this woman is both culinary and engineering genius. 

also a walking occupational safety hazard, but with style


she did it though. and in case you were wondering, this episode is a sequel to ‘make ice cream with the fire extinguisher’ 

Genuinely fascinted that there’s there a practical way to grill those little thready mushrooms

Republicans are skeptical of higher education because it leads to more liberal-focused policies



Just published: Republicans are skeptical of higher education because it leads to more liberal-focused policies

Evidence and research suggests that when more people are educated that there is a direct correlation to more liberal policies.

example, a study¹ published by the Pew Research Center lead by Samantha
Smith shows that those who have attended graduate school are even farther to the left than those who only have an undergraduate degree.

than half of those with postgraduate experience (54%) have either
consistently liberal political values (31%) or mostly liberal values
(23%), based on an analysis of their opinions
about the role and performance of government, social issues, the
environment and other topics. Fewer than half as many postgraduates—
roughly 12% of the public in 2015– have either consistently conservative
(10%) or mostly conservative (14%) values. About one-in-five (22%)
express a mix of liberal and conservative opinions.

Read more about why republicans are scared of higher education

Split it out by party, and the shift is even starker. Among the
post-grad set, more than half of Democrats and Democratic-leaners today
are “consistently liberal,” up from fewer than one-in-five in 1994.
Likewise, among college grads, it jumped from 12 to 47.

Republicans are skeptical of higher education because it leads to more liberal-focused policies

Hey Tumblr!





My name is Nina! You probably know me, if not my name. I specialize in microfiction, aka “suddenly stealthbombing posts with meta, fanfiction ideas, or short stories.” A lot of mine have gotten spread across Tumblr, like the time Cassius Warrington was the Triwizard champion, a little bit of meta on how Rue was the real Mockingjay, some thoughts on a modern-day Valhalla, and a piece of mostly-nonfiction* about the night my mother spent in Bare Feet, Arizona. I’ve also shared some personal thoughts on lack of punctuation being a form of rhetorical marker in Internet linguistics.

So yeah! You’ve probably seen me around. Two of these posts have been quoted in real-life paper books (the Rue post was featured in a textbook, of all things, and the punctuation post is appearing in a Buzzfeed book this November. I had to sign a disclaimer for that one and everything, it was wild). Two student films have been made about Bare Feet, there’ve been a couple of audio recordings of the Valhalla post and apparently it’s going to go down in history as one of those things people print off the internet to read at funerals because I’ve gotten that request like four times already. (There are worse legacies to have.)

Anyway, I’ve never actually gotten a dime for any of this labor of love. (Yep–including the times my stuff has been published.) And that’s fine! I strongly believe in a free and open internet where transformative literature is the norm as long as all due credit is given. But times have been a little tough lately as I’ve moved out on my own and started paying off my student loans, and I could use some extra money.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed my work and you want to give a little something back, might I please request that you consider buying me a Ko-Fi? Or reblogging this post? (Or both?) Your support lets me keep producing content you guys like, without you having to pay for it on a regular basis, while also helping to pay my bills. (And literally Ko-Fi is $3. Three of them pay my way to work if I need to Lyft. Two of them buy a small bag of cat food. That’s pretty big in my life.)

Thank you for reading, and, I hope, maybe throwing a couple bucks my way. Tumbl on, my friends.

*I kinda mixed up two separate nights and weird happenings while writing this and conflated two consecutive nights into a single one. It wasn’t intentional. Arizona is just fucking weird, okay.

So in a grand case of “the universe gives an inch and takes a mile,” even more crap has landed on Nina’s head this week.  I won’t get into details, as the details aren’t mine to give, but if you can spare $3 to send Nina’s way, it would be extremely appreciated this week in particular.

So basically here’s what’s going on.

I’ve had my hours cut at work all summer due to low sales, and my bills have been piling up. This week my paycheck was $632 (for two weeks’ work) and I need $710 to cover bills. Please note that’s ONLY bills–no food, no transportation, nothing.

On top of this, one of my close friends committed suicide yesterday. This week is my vacation from work, which means not only do I need to get to her funeral and temple to say Kaddish, my next paycheck is going to suffer mightily because I’m taking a mental health day from work (I can’t be cheerful in drivethru for seven hours today, I just can’t) and next week I’ll have only 10 hours. I’m facing not being able to pay bills all month.

If you have $3 to spare, you would be helping me eat. That’s just where I am right now.

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so a republican representative literally threatened to murder a black woman because of a statue…… just thought ya’ll should know this is what america still stands for

More sources since Raw Story’s credibility can be iffy sometimes: 





Also, his name is JASON C SPENCER….. I know some of ya’ll don’t give a shit about black woman but this threat should be taken very seriously… feel free to contact his public office and let him know how you feel about this disgusting threat. 

Make him fucking resign




“Now Whopper is not only burger that people in 90 different countries love – it’s an investment tool as well,” Ivan Shestov, head of external communications at Burger King Russia said, quoted by Waves.

“According to the forecasts, cryptocurrency will increase exponentially in value. Eating Whoppers now is a strategy for financial prosperity tomorrow.”

Hi I just want to make sure we all know we live in a bewildering cyberpunk black comedy now.

anarcho capitalism

This is literally what would happen under anarcho-capitalism. Companies making their own currency and shit.

Obligatory book rec: Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain