One of my old partners got pulled in for an investigation today. The photo is not of him – it’s of a paramedic in California trying to eat something for the first time in nearly ten hours.

My old partner was told that a member of the public took photos of him and his current partner. My buddy was sleeping, and his partner was eating. This member of the public sent the photos with an email that both complained about how “unprofessional” it appeared – and a threat to send the photos to the media.

Thanks to Prop 11 in California, first responders no longer have a right to breaks. AMR lied to the public in a huge way. California was the only state where emergency crews had been granted a legal right to breaks to use the latrine and have a meal. Shifts run a minimum of 12 hours, often 24, and AMR runs their crews into the ground.

My buddy and his partner are in trouble because they were trying to get rest and food while posted on a street corner because we don’t get breaks. This is what AMR tells us to do. Please don’t see something like this and assume that we’re being lazy or not doing our jobs. Don’t take photos or send them to the press. That crew is probably exhausted and overworked.

Not to mention they hold us 911 coverage units over regularly “for just one last transfer call that will be really quick.” When there are plenty of transfer only units posted at hospitals doing nothing at the beginning of their shifts. It also tanks our levels and leaves a lot of the city uncovered for emergency calls.

The thing is everytime you complain about something like people taking breaks, it’s not that you gain something from It, you just make life worse for other people. How about minding your own damn business?

Seems like common sense that people doing a high-stress job that requires a lot of good judgement on matters of life and death should be able to eat and piss when they need to

Excuse me. I want the people responsible for saving my life to be tired hungry and thinking only that their bladder is going to explode. It makes me feel like they care.

I think this is also a great example of why you don’t take pics of people without asking. Don’t be that guy

OH actually sharing a bed with your kids is something we talked about in my anthropology class once and the teacher was saying how in some places in the U.S. the kid has to sleep in even a different bedroom otherwise CPS gets involved. She said she had a ME grad student who just shared the same room (she scrimped and pinched to get another mattress for the kid) and got in trouble and the grad student said she was lucky she didn’t share the bed otherwise CPS might have taken her child away.








Oh I’ve heard about CPS getting involved especially with working-class families of color. One of my coworkers this summer is an Indian-Bangladeshi American woman and she grew up in the Bronx with her dad (her parents are divorced) and there was only one bedroom in their apartment and CPS literally came because they thought it was “neglect” even though her dad slept on the couch and let her sleep in the room like…… people are fucking disgusting and awful and this is 100% due to class violence and racism 

also i learned about the practice of co-sleeping and how it differs from country to country in my developmental psychology class and again… i was literally shocked to learn that my experience of co-sleeping with my mom was not something practiced in the US. it’s legit common in most countries though lol 

I was in my cultural anthro class and the professor said how co-sleeping helped children develop their sense of self faster because they were in close quarters with someone that Was Not Them for so long and then of course when I went to my Adolescent Psych class, my (white) prof said that wasn’t true lmao and how co-sleeping hindered a child’s independence and my gf and I had the LONGEST fucking look at each other

oh the “hindering independence” thing is another big reason why american parents dislike co-sleeping… imagine how fucked up individualism is, that it conditions people to think a parent sleeping with their infant is “fostering dependency”

my family in bangladesh are so surprised that I sleep alone in my bedroom since it’s practice to sleep with other people in the same bed. my 9yo cousin still hates sleeping alone and says it scares him.

there was a really publicized case in 2012 when norwegian CPS took away an indian couple’s kids for “feeding them with their hands and sleeping in the same bed” and the indian government had to intervene

My stepmom was a pediatritican in Nigeria before she moved here and suggested I cosleep when I was getting no sleep with my daughter. When I told her that could get her taken away by cas, my stepmom was horrified. She just couldn’t fathom how sleeping with your child could be a sign on neglect. She as a pediatrician coslept with each of her 4 kids.

Unearthing Ireland’s deepest fairy secrets and darkest myths



A fairy fort, with corn stooks of four sheaves each, in Loughinisland, Co Down, in 1962. Photograph: Michael J Murphy/duchas.ie

“A worldwide crowdsourcing movement is currently unearthing Ireland’s deepest fairy secrets and darkest myths. A voluntary collective online is working its way through transcribing 700,000 pages of folklore that were collected throughout Ireland between 1937 and 1939. This mass of previously inaccessible material was gathered by more than 100,000 children who were sent to seek out the oldest person in their community just before second World War to root out the darkest, oddest and weirdest traditional beliefs, secrets and customs, which were then logged into 1,128 volumes, titled the Schools’ Manuscripts Collection.

Half a million pages have been digitised by the National Folklore Collection, of which more than 100,000 pages have now been transcribed by volunteers, revealing the fairy situation in every townland, the types of leprechaun and butter churn common to each area, the names of people who tried to steal gold and what happened to them, or who had relationships with mermaids. There is material on local cures, holy wells, strange animals, travelling folk and spirits.”

The Irish Times


This is neat!