I think white supremacists lean really hard on the framing that they’re not destroying peaceful integrated multicultural societies, they’re just noticing that those never existed anyway or are about to collapse anyway. 

And of course it’s a transparent lie. There are lots and lots of societies that have had successful peaceful integration. Racists and xenophobes are the force making integration difficult and dangerous and fragile; there’s not some other force that they are just innocently noticing. (Bad economic conditions and weak governments and violence all contribute to making racist and xenophobic movements more appealing. But it’s important to observe that the ‘failure of multiculturalism’ is still caused by the racists and xenophobes acting, it’s not something that happens separately from them.)

I was reminded of this post again last night, watching one interesting documentary I ran across.

An unfortunately good summary starting at around 45:25, from someone who was apparently pretty high up in the UK’s National Front during their big ‘70s surge:

We were trying to bring about race warfare, so our job was to basically disrupt the multicultural society, the multiracial society, and make it unworkable and make the various different groups hate each other to such a degree they couldn’t live together. And when they couldn’t live together, you end up with that ghettoized, radicalized society from which we hoped to rise, like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes.

A transparent lie in some other respects, yeah. (Not the first time I had encountered that idea, but he put it very succinctly.) A number of groups may have adjusted their specific tactics in the meantime, but the goals haven’t really changed.

They don’t have much plausible deniability there, no matter how much they try to dissemble and convince the general public that the main problem does not lie in their very deliberate shit-stirring.

It is of course worrying how many of the general public would just as soon go along with that, though. Some too-successful manipulation.


TIL that an indian who saw his homeland go barren due to deforestation, took to planting trees himself and 37 years later , he is responsible for the formation of a tropical paradise which not only has trees but different wildlife species such as rhinos,tigers,elephants etc too.


An interesting short documentary about Jadav Payeng’s work: Forest Man


One thing that helps me not feel awful about intrusive thoughts: 

Those thoughts are

intrusive because they’re unpleasant to you. That’s part of the definition. So, if you have violent intrusive thoughts? That does not mean you’re a violent, cruel person – in fact, it means the thought of violence is unpleasant to you. Sexual intrusive thoughts? You’re not a pervert – if you were, those thoughts wouldn’t be



From Barry Deutsch.

Not to mention what’s been going on elsewhere: Finsbury Park suspect ‘made abusive remarks about Palestinian march’

The IHRC, which organises the march, said that before this year’s event it had been made aware of social media postings threatening violence, including one individual who threatened to drive a van into the march. There is no suggestion this was Osborne.

But sure, these folks are “self-radicalizing”, and presumably coincidentally coming up with the same ideas.

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Hey guys, Star is a dear friend and comrade to me and she got caught in the terrorist car attack on Aug 12th in Charlottesville. She is one of the people more critically hurt, but will fortunately live and make a full recovery. But she needs time, and she needs help with paying for medical costs and bills etc.

She told me when I visited her today that she wants to give everything she doesn’t use to other victims. 

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I’ve got one of those “pawn shop” cheesy history channel shows playing in the background while I work on some stuff and one of the guys came across a human sized statue of a frog in a royal guard outfit and is freaking the fuck out over it. I’ve never heard a man so happy to see a frog

UPDATE: He bought it for almost 400 dollars

UPDATE 2: upon taking it out he realized it had a plug attached to it and got super psyched to plug it in and see what it does and it just…… does jackshit for like fifteen seconds and there’s dead silence before its VERY SLOWLY opening its mouth and letting out the saddest, shittiest slowed down croak I have ever head in my life and just….. he loves it. His face is lit up like a child on christmas morning. I’ve found purity in the most unexpected place