Country Captain Chicken Recipe

I decided to try making a half batch of this using leg quarters cut in half, and it turned out pretty good. (We didn’t really need 12 pieces worth of chicken for 2 people, with the full recipe. Or did we? 🤔)

My mom used to make a baked version, but just simmering the browned chicken pieces in the sauce is easier and avoids dirtying up another dish. Pretty similar results to what I remembered, too, though it’s probably been at least 20 years since I last had hers.

I would–and did–simmer the dish longer than this suggests. Got that started simmering, and put on the rice. Let it go for around 45 minutes, covered, with the occasional stir and flipping the chicken over after about 30 minutes. (An hour or more total wouldn’t hurt, for that matter.) Better sauce and very tender meat with the longer simmering, and absolutely no need to test the chicken for doneness with a thermometer that way.

Not sure Mr. C was nearly as enthused with another of my Nostalgia Specials, but I think it’s a make again anyway 😊

Country Captain Chicken Recipe



Detroit is the largest and most populous city in the state of Michigan, with 4.3 million residents in its metropolitan area. It is best known as the center of the U.S. automobile industry, housing the headquarters of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Detroit is also a major port on the Detroit River, which is shown flowing through the city in this Overview — does anyone know why the river has two shades?


42°19’53.0"N, 83°02’45.0"W

Source imagery: Nearmap

If you think the answer is “pollution” you’d be wrong. My guess is the brown stuff is actually mud stirred up by recent dredging. The Detroit River runs between Lake Erie and Lake St. Claire and is kept navigable by dredging. Looking at a couple of other maps, it appears the brown stripe maps to the primary shipping channel.

That’s a guess anyway. Any Detroiters have a different answer?

(Also, the Detroit River may, in fact, not be a river at all…)

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