Dermatitis Herpetiformis: The Celiac Rash from Hell


Probably the most fun was when I got a bad outbreak on my lips and around my mouth, when I was 14 or 15 and about as self-conscious as you might expect.

That looked awful enough that I got a course of Zovirax, on the idea that it might be cold sores gone wild. (See also: “herpetiformis”. :/ ) The dermatologist was surprised that it did nothing to help. It was there for weeks.

I’ve actually never had a cold sore, before or after that. And that hasn’t happened again, either. *crossing fingers*

The best description I’ve heard is this it’s like “rolling in stinging nettles naked with a severe sunburn, then wrapping yourself in a wool blanket filled with ants and fleas…” Which is so much more than “oh yea, you might get a bit itchy.”

Dermatitis Herpetiformis: The Celiac Rash from Hell


“Omg look at this fucking shit, gluten free mascara, ahaha, people need to be fucking stopped.”

Yes, I’m sure the person with a wheat allergy wanting to avoid putting wheat containing things near their eyeballs is truly the reason society is failing.

Also, with celiac? A lot of people with dermatitis herpetiformis seem to be way more sensitive to skin exposure, and that’s plenty to set off a nasty autoimmune skin reaction easily mistaken for shingles.

Don’t think I’ve run into that myself (yet), but I’m careful about skin exposure because I do know enough other people who have.

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“Omg look at this fucking shit, gluten free mascara, ahaha, people need to be fucking stopped.”

Yes, I’m sure the person with a wheat allergy wanting to avoid putting wheat containing things near their eyeballs is truly the reason society is failing.

Also if anyone does actually need gluten free mascara, Zuzu Luxe is one of the best I’ve been able to find. Hardly clumps and doesn’t flake off like a lot of the others. Their other products can be a little hit or miss texture wise, but the mascara is great.

The Big Tuition Sprint of ‘19 – Update 4/12


Part 3/ Part 5


Good news!

Still waiting to hear back from colleges *fist shake*, buuuut I’ve finally begun to amass a decent-sized nest egg so I’m not staring up at the ceiling at night in the throes of a panic attack wondering how the fuck I’m gonna pay for school. I mean, I’m far-flung from being in the green, but I’m at least in a kind of orange-y area. Thank you to everyone that has donated or reblogged these monthly posts, it has meant the world to me and I’ll find a way to pay each and every one of you back somehow.

*allows the emotional moment a moment*

Anyway, before I get too embarrassed to post this.

The Short Version: I’m a broke college student about to enter her next level of schooling, which will involve living on her own. I need assistance, and maybe all you guys can help! (honestly, if each of you was to donate just a buck I’d be more than halfway to my goal and sobbing buckets over knowing I get to continue my education without selling my soul).

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Why You Should Help!:

Honestly, there’s really no should with it. With all the issues going on in the world right now, with all the people that are in far more need of help then me, there’s no reason at all that you should. Which might seem counterproductive to say on a fundraising post, but I like to be crystal clear. There is NO reason you should do this; only that you might want to help some random blogger on the internet that’s just trying to live the best life she possibly can. The less I stress about things like this, the more time I can devote to creative pursuits. Like fanfic. So much fanfic.

Plus, hey, if I ever become a famous pro writer this would make for some suh-weet bragging rights, no? *grins*

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I have never seen an advertising campaign more evil, more insidious than the one for the army currently airing in the UK

“This is belonging”

We’re introduced to a group of earnest young men. they’re white, they’re black. they drink tea. they play practical jokes. they quote popular TV shows. they talk about sports. they face their fears. it’s loving and domestic and all too easy to overlook the guns and camo and helicopters blaring overhead.

make no mistake, these adverts are aimed at the young and disenfranchised. poor people, people of colour, people who have been bullied and abused by society and made to feel like they don’t belong anywhere. Join the army, they’re told, and you can have the love and acceptance you crave but have always been denied. Elsewhere, you might get called racial slurs. you might get called a pansy or a fairy, but not here. You belong with us.

For example: Islamophobia is rampant in the UK. here we have an advert of a Muslim soldier praying while his squadron, armed to the teeth, sits in silence. the message is clear – while the rest of society may despise you, here, you will be respected. this is belonging.

here’s one called ‘expressing my emotions’, featuring a white man in his 40s – practically the posterchild for the UK’s current mental health crisis.

you don’t have to worry about bottling up your feelings in the army. after all, this is belonging.

here’s another one called ‘can I be gay in the army?’. we’re told: “I was really worried about whether I’d be accepted, but within days, I was more than confident in being who I was.” Clearly homophobia is a thing of the past in the army. don’t worry. this is belonging.

and it works. while the response to these adverts from an unfortunately vocal number of people is basically “fuck you, we’re racist and proud of it!” there are young people being taken in by this. I have met gay children, trans children who are determined to join the army because, after being rejected by their parents and peers, they’re now being told “here you will be accepted. here you will be loved.”

fuck that. don’t be groomed; don’t let the vulnerable and desperate people in your life be groomed. we need to fight the root causes of these problems in our society and stamp them out so that wielding a gun and cowering in some blown-out building in a country you helped destroy is no longer seen as some sort of salvation. fight racism. fight homophobia and transphobia. fight the stigmatisation of mental illness. fight the system that prioritises the rich and leaves the rest of us to rot.

don’t be taken in by something that offers easy answers, chews you up and spits you out, destroyed, guilty, with PTSD and nowhere to go. where do you belong when you can’t fight any more? where do you belong when you can no longer be used?

i just want to add that not only is the UK the only country in Europe that recruits 16 year olds (known as ‘recruitment of child soldiers’ when other countries do it), they also target their recruitment to secondary schools in economically deprived areas with high long-term unemployment. in areas where there is a sense among kids that they should move somewhere else as soon as possible, the army tries to be the first people kids encounter to offer that.

and as OP says, it works. A quarter of the army’s untrained intake are under 18.

Yeah, they play these ads in cinemas as well, it’s why i stopped going in at the scheduled time and waited till AFTER the ads before entering

Today is Armistice Day, and so we as a nation wrap ourselves in an uncomfortable tension; pride, joy, loss and sorrow mingling with awareness and anger.

On this Armistice Day, let’s remember all the people who fought in our armed forces because they didn’t think they had other options. Let’s remember the times when our politicians have used our forces as a blunt instrument for personal political gain. Let’s remember unjust wars. Unneeded wars. Wars that gobble up our young, our poor, our needy – and drain the money that could have been spent on our most vulnerable.

War has a cost. Don’t let our political situation draw us into mindless complacency and blind nationalism.

Our military-industrial complex is not to be praised or lionised. Remember our veterans, used up and thrown away by a country with no more use for them. Remember the children recruited to feed our seemingly endless wars, in far-away places we can comfortably ignore. It’s true that 16 year olds can’t serve on the front line, but they can’t just quit if they turn 18 and don’t want to be deployed to combat. 16 year olds can’t drive, can’t vote, can’t drink – but they can sign their life away?

We need to reform our military, the way we use it, and the way we treat our serving soldiers. Not cover our bloodstained hands in poppies and hide their costs under empty promises of remembrance.


Y’all, please listen to this song. This is Mongolian folk rock by a new band called the HU, it’s the only song they’ve got out so far but it is a strong start, holy shit.

According to one of the comments on the video, it’s sung from the perspective of the spirits of the ancestors, who are lamenting that politicians aren’t keeping their word, Mongolians are discriminating against each other over their provincial origin or bloodline, and the traditional wisdom of the elders is being lost. The English translation in the captions isn’t great, but you really don’t need it to enjoy the song. This is going to be stuck in my head all weekend.