Saying lesbians figuring out they’re bisexual is showing men that they can turn lesbians is ridiculous, because ultimately, it’s not about you. Someone’s own exploration of their own sexuality has nothing to do with you. It’s not your business to discourse about someone’s sexuality. You need to recognize that you’re just projecting your insecurities onto other people and you’re hurting people over something that ultimately isn’t about them.

“To claim one group of downtrodden people is oppressing another by their self-identification is to swing your guns away from those who really do oppress us, and to aim them at those who are already under siege”

-Leslie Feinberg



Magical encounter while free falling.

Can you imagine being that bird? You see a big falling dot off in the distance, so you go to investigate. And it’s a human. Just, like, hanging out, in the middle of the sky. Plumbing toward earth at terminal velocity.

“Huh, that’s weird” you think to yourself.

You land on them. They seem nonplussed by their predicament.

But you’re a busy bird, you’ve got places to be. So you just fly off. Good luck, crazy human. Hope you make it.

could you maybe explain the drag queen thing i dont get it im sorry






drag queens often perform incredibly catty misogynistic stereotypes of womanhood and use a huge amount of misogynistic slurs and transmisogynistic slurs. it’s also incredibly common for drag circles to excuse or actively engage in racism, see Shirley Q Liquor, who wears actual blackface onstage (which RuPaul defended publicly and insisted wasn’t racist). and when RuPaul’s Drag Race was called out by the trans community for frequently using transmisogynistic slurs and then designing a game on the show where the goal was literally to “clock” trans women, the drag community rose to defend him, and he got away with a weak-ass fauxpology. additonally, drag is a performance, so the performers can shed womanhood (particularly the dangerous territory of DMAB womanhood) at will, and do not actually experience misogyny or transmisogyny in any real way. drag culture also often blurs the lines between drag and non-cis genders as a way of excusing transmisogyny, which perpetuates attitudes in queer communities that non-cis genders are performative and therefore to be judged on how “well” they are performed. this often makes cis queer spaces very uncomfortable for trans people; people will openly clock you and comment on your ability to “pass”. I have no problem with drag as a gender expression, or with DMAB people who express femininity, but I have a huge fucking problem with drag culture.


can we also talk abt how trans women are routinely excluded from and abused in queer communities while drag queens are so fucking adored that they’re basically the face of queer communities. go to a queer club, drag queens everywhere, trans women barely visible. go to a pride parade, drag queens fucking everywhere, no trans women visible. cis ppl will pay money to go see a drag queen perform but will refuse to associate w trans women. double fucking standards

I’m bringing this back because fuck I’m mad.

RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag Culture USED to be two very different things. However, as more young gays watch RuPaul, they are more influenced and it shows up in the culture. Now, Drag Culture is basically a Drag Race fan base.

Not to mention, the racism in the show. A great example is a queen named The Vixen who appeared on Season 10. RPDR has a something called a “villain edit.” Every season, they find the bitchiest queen and edit all of their appearances to come off as a real bitch. Sometimes, it’s accurate, many times, it’s not. The Vixen constantly called out the other queens, show, and the LGBT community for its racism. She was very passionate and got into heated arguments. Now, there were a few assholes on season 10 and any of them could have been edited badly, but The Vixen was chosen for the villain edit.

Now, she defended herself on the Reunion episode (that’s where all the queens come back and discuss the drama). She called out the editing and walked off. Some queens defended her, but RuPaul didn’t care. He yelled “I come from the same place she does!” as a defense, without actually sympathizing with her and owning up to the show’s editing. Now, he’s not the editor, but at the end of the day, it’s his name on the show and he created it from nothing.

Drag Race has done some great things for the LGBT community. It discussed the Pulse Night Club attack, violence against gay people in other countries, and helped many other LGBT issues. But it has also done some really shitty stuff. The few transgender queens that were on (before their transition) are used as defenses by the fans against his/the show’s transphobia.

Honestly, that makes some sense.

There have of course been people with all kinds of different attitudes and reasons doing drag all along. But, a lot of the more recent criticisms haven’t matched up too well with my own experiences as somebody who used to know a number of people in the drag community. That was also before Drag Race hit, and as part of a smaller local community overall.




You want to know why people with disabilities or chronic or mental illness are so “lazy”? It’s because arms are not designed to be substitutes for legs. It’s because brains aren’t supposed to be that one coworker that actually has a negative level of productivity. It’s because it’s much harder to be a pancreas than to have a pancreas. How much work would you get done if someone handed you a screwdriver when you needed a hammer. It’s a tool right? It should get the job done.

“it’s much harder to be a pancreas than to have a pancreas” tf does that mean???

It means there are millions of people out there, loosing sleep, trying to function as a pancreas for themselves or their type 1 child. They make thousands of decisions each week the rest of us take for granted because those decisions are made for us by a tiny, precise organ. It means that despite their best efforts and the science and technology we have today most will only hope to stave off the worst complications of the diagnosis. Because a person cannot do the job of a pancreas as well as a pancreas can.


I am bawling in laughter at all these poor performers of medieval music trying to get their work on iTunes.

The Latin word for “with” is the same as a sexual English word, so all these track names have it starred out, like

“Alle Psalite C*m Luya”

“C*m Sancto Spiritu”

“Aissi c*m es genser Pascors”




Somebody created a GoFundMe page to buy ladders to get over Trump’s border wall. $49,076 raised so far in 22 hours.

if only they kept this energy for flint and the homeless vets they say they care about

The Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall is actually going to RAICES Texas (which provides legal services to undocumented immigrant families, children, and refugees). 

You can donate to the Ladders GoFundMe here.