apparently my boss who is a professor at my school doesn’t have a cell phone and his coworkers were upset by this so they bought him a childs toy phone and labeled it “David’s jitterbug” (for those of you that don’t know jitterbugs are phones made for old people that have like massive buttons and shit) so the other day I walked into his office to ask him a question and he pressed a button on it which made it start loudly playing the ABCs and he said “excuse me I have to take this” and then started singing along to the ABCs while shooing me out of his office

this is the phone. he apparently was in the middle of a meeting with the department the other day and got annoyed so he pressed a button, said “I have to take this” and left

David’s co-workers probably: “This is a valid tactic to embarrass him into buying a mobile phone, right?”

David: “Bold of you to assume that I get embarrassed.”


There has been much speculation as to the purpose of the sawfish’s saw.  Speculation was that they were used to literally saw chunks of meat from large prey such as whales or dolphins.  In fact, the saw is lined with thousands of sensory organs that allow the sawfish to detect the electric fields emitted by living creatures, thus helping them track prey.  Once a fish is detected, the sawfish will strike the prey with a sideways slash of the saw, stunning it, or else use the saw to pin it to the sea floor.  While the saw is not used specifically to cut prey, a fish may be sliced in half by a particularly vigorous swipe.  The saw is also used to defend the sawfish against large predators such as sharks, or in battles with rivals.  

In contrast to stories of sawfish cutting through the bottom of boats or sawing humans in half, sawfish are known to be docile and harmless animals when left undisturbed.

Hey can you link the transcripts on your tumblr too? Not just on YouTube. You exclude a lot of chronically ill people because if you are in hospital here anyways you are usually on cell data so having to load the video just to find the transcripts? It feels like oh look another “body positive” blog that doesn’t count disabled people as important. I’m sure you don’t mean to do that but it’s still making your blog inaccessible to many. :/


The video transcripts to the Fat Activism Basics videos are hosted on a Ok2BeFat page on Medium- This is the link 








TIL a 30-year-old elephant named Ben sought help at a safari lodge after being shot by poachers. The elephant waited patiently near the lodge for the 6 hours it took for a vet to fly in and dress his 3 bullet wounds.


The fact he’s named kinda brushes over the fact this is a wild elephant. Born in the wild, raised in the wild, the only human interaction is watching the safaris. And after mean humans shot him, he decided the best course of action was to go visit the nice humans who just take pictures in hopes they’d help him. And then, even though they didn’t help him right away, he trusted that because they continued to be nice, he was safe, and they would help him.

also the people saw an elephant and were like “that’s a ben”

i hope he tells the other elephants where they can get help


Actually, they do!

Orphans who were rescued, raised, and released by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya have communicated that it is a place of safety to other elephants who’ve never even been there.

Injured animals will show up there when they have been harmed by poachers because they know it is a place where they can get help!

i am very glad elephants have a functioning yelp system

Heads up I love elephants





Lmao Tumblr strikes again, like there are no super sexy females out there or something

tumblr didnt ‘strike again’ til your perverted ass started sharing random pictures of women you find sexy, but thanks for reminding me skinny women with breasts exist. here’s their skeletal framework:

weird! not a single snaking spine in sight! their busts dont jut skyward! their hips are perpendicular to the ground, they can somehow miraculously be drawn without looking like your cumrag in waiting!!!

Love how this weird dude tried to drag feminism by admitting he thinks hitler cosplay is super sexy