with anything more dangerous than a nail clipper.

When Bob Kroll calls Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists, he cites
a shooting that happened while the group was occupying the entrance to
the 4th precinct police station in Minneapolis. Three white supremacists
from the suburbs came to force a confrontation. When ejected they fired
on the crowd wounding several people. The White Supremacist Cop Union
Leader Bob Kroll calls people terrorists for being shot at a non-violent
protest by white supremacists while they were unarmed.

Gun Control is racist. We live in a society that is White
Supremacist. Liberal icon and gun control advocate Hillary Clinton has
called black teenagers “superpredators that need to be brought to heel.”
Dogs are brought to heel. That is where the expression comes from.
Hillary Clinton thinks that black people are dogs. Hillary Clinton wants
more police at home, more war abroad, fewer guns in the hands of the
people and she does not even think that black people are human beings.
Who will be disarmed by Hillary Clinton?

Diane Feinstein is
another leading liberal gun control advocate. Her husband is a
billionaire who has directly profited from drone strikes on schools all
over the middle east. Her core constituency is San Francisco, which has
seen a recent uptick in the shooting of unarmed black men by police. She
was mayor there before she was Senator. As Senator she is the head of
the intelligence committee. She makes the rules which govern who gets
put on what list.

The Orlando massacre was not an attack by ISIS. It was an attack by a
homophobic prison guard and domestic abuser licensed by the state to be
armed. The victims were majority black and brown. The victims friends
are being denied the right to even donate blood because the state
regulated hospitals and blood banks are officially homophobic by

The news today, and everyday, brings me a parade of how society is
deeply racist, deeply sexist, and deeply homophobic. Nobody clamored for
a crackdown when some transphobic person bombed a Target store for not
conforming to their religiously based potty regulations. Indeed they
clamor for the same racist, sexist and homophobic murdering policemen to
guard bathrooms as if they were banks. Somehow, in all this, middle
class liberals who have comfort of protection from a white supremacist
state want the rest of us to be disarmed by that state. Their petitions
and lobbying did not save my life. I saved my life through my own
training and preparation. My life needed saving from people they hate
who were being helped by the people that protect them because I putting
it on the line for values and ideas they espouse. They can go back to
their guarded gated communities and watch the rest of us earn, win, and
live our own just society and decent lives.

Of course, this is also a compelling argument, and an experience and viewpoint that a lot of marginalized people share. 

My great-grandfather and my great uncle had to sit on their front porch with shotguns while the KKK members of the local police drove by their house in their cop cars throwing bricks and rocks at them while my grandfather and five of his siblings hid inside with their mother. If they didn’t have access to firearms, I might never have been born. And nothing has changed.

I keep saying this. The government is not going to disarm the people you’re scared of. Ok? And if you feel like you can rely on the police to protect you, you clearly have not been outside in awhile.


Boozhoo (hello), my name is Ken, I am a disabled Ojibwe artist from northern Wisconsin who has recently relocated to northern Minnesota to be closer to my children and have better access to healthcare. I am writing this post because I am having a hard time making ends meet and any donations I could possibly receive at this time would be greatly appreciated. Recent events have left my bank account depleted and I am still having to help cover the utility bills back home on the reservation for my father who is also disabled.

I do have PayPal, that is really the best way to donate at this time, the email I use for that is:, or you can click here.