Click here to support The Jacob Family and Webequie First Nation organized by Webequie First Nation c/o Dorothy Wabasse and Ida Troutlake


Webequie First Nation in northern Ontario is appealing to the public for support as they face the heartbreaking loss of Braiden Jacob (Eagle Man of the Wolf Clan).

Braiden was visiting Thunder Bay last week to access counselling services for trauma and grief when he went missing late on December 5th, 2018. His family began searching for him when he did not return to his hotel room in Thunder Bay and he was reported missing on December 6th. On Saturday, Thunder Bay police released further details of Braiden’s disappearance, such as what he was wearing and that he was last seen early Thursday morning in the Limbrick area. His body was found by a passerby on Sunday morning, on the golf course in Chapples Park less than 3 km away. No charges have been laid and the investigation is ongoing.

Braiden’s death comes in the wake of the loss of multiple other indigenous youth in the City of Thunder Bay over the last 18 years, including another young man named Jordan Wabasse from Webequie First Nation.

This Go Fund Me page has been created to support the Jacob family and the community of Webequie during this devastating time. All funds will go directly to Webequie First Nation’s Family Support Fund which is dedicated to helping community members during times of crisis and immense need. Funds will go directly to supporting the Jacob family while they are in Thunder Bay awaiting the post-mortem results, charter flights to bring Braiden’s body and his family back home to Webequie, funeral costs in the remote community, as well as immediate grief and trauma counseling for the family and community members and other associated costs. This funding will also enable traditional healing ceremonies in Webequie to support those in need.

We are asking for support from the community of Thunder Bay, the province of Ontario, and from all of Canada. We hope that this fund will bring some peace to the family so that they may focus on their healing. Please hold the Jacob family and the community of Webequie in your hearts. Braiden was a kind, gentle young man who loved his family and friends deeply. He will be remembered as an avid athlete, incredible dancer, loyal son, brother, uncle, and a true friend. His death has left the community of Webequie reeling.

Meegwetch for your love, prayers, and support during this heart wrenching time. All donations, big or small, are deeply appreciated and will help to bring some healing and balance to Webequie First Nation.

All inquiries can be directed to Chief Cornelius Wabasse at

Click here to support The Jacob Family and Webequie First Nation organized by Webequie First Nation c/o Dorothy Wabasse and Ida Troutlake




There’s no easy way to start off this post.

Brookhill Village in Charlotte, NC, is being demolished. Hundreds of African-American families are going to be evicted, and their are no plans to offer them any sort of affordable alternative to their homes, which are now being demolished.

Developers like Shook Kelley are actively demolishing the neighborhood and replacing it with higher-end housing that will “attract millenials” without a second thought of what will become of Brookhill’s current residents.

In other words, this is another step in the process of gentrifying Charlotte, making it essentially unlivable for all of the communities that have lived here throughout its entire history.

The developers and architects of this project to displace an entire community have continued shamelessly and unchallenged, what little publicity this event has received has been glamorous news reels, talking of plans to “revitalize” a working-class community.

This Thursday, December 13th, I hope that I can help change that.

A small organization has gathered around the purpose of offering some kind of meaningful resistance – I am proud to say that I have been doing what I can to aid in these efforts.

The main goal of everyone involved has been to organize a community meeting this Thursday in order to rally the community to defend their homes.

However, as you can imagine, this is not as simple as handing out flyers and expecting everyone to be there – I must once again stress that the residents of Brookhill are working class families who work long hours, and need a material reason to show up in opposition to a developer who is literally burning down flyers and posters that mention the event.

The organization, STP Charlotte, has vowed to do their best to
provide transportation to and from the meeting as well as provide food
and child care at the meeting itself.

As you can imagine, this costs money.

If you have the money to spare, I ask that you send what you can to help organize this meeting. This really means a lot to me, but it would certainly mean a whole lot more to the families living in such a precarious housing situation.

Google Pay:

Venmo: @STP-CLT

If you can’t spare any money, consider reblogging this post, and if you know anyone in the area, be sure to let them know.

How the fuck is this shit even “legal”?

Brookhill Village is technically an ‘apartment complex’ – it was built in the 1950′s, and everyone living there is technically a tenant that can be evicted at any time. Brookhill has fallen into complete disrepair over time, but with rent as low as $300 a month, it’s really the best option for a lot of people who live in Charlotte.

However, “in 2016, the federal government filed
a complaint to begin the process of seizing the Brookhill Village
apartments on South Tryon Street, due to allegations of repeated drug
activity — marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and crack cocaine. Before the end
of the year, the federal government reached
a settlement with the owners of Brookhill Village. Part of the
agreement called for Brookhill Village Two to demolish or
“substantially” renovate the run-down apartments on the property. The
settlement also called for a system to screen tenants, provide on-site
patrols and monitoring to eliminate crime, improve lighting and
communicate often with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police about crime-fighting

Not to take the blame off of the owners of Brookhill or the developers currently tearing the place down, but the federal government absolutely played a significant role in this. And if you want my opinion, I believe the government made this decision fully aware of the profitability involved in replacing low-income housing with expensive millenial homes.

And that “screening process” is absolutely going to be used for evil.




Dr Seuss: ‘Maybe Christmas,’ he thought, ‘doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more!’



Then they got an idea! An awful idea!

All the marketers thought, “Why should tickets suffice?
With the Grinch selling knick-knacks, why, we’ll be paid twice!”

Forget all the morals! There’s cash to be made.
From frosting to forklifts to Grinch Gatorade!
Just slap his face on there and tint it with green
And prepare for profits, yes, profits obscene!

From a seasonal, festival holiday grump,
The Grinch had been played for a capital chump.
“No more! Won’t you forget these trinkets?” he pleads.
“Christmas isn’t junk! It’s your bonds and your deeds.”

For a moment, they paused. Was there more to this day
Than products and placements and big bonus pay?
The PR men sniffed and they shrugged and they sighed.
Then they threw him some cash and they went back inside.

You win best addition to my post