(via Seattle’s Classics: 1976 Datsun B210)

Just like my $500 2nd car mentioned earlier–diseased urine factory paint job with the finish long gone and all! Except this one is way less banged up around the front end than mine was when I got it ca. 1992. (A large part of why I got it so cheap. Had to replace the front bumper myself.)

Also minus the neon green dual windshield wipers I added, because you may as well go full goblin style with a machine like this! The wipers were actually bought to match a Halloween goblin bucket mascot for trash 🤗

Surprised I found any photos of those, tbh. Mine was named Kevin, as part of some joke I don’t even remember now. But, shame Kevin isn’t still around too. He was a good mascot.

Not the most attractive vehicle ever–or fastest, with the shitty automatic transmission gearing on that one–but I do kinda miss it. It did keep going until my dad managed to kill it around 2005.

Just reminded with that reblog about when the proverbial Missing Stair gets tolerated inside the family.

My own family has enough problems with ways it’s apparently OK to treat people, but luckily that wasn’t one of them that I ever knew about. Another thing which really shouldn’t involve luck. The idea is totally appalling, especially where it involves kids getting shoved to the bottom of the collective family priority bucket to the point of being actively placed in danger.

That didn’t mean that there weren’t several other people in the community with bad enough reputations and/or creepy enough behavior that I got warned to stay well away from them as a kid.

One of those lived right up the street from us for several years, and I played with his kids who were around the same age. But I was forbidden to ever go inside their house or be alone with the guy. He came across that wrong to my mother, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d also heard some things because smallish communities.

There were a few people like that, but that particular guy was the closest and the hardest to totally avoid. It didn’t even really strike me at the time just how messed up the whole situation was, especially for the children who were just not in a position to avoid these people. Including their own, too often 😦

Anyway, after a few years we moved, and I was honestly pretty glad to be away from Alicia’s Creepy Dad hanging around. (And that’s in a culture where dads are expected to pay more attention and spend more time with kids. Just…not like that.)

My family’s involvement with ACD wasn’t totally over, though! Because he owned a garage, and would pass basically anything not super blatantly dangerous on state car inspections for an extra $20.

Dude may have been creepy enough to warn your kid away, but that deal apparently looked like a tempting enough offer when inspection time rolled around and there wasn’t money for proper repairs. My mom didn’t even like to go there, and would get my dad to take the cars in for ACD’s special inspection deal so she didn’t have to deal with him. But, they still gave him money.

Anyway, I eventually got old enough to drive, and a while after that my $500 car came due for inspection.

($500 in like 1992, but still. The thing was a year younger than I was and mechanically sound, to the point that my dad was still driving it some when I left 10+ years later. But, it had a few quirks. Let’s put it that way.)

You can maybe see where this is going. For some reason, both of my parents were busy, and my mom turned pissy when I protested, insisting that I eventually needed to learn to handle these things on my own. Which happened a lot, tbqh. And of course in this case that involved going for the ACD Special Inspection Deal.

By myself, dealing with somebody who creeped me out and that she had explicitly told me never to be alone with. Maybe 17 was too old for him to act Like That, but I was just not willing to find out. I explained why I didn’t want to do that, and that got treated as ridiculous.

So yeah, I set up an inspection at a different garage. And it was all my fault when the car failed on a busted defroster and a missing California-only ‘70s vintage exhaust device. And it had to go back to the same garage to be reinspected.

I got to take back roads as much as possible and try to dodge cops for probably 6 months after that, especially trying to get to and from school in the next town. Until my dad could track down a junkyard smog pump for shipping (pre-modern Internet) and we could get the defroster reconnected enough to pass.

My mother would send me out to run errands in the no sticker car, and yell about it being all my own fault if I said a word. I did get a ticket at one point, not surprisingly. (And yelled at over that added expense, of course.) Mostly surprised it did only happen once. I got pretty good at avoiding places you often saw cops.

The whole thing was about as stressful as you might expect, especially for someone who’d only had a license for about a year at that point. I still think my mother’s behavior was inexcusable, but yeah she wasn’t ever about to admit she was wrong to begin with. If you could ask her now, I’m sure it would still be all my fault 25+ years later.

And I really was not in the wrong for being unwilling to deal with Neighborhood Missing Stair that I had been warned about, by myself, when I was 17 years old. And was offered no reasonable alternatives by people who should have known better.

Hadn’t thought about that experience for years, very possibly because I didn’t want to. But, reminded of it today. And I evidently needed to rant some.










I keep using my girlfriend with unusual work hours to get out of coworker interactions and happy hours and hanging out.

But now the company holiday party is upon us.

And I’ve been lying about the girlfriend.

I suddenly really empathise with the characters in Hallmark Christmas movies.

I like that people have two reactions to this post.

Reasonable: “just say she couldn’t make it!”


Well, which one is it going to be?

And so it begins

having the DMV area Craigslist bookmarked has never come in handy before but now

Update, Craigslist has flagged my post as inappropriate.

Apparently you can’t solicit a date as a “gig”

I now see my mistake

Update: a date has been acquired. This is true lesbian solidarity in action.

I love this



Can we please be the generation that stops putting up with the family child molester? The grown uncle who dates teenage girls, the husband who makes uncomfortable comments about young women’s clothing, or the cousin who raises red flags with their behavior towards children but no one wants to talk about all need to go. Children, especially young women, are expected to “keep the family together” by not making a fuss over incredibly traumatic behavior. Children don’t deserve to suffer trauma for adults’ feelings of togetherness. They’re more worthy of protection than predators. A healthy family is not built on the backs of abuse survivors expected to live their lives in silence without justice, support, or protection.



thinking about how the burning of the library of alexandria is remembered as the most prominent historical symbol of the destruction of knowledge…but that’s nothing compared to the thousands of entire languages killed in America and Australia by the colonialists…

And the knowledge that went with it too. Indigenous Australians are always portrayed as hunter-gatherers, but they practiced agricuture and built permanent/semi-permanent settlements. There are even records by early European colonists of them baking bread from native grain crops which are no longer grown, and ploughing fields of yam daisies and vanilla lilies.

And after all that, we only remember them for spearing kangaroos and eating berries.



thinking about how the burning of the library of alexandria is remembered as the most prominent historical symbol of the destruction of knowledge…but that’s nothing compared to the thousands of entire languages killed in America and Australia by the colonialists…

I once read someone describe the extant corpus of Aztec codices as “like if all we had left to reconstruct European culture was the Pilgrims Progress and a book of psalms” and boy were they right




Wendy Carlos

For people who might not know – Wendy Carlos is a trans woman who was deeply influential in early electronic music and hugely involved with the push to have synthesizers seen as real instruments.

Some of the movies Wendy Carlos did the soundtracks for, that you may know:

  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The Shining
  • Tron

She has three Grammys, and a lifetime achievement award from the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States.

Oh and she also takes photos of eclipses that are so good Nasa uses them.