Tonight’s badly lit delight: some not-quite-ramen with rice noodles to go with leftover broth and toppings from last night.

That turned out good enough that I don’t mind having more, eating on my own today. Mr. C seemed to agree, since it didn’t take him very long to slurp down two big bowls last night 😊 That’s somewhat unusual with soups around here.

(So now both the cats have been drawn into the kitchen by the chicken smell, and are hanging around my ankles…)





So, yeah, back up your blogs. Tumblr’s algorithm doesn’t work for shit at actually finding NSFW content. Even if you’ve never posted anything that could remotely be construed as porn, back up your blog. Tumblr has flagged funny cat videos as sensitive. It’s flagged gushy Rumbelle posts about how cute they are as sensitive. We’re all gonna get purged for reblogging fully clothed selfies because this site is run by complete imbeciles. 

What if I have no idea how to back up my blog?

Here you go

Seconding this. If my side blog full of clothing images could get flagged as explicit, so can yours.

Another option: Exporting to WordPress



I don’t post NSFW content for the most part, but I have zero confidence in the ability of any screening algorithm developed by Tumblr to tell the difference between a picture of two characters Doing It™ with gusto and a picture of a doorknob, so I am by no means considering myself exempt LOL.

Tumblr once thought a video clip of my Kylo Ren toy dancing to a jazz band was porn