This still image was created by a Japanese neurology professor Yamamoto, and he told the instructions below:
If its not moving, or just moving a little, you are healthy and has slept well.
If its moving slowly, you are a bit stressed or tired
If its moving continuously, you are over-stressed

This illustration was created by Yurii Perepadia, a 50-year-old graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine who told BuzzFeed News that everything written in the caption above is a lie.

imagine making a post with such an intense bullshit aura that it makes buzzfeed come for you






TIL a local fisherman in Costa Rica nursed a crocodile back to health after it had being shot in the head, and released the reptile back to its home. The next day, the man discovered “Pocho” had followed him home and was sleeping on the mans porch. For 20 years Pocho became part of the mans family



Lizard brain was shot. Dog brain activated.

if you guys look it up there’s pictures of them like wrestling and hanging out and just generally being good ol boys who love each other and it’s really cute

the How to Train Your Dragon live action movie looks so cute


Help Get My GF Out Of Brazil

As I turn to the internet once more, it is not necessarily for me. Some of you may know but Brazil just elected far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro as their new president, someone worse than Donald Trump. A quick Google search will show what is in store for this country. My long time best friend and girlfriend is terrified of what is to come and is in a student government position (which is a big deal at her university) that has already been threatened with images of human torture and death threats. We are working on getting her to move here but the biggest problem we face are funds. One Brazilian Real is the equivalent of US $0.25. Our biggest need is help getting her here and and support her here while she is unable to work due to her Visa (which only lasts 90 days) while we figure out the best route to keep her safe and out of danger. No donation is too small in this potentially life or death situation. If you’re able, please donate, and if not, share! The amount chosen is a rough estimate and may change over time but any and all proceeds will go 100% to this situation. ❤️

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