Breaking News: Country who voted to leave European Union outraged after EU suggests British Expats in EU countries will loose the right of freedom of movement currently enjoyed by EU citizens once the UK leaves.

TLDR: morons reminded they cannot have their cake and eat it.


AyeforScotland: I’m not sure whether it’s the hangover of British empire arrogance or utter fucking stupidity.

The Leave side has only ever wanted to have their cake and eat it, and every time the EU tells them they can’t they scream and scream and scream and the pound takes another dive and the price of booze goes up, further impoverishing everyone here suffering from Brexit Fatigue Alcoholism (BFA).

The food shortages that are gonna happen… are going to be SO SO BAD

Part of me is relieved I’m quarter polish because I was already used to eating preserved cabbage and rehydrated meat pastes




Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

Here’s another video of “Grandpa Mason” delightedly playing with the kittens.

Okay, since I’m already crying here, I guess it’s a good time to tell you guys about my elderly neighbour and his cat. So this man lives next door to my parents, okay, and he was a recent widower, so when his beloved cat died only a few months after his wife, we were all sort of worried – you know how it is, men are generally bad at being alone, and this guy had no relatives, his wife and he had been inseparable, and now the cat (God, why is life such a shitstorm of hurt all the time) – so when he knocked on our door and asked for help with finding another cat, on the whole we were sort of happy about it? We hoped he’d have some company, a way to better cope with his grief? Only the problem was, his wife had been absolutely in love with black cats, and all their lives, they’d only had black cats, one after the other, and the only black cat our local shelter had – well – he wasn’t up for adoption, because he was aggressive and violent and very bad-tempered.

(As you may have guessed, his former owner used to beat him, and people like that – honestly – what kind of redemption can you find if you’re the kind of person who enjoys hurting a pet?)

They tried talking the man into adopting another cat, but he was adamant – he had to have the black one, and since the shelter wouldn’t give in (they were afraid the cat would hurt him, because he was really feral), this incredible thing happened – the guy started to walk to the shelter every day and sit with the cat for two hours (two hours a day, for about three months) – our local shelter is basically three rooms, okay, and this cat had chosen the smallest one for himself and refused to come out, so the man would walk in, sit down on the only chair, and just – talk out loud. Sometimes he would read the newspaper at the cat, drawing his attention to unremarkable local events, and sometimes he would just chat – the staff told me they heard him reminiscing about his wife, his childhood, how the town used to be – all sort of things. He never tried to pet the cat or anything – he just talked. After a few weeks, he started to bring treats – little morsels of meat he’d saved from his own lunch – and he would just leave them there, in the space between them. And the cat – at first, he would stay on top of a bookcase, glaring down at the man from his basket; then he started to come down, after the man had gone, to chew on the bits of sausages and roast chicken that had been left for him; next he took to waiting for the man on the bench in front of the chair; and a couple of weeks later, he willingly walked into a cat carrier, and went home with him. 

I’ve seen him around the neighbourhood a few times since – he normally stays in his own garden, or peers out from behind the curtains: a black, fluffy mass with golden eyes. As for my neighbour – he’s doing better. There is a line all around his mouth, a thing of grief and loss, and that’s never going away, but he smiles and chats with my parents, brings them pears when it’s the right season, always feigns an old-timey, overly polite surprise when my mother gives them back as pie. And, well – I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, because life’s too messy for that, so just – maybe let’s simply be kinder to one another. More patience, more heart – that seems to be the only solution to everything.



you ever realize how able bodied people just are not expected to do things that cause them excruciating physical pain? like they’re just. not

if i shouldn’t use my cane because i can sometimes technically walk without it, it would just hurt like a motherfucker then abled people should no longer be allowed to use potholders to take things out of the oven because i mean

well they could technically pick up a hot pan with their bare hands. it would just hurt like a motherfucker

*sees an abled person using potholders*

i just think it’s really sad that you’re giving up on yourself like that




If you ever feel sad just remember that when the British invaded india and wanted to get rid of all the snakes so they gave money to people for bringing them a dead cobra and then people started to breed cobras to get money and once the government realised, they dropped the reward so everyone just released their cobras so basically they ended up with way more cobras than they started with. omg

The wiki link mentions the Rat Effect; I never realised there was historical realism behind the Discworld rat bounty that led to Vetinari intoning “tax the rat farms”.

Watch the incredible facial expressions of this new audio-animatronic Abraham Lincoln



San Bernardino-based company Garner Holt Productions (GHP) took over all animatronic builds from Walt Disney Imagineering a few years back, according to The Disney Blog. Their latest figure is a super-expressive Abraham Lincoln bust, which they revealed at at a recent open house.

GHP describe their figure, which uses a proprietary silicone skin mask, as the “most advanced humanoid robotic head ever created.”

I’m certain this is amazing, impressive tech.

But the demo here launches me screaming straight into the uncanny valley. 

The problem is that the face is so mobile and so expressive that it looks like Abe is having a seizure or worse… like human facial muscles were never intended to be used in these combinations, one after another, so rapidly.

Maybe in the hands of skilled animatronics programmers Abe can be toned down. I sure hope so, otherwise the Hall of Presidents will become horrifying instead of merely boring.